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Treklets Season 3.2

The Paradise Syndrome - Mom Title: "Kirk Marries an Indian"

On Spock’s rock example of how far the asteroid has moved in the time it’s taken him to explain how far the asteroid has moved:
“That makes sense.”

On Miramanee and Her friend’s hairstyle:
“They look like Pocahontas and her friend.”

On Kirk using Sixties resuscitation techniques on the drowned boy:
“Oh he’s gonna do CPR or something."
*Kirk does weird leg bendy massage thing.”
“That's not CPR.”

On the elder telling Miramanee to give Kirk Salish’s headband:
“Nooooooo! Not the badge of medicinelyness!”

On Kirk’s outfit going native:
Anabelle- “Why is he wearing that?
Miramanee- “The ritual cloak is finished. If it pleases you, I would like to name the Joining day.”
Anabelle- “Um. Uh huh.  Here we go again.”

On McCoy supporting, chastising, comforting and telling off Spock all at once:
Doctor McCoy- “Well, my diagnosis is exhaustion brought on from overwork and guilt. You're blaming yourself for crippling this ship, just as we blamed you. Well, we were wrong. So were you. You made a command decision. Jim would have done the same. My prescription is rest, now. Do I have to call the security guards to enforce it?”
Anabelle- *Snaps fingers authoritatively*
*McCoy leaves and Spock gets up again*
Anabelle- “Well, so much for that.”

On Miramanee leaving Kirk alone and hearing him, “These last few weeks, my love for Miramanee grows stronger with each passing day. However, the dreams return every night. Fragments of memories. I can almost get hold of them, and then:”
Anabelle- “He’s logging…When he doesn’t remember who he is, he’s still logging.”
Miramanee – “I bear your child.”
Anabelle - “Oh my God, that’s not good.”

On the asteroid coming and Kirk being asked to fulfill his role, and not knowing how to get into the temple:
Miramanee- “But, you are a god.”
Anabelle – “Technically he never admitted to that.”
Captain Kirk - *screaming* “I AM KIROK! I HAVE COME! I AM KIROK!”
Anabelle – “I AM…so confused.”

On Spock figuring out the symbols by playing the lyre:
“Ooh! It’s his lute!”

On Nurse Chapel beaming down into hurricane force winds wearing her standard uniform:
“Her butt must be cold.”

On the Mind Meld:
Mr. Spock – “Our minds are one.”
Together- “I am Kirok. I am Kirok.”
Mr. Spock- “I am Kir…”
Captain Kirk- “I am Kirok! I am”
Rosa- *deep voice* “I…am your father!”

On Captain Kirk ordering, “Scotty, if the deflector isn't activated within twenty minutes, get out of orbit. Get the Enterprise out of the danger zone. The landing party is expendable:”
Anabelle- “Good thing you sent down the three most important people on the ship.”

On McCoy’s final diagnosis:
Doctor McCoy- “She had bad internal injuries, Jim.”
Captain- “Will she live?”
Doctor McCoy- “No.”
Anabelle- “That sucks.”
Me- “I never noticed before, his hand is on her stomach.  How the heck did City on the Edge of Forever become the benchmark for Kirk’s tragedy?”

And the Children Shall Lead - Mom Title: "Melvin Belli the Friendly Angel"

On yet another of the worst reviewed episodes:
“I remember this one, it’s my favorite.”

On the finding of the settlers:
“There all dead... That's great.”

On the kids singing “Ring Around the Rosie:”
“This is terrifying.”

On the ice cream flavors:
“What the heck is chocolate wobble?”

On the kids chanting, “Busy busy busy,” and making bee noises:

On Tommy describing his father:
Captain Kirk- “What was going on that would have upset him?”
Tommy- “How should I know? He was always upset, just like you, Captain Kirk.”
Anabelle- “BOOM!”

On the security guard for the kids:
“Hey Leslie.  Still not dead huh?”

On how the mind control powers work:
“Does he have to do the Rock Paper Scissors thing?”

On using the transporter when the kids have fooled everyone to think they’re still around the planet:
“Ooh they gonna die.”
“Whoosh, there they go!”

On childhood memories:
“I remember the knives!”

On Kirk barking ignored orders at everyone:
“Oh my gosh. Get the kids off the bridge first, idiot.”

On Spock stating, “The bridge is under complete control:”
“Slap him.”

On Kirk’s…um…expressive losing command face and speech:
Rosa *laughs* “Pfffffft.”
Anabelle - *giggles* “Again.
He a little too dramatic don't you think?”

On ways to deal with the children:
“Why has nobody thought of a smack in the face?”

On the fight in the corridor when Tommy tries to have Kirk and Spock arrested:
“Chekov is just sitting on the ground.”

On Tommy in Kirk’s spot on the bridge:
“Get out of his chair, put your butt somewhere else.”

On Kirk tricking Gorgan into saying, “You are like the parents. You must be eliminated:”
“The defense rests.”

On Gorgan’s transformation to ugliness:
Anabelle - “Ewww what the heck?”
*He changes further*
Anabelle - “Ewww what the heck?”
*He changes further*
Rosa- “OK, Going to the kitchen, now.”

On McCoy’s understanding of human emotional needs:
Doctor McCoy-“They’re crying, Jim. I don't know how it happened, but it's good to see.”
Anabelle- “That's rude. ‘Oh they're crying, yay.’”

On re-ranking her past review:
“I liked it. It’s still my favorite…
No, I like “Catspaw” better…kinda like “Spock’s Brain” better too.”

Is There in Truth No Beauty? - Mom Title: "Intelligent Kaleidoscope in the Box"

On the Medusan’s appearance:
*Two beam in*
Anabelle- “That doesn’t look formless.”
Me- “That’s Marvick, he works with Miranda.”
Anabelle – “Ah.”
*Another beams in*
Anabelle- “That doesn’t look formless either.”
Me- “That’s its case.”
Anabelle – “Ah.”

On Spock saying, “My life is here,” as the reason he turned down the assignment with Kollos:
“’Cause he's great and half human... And doesn't want to go coo coo.”

On the supposedly mind shattering appearance of the Medusan:
“That's what it looks like? I am underwhelmed.”

On Kirk’s meeting of Miranda Jones:
“Weren't you on my crew last season?”

On Kirk toasting Miranda as, “The Loveliest human every to grace a starship.”
“That was rude.  How can he say that about her?  Bones looks like he’s thinking, ‘Meh.’”

On Kirk kissing Miranda:
“OK, so we're going there.”

On Miranda looking at Kollos unprotected:
Rosa- “Why doesn't she go crazy?
Anabelle- “She already is, that’s my theory.”

On Scotty telling Marvick the’ controls are all yours,’ after he’s seen Kollos:
“Oh God no!”

On Marvick fighting off multiple Starfleet personnel:
Rosa and Anabelle- “There’s like a hundred guys against him.”
Me- “He has the increased strength of a madman.”
Rosa and Anabelle - *unbelieving* “Uh huh.”

On the Enterprise passing the galactic barrier…again:

On Marvick collapsing:
*In sync*
Doctor McCoy- “He’s dead, Jim.”
Rosa- “He’s dead, Jim.”
Anabelle- “He’s dead, Jim.”

On returning to the galaxy:
“Why can’t they just back up.”

On Kirk calling Miranda, “Young, attractive and human:”
“Is she? IS SHE????”

On the revelation that Miranda is blind:
“I was wondering about her weird dress.
That’s why she asked to touch the flowers!”

On Kollos inhabiting Spock:
Anabelle- “He's going to say something disturbing now.”
Spock/Kollos- “Delightful!”
Anabelle – “And there it is.”

On Spock/Kollos forgetting the visor when putting Kollos away:
“Don't look!”
*Spock stands*
“He’s probably fine.” *lets loose Tarzan yell*

On the final beam out:
“The Captain watched it without the goggles.  Shouldn’t he be crazy now?”

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