Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Young Construction Worker Eating a Sandwich at Midnight in Times Square, New Year’s Eve

Although he lived in New York his entire life, Ted had never intentionally seen the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  He did witness it on television many times against his will.  He had no use for parties or crowds, but there was almost always someone around who would insist he switch off the marathon of his favorite show to watch the meaningless descent designed to reinforce people’s belief that time should be macroscopically perceived as quantized rather than continuous.  Now, as the final minutes of the 2011 ticked by, Ted was on a roof above the reveler filled square, but this time there was no way he could observe the newly constructed, record breaking size, giant deluxe ball, for he was inside it. He knew that the crowd didn’t realize what a historic drop they were witnessing, but most of their minds were overtasked by trying to wave at the cameras, figure out how to see through the “2012” shaped glasses, and get drunk all at the same time.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Villiage: 2011

“Christmas Screams are Music to my Ears”
“Among the Holidays, There is no Room for the Weak”

Additions: Not enough to generate a new story line. Only one stinkin’ new figure, plus this year’s HESS truck wasn’t usable.  I wanted to take a year off, re-do an old set up, post the old village stories, and get caught up on other writing ideas. 
But Noooooooooooo!  Jason had to see me in the hallway and say, “I can’t wait to see this year’s battle!”  Insane hobbies can be a burden, sometimes. At least a closet avalanche exposed them from behind my mess allowing my wife to find the bag of stands this year. (Thanks Honey!) 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Villiage: 2010

Duke the Halls
Cobra-La La Laaa- La La La La !

Additions: No, I didn’t buy the limited edition Golobulus figure, as even Larry Hama thought that whole storyline was too silly for a laser gun, weather dominator, and ninja filled military comic book.  But a new Hess Truck DOUBLED the size of the G. I. Joe Air Support Force!

Therefore, it is that time of year again for the fourth (mostly) annual return of the little violence filled Christmas village.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Villiage: 2009

Warring in a Winter Wonderland
Remember, Snowing … Is Half the Battle

Additions: A couple of figures, Lincoln Logs replaced by an influx of Hess Trucks…and the exciting seasonal update of SNOW!

When this time of year rolls around, what drives me to set these up? 

Is it the creativity inherent in the season?
The chaos in the shopping centers? 
The excuse to display more action figures that there is normally not enough room to be displayed year round? (Thanx, Honey!)

We may never know.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Villiage: 2008

Joe Village Two: Cobra Boogaloo
Of Course it’s Christmassy…There are Hess Trucks

Additions: Space, an end table, Real American Hero Figures, and Hess Trucks…a quantum leap in time wasting.

This Battle Village is a four faction, two tiered affair.  The Joes are mounting an assault on a secret Cobra bunker atop a hidden plateau during an attempted coup which could bring about a Cobra civil war…

Or maybe it’s just a big pile of plastic toys; your mileage may vary.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Disney’s the Muppets - Yes, it's Both

The Muppet Movie brought back the Muppet Show crew, with all their heart and humor.  For the most part new actors have retained the spirit of the characters and presented what’s been great about the Muppets for all these years.

Tha gang's all here, and they brought the funny.
However, as full of laughs and other emotions that this film was, I can’t call it a real “Muppet Movie”.

It was a Muppet tribute.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Villiage: 2004

A non-standard Christmas Letter
Not your Daddy's Christmas Village

After several years of typical World War Two battles waged while patriotic and brave U.S. green plastic army men defended Santa Claus from Fascist oppressors, I upgraded. 

A personal note to other G.I. Joe fans: (The rest of you may talk among yourselves.)
This was done well before I discovered the awesomeness in a can of the Marvel G.I. Joe comic series and had to base everything on the lack luster Spy Troops line and my decrepit memories of the cartoon series.

Ok the rest of you can come back for the story now.

 (Of course there was a story; don't you people know me yet?) 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Denver Colorado, Summer 2011: Days Alone

“Not now, I’m playing a game”

Not as impressive as the real thing.
They continued to have fun in Denver for the week, visiting a mini golf and fun center a couple of times. They also stopped in at Tiny Town.  That’s either a miniature village, or a giant model railroad depending on which direction you look at it from.  Anabelle was very excited by the Dinosaur Hill section the train passes, since it had many models of parasaurolophus on it, her favorite dinosaur. (Doesn’t everybody have one?) We didn’t see much on them at the other dino-sites. Apparently they aren’t one of the breeds sticking out of the freakin’ ground in that area.  Rosa was, of course, very excited by the Home Depot.  One of the little buildings was a “Stanley” company. Nice to know they were still being looked after.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Denver Colorado, Summer 2011: Day 7

“If they delay the flight anymore, can you stay?”

Not construction.
My last morning in Denver started with eggs and hugs again, then we needed to return the Big Orange Sissy to its point of origin.  I brought up its lack of power and got resounding agreement from everyone in the office as they mentioned “rubber bands breaking, “ and “the mice getting tired”.  Luz Maria took me back and while the sisters mostly used the hot tub, Anabelle and I swam in the pool.  Well, theoretically we swam. Mostly she clamped onto me and we just kinda stood there.