Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Wolverine (2013) Through a Kid’s Eyes

The opening was briefly confusing but she figured out the “double dream” thing well before it was revealed.  This did not stop her from being puzzled that all his dreams ended with Jean. 

See? They aren’t an obvious pairing. 

I appreciated the little World War II lesson in this film.  Yes, I’m still hoping for that last little bit of inspiration that completes my child’s decision to want to see The Longest Day.

My daughter appreciated the multiple female characters who do stuff as part of the cast.  Yuriko’s entrance rated a, “She’s awesome!”

Their presence helped highlight some of her views on screen, and she replied, out loud, to the very Loganish line of, “Who says I’m in pain?” 
With: “Duh.  Have you seen your hair?”

It was a little difficult for her to follow the beginning of the story, not due to any complexity, but due to her incessantly complaining that Wolverine needed a haircut.   She was quite happy to find the cast agreed with her when he was ordered to be disinfected.

Revealing to me once more that now everything on our screen will be viewed as an HGTV series, her first thought at the high tech medical lab was, “I want that bed!”

Her second thought, after finding out the old man wanted to steal the hero’s healing factor was:
“He is evil! Punch him in the face!”

Actually, she thought everyone in the film was evil.
Mariko because she was pretty.
Yukio because she had “evil eyes.”
Doctor Green, because she, “Killed the old man with little robots”

By the time Shingen’s obvious evilness was revealed, she fell back on, “Everyone is evil…
Except maybe not Mariko.”

Turns out she was close to right. Except for Yukio. 
“Hmm, I really thought she was evil.”

It’s funny, contrary to standard Mystery Science Theater rules; I think the films that she enjoys and really capture her interest spawn more gags and one liners than bad movies.  Maybe it’s because she pays better attention.

She instantly made the connection between the smoking green tea, Wolverine losing his powers, and Doctor Green/ Viper.

Then she’d do things like pointing out the ineffectiveness of Logan’s attempts to hide in the everyday activities of a small Japanese village with:
“He looks really out of place.   ‘Woo! Look at me, I’m Canadian!’”

She tried to find a name for Harada as he pulled off his awesome mystery ninja archer stuff.
“It’s Hawk-olas!”
“It’s Black Arrow!”
“It’s Earl!”
(Your guess is as good as mine on the last one.)

She also referred to his bow skills with, “Nice shot, but ewwww!”

Hugh Jackman continues to be allowed to swear.  I guess I need to exercise and diet more.
She even predicted one ahead of time when his claws were cut off.

She has enough knowledge of the X-men by now to greet Logan’s death with, “He’ll be fine.”
However, the story and scenes were done well enough that she did cheer loudly when he was.

She also cheered him on in the hack and slash battle with Shingen, in between going, “EEEEEWWWWW!” and making lightsaber jokes.

That’s my girl.

She’s definitely learning from sources other than comic books as well.
During Shingen’s, “My crappy childhood” speech, he references studying biology and genetics, and then brings up recessive genes for various things.  I missed the end because she was yelling at him.

“Talent is not a gene, stupid. Did you really take biology?”

With all of her predicting, the reveal of old man Yashida in the Silver Samurai armor caught her a bit off guard”
“What the?!?!?!   I didn’t see that coming!”

Overall summary: yes there were a couple of gross bits…
Like when Wolverine was about to surgery himself with a claw and said directly to the camera, “You’re not gonna want to watch this part.” She answered, “Yeah, no kidding.”

But in general it was an exciting and fun experience for the whole family’s viewing.

My wife, who still asks why we’re watching the same movie again, was included in this enjoyment.  Either that or the jump and scream accompanying for Viper’s surprise return was a complete coincidence since she saw the film before and wasn’t surprised at all.

Yes, we did use the director’s cut. There were a couple of extra swears (which pale in comparison to living with me), but the cartoony enough to be all ages allowable snow plow attack scene more than made up for the extra charge for the deluxe release.


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