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Treklets Season 3.1

Spock's Brain - Mom Title: “You are not Morg, you are not Eyemorg”

On Third Season appearance changes:
“Ooh! Scotty got a haircut.”
“Uhura got her hair done and new earrings.”

On me answering, “What did that?” with, “A green beam:”
“She knocked them out with a green bean?”

On Luma:
“She smiles too much. It’s scary.”

On McCoy saying, “He was worse than dead:”
“How can you be worse than dead?”

On Spock’s autonomic functions continuing without his brain:
“That's …impossible, isn’t it?”

On the description of the planet in the system with sapient life at a primitive level:
Anabelle- “I bet it's that one.”
Lt. Uhura- “Captain, I'm picking up high energy generation on planet six.”
Captain Kirk- “That's the primitive glaciated planet.”
Anabelle- “Go me!”

On beaming down to Planet 6:
“Chekov is sneaking and slinking around and the rest are just standing there.”

On remote control Spock:
“That's a little creepy.”

On the “Givers of Pain and Delight:”
“Ooh! Pain and delight! It's the females.
They’re all girls. Kirks going to like it here.”

On the Eyemorg Council:
“The girls are gossiping.”

On the Controller:
“It’s Spock."
“It IS Spock! I figured it out again!”

On Kirk demanding they undo what they did to Spock:
“OK, he’s way too dramatic.”

On Kirk asking, “What is the teacher?”
“Probably that porcupine hat thing.”

On the Eyemorg computer panel:
“Look, it’s that thing again from Gary Seven.”

On Kirk saying, “No one may kill. Not for any purpose:”
“He killed someone a bunch of times, didn't he?”

On the argument between the Eyemorgs and the Enterprise crew:
“Why doesn't the controller say something?  Don't they worship him?”

On Kirk deciding to let McCoy risk his life to wear the Teacher:
“He likes Spock better.”

On a “Captains Log” at the bedside of a delicate operation:
*frustrated hand gesture*

On McCoy forgetting the techniques:
“Why doesn't someone else put the hat on?”

The Enterprise Incident - Mom Title: “Spock Seduces Romulan Commander”

On opening with McCoy’s Medical log:

On Kirk’s brusque and rude attitude:
“I don't like him today. What's up with him?”

On Kirk plotting a course directly into the Romulan Neutral Zone:
*Loud Gasp!*

On the Enterprise being surrounded:
Anabelle- “Romulans and Klingons!”
Mr. Spock- "Intelligence reports Romulans now using Klingon ships”
Anabelle-”Ooh.  Yay.”

On Spock’s tongue lashing of the Captain:
Spock- “If we had not crossed the Neutral Zone, on your order, you would not now need our opinions to support a decision which should never have had to be made.”
Anabelle- *extra sassy* “mmmm-HMMMMM!”

On the Romulan Commander dismissing Kirk’s claim of innocence:
Commander- “Captain, if a Romulan vessel ventured far into Federation territory without good explanation, what would a starbase commander would do? You see, it works both ways.”
Anabelle- “Boom!”

On Vulcan honesty:
Commander- “There's a well-known saying, or is it a myth, that Vulcans are incapable of lying?”
Mr. Spock- “It is no myth.”
Anabelle – “That was a lie.”

On the continuing verbal duel between the two of them:
Commander- “It is unworthy of a Vulcan to resort to subterfuge.”
Mr. Spock- “You're being clever, Commander. That is unworthy of a Romulan.”
Anabelle – “BOOM- Baby!”

On Spock giving up the Captain to the Romulans to save face for the Federation and crew:
Mr. Spock- “I am speaking the truth for the benefit of the Enterprise and the Federation. I say now and for the record, that Captain Kirk ordered the Enterprise across the Neutral Zone on his own initiative and his craving for glory.”
Anabelle- “Yaaas!  Go Spock!
He’s obviously not sane, he’s even more dramatic than usual…which is kind of scary.
He had jazz hands-itis.”

On the Romulans not holding the crew responsible:
“Oh, phew.”

On Scotty’s stand that the Enterprise takes no orders except those of the Captain:
“But we don't like Kirk anymore. He's gone coo coo.”

On the beginnings of the Vulcan Romulan flirtations:
Commander- *to Spock* “Attend me.”
Anabelle- “Um, That’s disturbing.”
Commander- “I neglected to mention, I'll expect you for dinner. We have much to discuss.”
Anabelle- “That’s more disturbing.”
Mr. Spock – “Indeed.”
Commander- “Allow me to rephrase. Will you join me for dinner?”
Anabelle- “What the heck?”
Commander: “I hope that one day there will be no need for you to observe any restrictions.”
Anabelle- “That’s REALLY disturbing.”

On McCoy diagnosing the Vulcan death grip:
“The what? What Vulcan death grip?”

On Nurse Chapel learning Spock isn’t a traitor:
Wait, Kirk is not really insane coo coo loco? Darn.”

On Jim’s Romulan makeup:

On Kirk needing a Uniform from the Romulans in the brig:
Scotty- “Aye, It’ll be a pleasure.”
Anabelle – “That’s creepy.”

On the Vulcan dishes prepared for Spock’s recruitment:
“Vulcan dinner is just cheese on a toothpick?”

On the Commander’s name, whispered to Spock and described as, “How rare, and how beautiful. But so incongruous when spoken by a soldier:”
“It’s Phyllis.”

On Kirk dawdling as he enters the Cloaking Device room:
“Go! Don't just fart around there.”

On the end of the flirting:
Commander- “Why would you do this to me? What are you that you could do this?”
Mr. Spock- “First officer of the Enterprise.”
Anabelle – “SNAP!”
Commander- *Slaps Spock’s face*
Anabelle- “Ooh.  He deserved that.”

On Spock’s “Right of Statement:”
*sing song voice* “Buying time, yes I’m buying time…”

On Chekov scanning for the one Vulcan on the Romulan ship:
Chekov- “Romulans and Vulcans appear to read almost exactly alike. There is just a slight difference which…
Got him, sir!”
Anabelle- “YAAAAAS!”

On the Commander hugging Mr. Spock as he beams out:
“Uh oh.”

On Sub-Commander Tal being surprised at seeing the Enterprise disappear because, “They have the Cloaking Device:”
“Yes, you idiot. You're the one who figured out that they stole it.”

On Kirk giving Spock the honor of escorting the Commander to her quarters:
*extra sassy* “mmmm-HMMMMM!”

On Mr. Spock starting the turbo lift:
“He didn't grab elevator handle.”
Later when Kirk got on:
“See he grabbed the thing.”

On the final conversation between Mr. Spock and the Commander:
Mr. Spock-“It is regrettable that you were made an unwilling passenger. It was not intentional. All the Federation wanted was the cloaking device.”
Commander- “The Federation. And what did you want?”
Anabelle- “First it was the device. But now it’s you, Phyllis.”
Mr. Spock- “I hope that you and I exchanged something more permanent.”
Anabelle- “Ewwwww what the heck.”
Commander- “It was your choice.”
Mr. Spock- “It was the only choice possible. You would not respect any other.”
Commander- “It will be our secret.”
Anabelle- “Secret? Woman! Everybody knows.”

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