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Star Wars Rebels Season 2

June 20 2015-March 30 2016

Darth Vader shows why everyone wanted him for their team by kicking much butt, framing the cast and forcing them off Lothal, wounding with the rebellion proper, and messing with Ahsoka’s head when she finds out who he is.  (Yeah, if the show’s coming attractions and box set covers can spoil her appearance, so can I.)

1.-2. The Siege of Lothal

Ahsoka sends the gang off to find some old friends of hers.  It’s Captain Rex and a couple other clones! They saved themselves from Order 66 by watching Season Six of Clone Wars, I guess. The old guys out awesome some Imperial troops quite handily and Rex comes home on the Ghost.

3. The Lost Commanders
4. Relics of the Old Republic

Hey, did you know there were more Inquisitors?  Neither did Ezra.  The Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister show up to beat on him and most of the team.  He interrupts Kanan and Rex’s arguments afterwards to complain about this oversight in his education.

5. Always Two There Are

Hondo’s back.  That’s all you need to know for the awesomeness of this one.

6. Brothers of the Broken Horn

Hera meets a goofy little Mon Calamari who’s named after Ralph McQuarrie and invented the B-Wing.  She brings the attack craft back to the rebellion and proves her awesome pilotness again.

7. Wings of the Master

Sabine mends fences with a former friend who is her equal in vandalism and butt kicking. Chaos for the Empire ensues.

8. Blood Sisters

Interdictor Cruisers exist in the new continuity.  Kanan and Rex learn to play nice in order to board one and rescue Ezra and a Rebel Commander.  We also learn why Stormtrooper aim sucks.

9. Stealth Strike

The Sith is stealing babies again.  Ahsoka has been practicing her awesomeness since leaving Clone Wars and it shows.

10 The Future of the Force

Ezra learns the fate of his parents.  Given that this is both Star Wars and Disney, it’s not a happy episode.

11. Legacy

Princess Leia!  Nothing else to say.  Except maybe a reminder that it’s her video game voice, because while Carrie Fisher is awesome, she doesn’t sound anything like a teenager anymore.

12. A Princess on Lothal

Sabine’s connection to the Mandalorians explored as we meet some, and they continue the transition from “Overly Militaristic Foes” to “Awesome Honorable Fighting Folks.”

13. The Protector of Concord Dawn

Focus on Zeb for some Hokey Religions and Ancient Legends of his people. The space effects look cool at least.

14. Legends of the Lasat

Ezra bonds with some space whales and learns hyperspace secrets from them. It’s an environmental fable that loses a bit since terrestrial whales do not establish naval trade routes, and Krill does not function as rocket fuel.

15. The Call

Hera’s dad Cham is back, and so is little Numa, all grown up and blowing up enemy bases…*sniff*  Family and treaty issues are both resolved once Cham pulls his Lekku out of his butt and stops being so stubborn.

16. Homecoming

Kallus and Zeb play Enemy Mine on the now all dead planet Geonosis.  The Empire appears to have razed it in an effort to make everyone forget Episode II.  Kallus may be less evil than he originally seemed, but his sideburns aren’t.

17 The Honorable Ones

Kanan, Ahsoka and Ezra meet the new Inquisitors while in the hidden Jedi Temple.  Yoda sends them all visions. We learn the First Inquisitor was a Jedi Temple Guard, Kanan is now a Jedi Knight, Ahsoka comes to terms with Anakin’s Vaderness, and Ezra is sent somewhere for the season finale that may turn him evil.  Nice one there, Yoda.

18 Shroud of Darkness

Chopper meets Imperial Droid AP-5 and they become more psychotic versions of Artoo and Threepio.

19. The Forgotten Droid"

The Rebel Alliance finally finds a safe planet to use as a base…
Until the GIANT SPIDERS swarm the joint!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

20. The Mystery of Chopper Base"

In the worst kept secret since his appearance in Clone Wars Darth Maul comes back. Inquisitors drop faster than new ones can be introduced, Vader awesomes a bit, Kanan and Ahsoka take some serious losses, and Ezra flirts with Sithness. (Again, nice one there, Yoda.)

21.-22. Twilight of the Apprentice

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