Thursday, January 30, 2014

Twittering About

I've been doing this blogging thing for three years, and it is about time I've done some work on my "platform."
Twitter is now an established and powerful form of social media. Knowledge of how to use it is completely vital to anyone wishing to create and maintain an online profile and base.  While I understand all of these concepts, I’m still terrible at implementing them.

In fact, it has taken me more than 140 characters to explain why I have issues with Twitter.

Therefore I need to practice.

Apparently, snarkiness bordering on offensiveness is also expected, as well as the overuse of impenetrable hashtags.

In that spirit, here are some semi-rude comments concerning recent developments in the mountain states. 

Colorado has made recreational marijuana legal.  This means the residents will be even more relaxed, unfocused and lackadaisical than I previously judged them, based on my normal New York based life pace.  I’m going to have to physically lift them out of my way to get anywhere on my next visit, aren’t I?
#dontyouhaveanyfreakinplacetobe,  #stopstaringandorderyourdamncoffee


I find it odd that Utah is fighting this strongly against same sex marriage.  Based on laws of probability, don’t at least two members have to be the same sex in polygamy?
#glasshousepeoplethrowingstonesatmarriagefoundations  #probablynothelpinganyonescause

How many characters was that?

Man, I suck at this.