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Treklets Season 3.4

The Tholian Web - Mom Title:  "Vanishing Kirk"

On the Defiant:
“That looks just like the Enterprise.”

On Federation protective gear:
“That’s a strange spacesuit he has there.”

On using available actors to play corpses:
“Hey you look just like Leslie. What are the odds?”

On the effects of the Defiant “dissolving:”
“It’s see through? Or, maybe feel through.”

On anything happening that could be remotely seen as a trap:
“Oh no! They’re in The Tholian web!”

On Uhura:
“She’s got a new hairdo again.”

On Chekov’s emotional outbreak:
“What the hey? That was an interesting noise…like a drunken poodle.”

On the range expressed in kilometers:
“Nice to know they only use the metric system in the future.”

On Transporter operation:
“How come it does the same thing if they slide those levers up or down?”

On Sulu describing the phaser fired at the Tholians as, “A hit:”
“A hit? That was utter destruction of that itty bitty ship.”

On Spock describing the Tholian ship creating an “energy field:”
“Perhaps a web of some sort.”

On the Captain’s last orders:
“Is this the one with the funeral for him?”
*Spock and McCoy enter Jim’s quarters*
“Oh is this it.”

On the barbs between Spock and McCoy:
“Boom!” *many times*
“Man, this section of space is setting them off.”

On Kirk’s final video message:
Captain Kirk- “Bones, Spock. Since you are playing this tape, we will assume that I am dead:”
Anabelle- “I'm probably not but let's go with it.”

On the web being completed:
“Yah!” *sings web song*

On Uhura being sent to sick bay, and McCoy and Spock not believing she saw the Captain:
“She’s going to be all in yo face when you find out she was right.
Sheesh, even the women's hospital gowns are teeny.”

On Jim appearing on the bridge:
“Ha, who's going crazy now?  Besides Chekhov, that is.”

On McCoy’s cure needing to be mixed with alcohol:
Anabelle- “Woo!”
Mr. Scott- “Does it make a good mix with Scotch?”
Doctor McCoy- “It should.”
Mr. Scott- “I'll let you know.” *exits smiling with the bottle*
Anabelle- “I like him.”

On the Enterprise vanishing:

On Kirk asking, “How did you two get along without me?”

Plato's Stepchildren - Mom Title: "Famous Kirk Uhura Kiss"

On the “unknown planet:”
“That's Earth. They can't deny this one.”

On the introduction once they beam down:
Alexander- “Parmen, sometimes calls us Plato's children, although we sometimes think of ourselves more as Plato's stepchildren.”
Anabelle- “And there’s the title.”

On Parmen making Kirk slap his own face:
“Why are you hitting yourself?
Why are you hitting yourself?
Why are you hitting yourself?
Why are you hitting yourself?”

On the old Greek instruments:
“Yay, finally a lute!”

On Parmen referencing, “Fits of temper and rage:”
“Hmmm. I could tell you stories.”

On McCoy being asked to remain:
“Again? That just happened two episodes ago.”

On Kirk and Spock’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum song:
Rosa- *uncontrollable giggling*

On learning of the Platonians weakness to germs:
“I’ve got the solution, sneeze on them!”

On Spock’s flamenco:
“Oh yes!”

On Spock being forced to release emotions:
“No wonder he plays Spock.  His laugh is awful.”

On Kirk being made to get on all fours:
“Woof woof. Really?”
*Shatner makes “horse” noise*
“Is that the best he can do?” *Uncontrolled hysterics*

On Alexander’s moment of pride:
Alexander- “. All the time, I thought it was me, my mind that couldn't move a pebble. They even told I was lucky they bothered keep me around at all, and I believed them. The arms and legs of everybody's whim. Look down, don't meet their eyes. Smile. Smile. These great people, they were gods to me. But you showed me what they really are. And now I know, don't you see. It's not me, it's not my size, it's them! It's them! It's them!”
Anabelle- *wild applause*
Me- “Alexander gives a hell of a performance in this turkey, doesn’t he?”
Anabelle- “Yup” *continues applause and cheering*

On Alexander deciding to cut them all:
“Good idea. *pause* Hey that was my idea!”

On Spock singing:
“Oh God…Not for his ability, just the fact he is singing.”

On Spock kissing Christine:

On one of the Platonians remarking, “Remember, Cupid's arrow kills Vulcans:”
“Really? Cool!”

On Spock grabbing a “hot poker:”
“That looks like a fig on a stick.”

Wink of an Eye - Mom Title: "Speeded up People"

On Kirk calling the planet sending a distress call uninhabited in the log:
Anabelle- “Uninhabited my butt.”
Rosa- “Maybe they’re hiding behind that background painting.”

On Kirk, Spock, McCoy and security guy Compton beaming down:
Rosa- “Oh, that poor guy.”
“Uh oh. He’s touching water.”
*Compton disappears*
Rosa- “Told you so.”
Anabelle- “I know.”
McCoy- “I was looking at him. I was looking right at him, and he. And he just wasn't there!”
Rosa- “And how much did you drink yesterday.”

On the buzzing noise:
“Bugs made the distress call. And bugs erased Compton.”

On Kirk and Scotty both going to help at the helm:
“Why do they need three people to push the buttons Sulu handles alone on a daily basis?”

On the coffee delivery to the bridge:
Captain Kirk- “Yeoman, is that coffee available, or have those circuits been damaged as well?”
Anabelle- “Why would she be carrying coffee if it was unavailable.”
*Kirk puts the cup on his chair*
Anabelle- “That coffee is way too close to the eject someone into space button.
Why do they keep showing this, I don’t care about him drinking coffee unless there’s something in…”
*Kirk vanishes*
Anabelle- “Oh.”

On Deela’s appearance:
Anabelle –“Oh gosh” *Sigh* “What the hey?”
Rosa- “Um…”

On Compton confessing to turning sides because of a girl he met:
“You idiot!”

On figuring out the dynamics of accelerated people:
“Oh, there was no force field. It was just these guys shooting.”

On using the transporter controls:
“See, I told you direction didn't matter.”

On Deela asking to “Freshen up:”
Anabelle- “You can use his makeup.”
Deela- “I know. You're married to your career, and you never look at another woman.”
Anabelle- “AH!   Pfffffft!”

On Deela admitting to kissing Kirk when he couldn’t see her:
“Wait? What the heck?”

On Deela telling Rael, “I don’t care what your feelings are:”
“Whoah! Oh snap!”

On Spock fixing everything at invisible fast speed:
“Poor Scotty has no idea what's happening.”

On Spock accepting compliments for his work, “Thank you, Captain. I found it an accelerating experience:”
“Ah ha ha ha ha ha.”

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