Thursday, June 2, 2016


X-men: Apocalypse came out this past weekend, and I know some still look for my advice on superhero films...

Or at least hope to enjoy the train wreck of a good rant.

Regular readers may have noticed I've been working my way through the X-Franchise, and these reviews range from several months to sixteen years late.

Since I refuse to do this out of order, details on the latest adventure of the mutants will have to wait for its proper place.

I can tell you that with the longest time behind it of any currently running comic book superhero franchises, the X-films have had more time to work on world building and character development than any of its rivals.

Though it started on the more subtle side, the other franchises have allowed audiences to handle insane, world crushing power levels now.

X-Men: Apocalypse combined the quality built in from expending the time and effort to create a coherent picture throughout so many movies, even recovering after some stumbles, with insane, over the top spectacle.

In other words,
"It was awesome, go see it."

Here's the X-men IndeX:

I watched them again on my own, and had to write new comments because I have no self control

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