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Amalgamations Accumulate!!!

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It had been years since the break up of the All Star Invaders after the end of World War II. Many new heroes began to appear, but there were very few instances of cooperation.  Then one fateful day, there was an invasion of evil alien sorcerers, the Appelokians.  They enraged the Hawlk sending him out of control as a diversion.  As the heroes were dispersed dealing with the invasion, the rampage was reported to all the sidekicks in the Fantastic Tower.  They contacted their mentors simultaneously.  The heroes broke control of the Hawlk, and he helped deal with the remainder of the invasion.  After combining their forces on this day unlike any other day, they vowed to defend justice against any evil that threatened it, and the LEAGUE OF AVENGERS was born.

AQUALITH (Aquaman/Goliath)
The giant Atlantean king who can speak to sea life is Aqualith.  He took his surface name from Dr. Arthur Pym, who raised him, and also discovered the space element Pymtonite, which the huge sea king uses to assume human size.   Aqualith now splits his time between fighting crime on land, and protecting his kingdom from the advances of Gorillalord Krodd, the ruthless psychic sea monkey, that rules the tribe of Gorilla Mermanus.

J'ORR the MARTIAN STORM GOD (Martian Manhunter/Thor)
The form of the Martian deity is as variable as the solar winds he telepathically controls. Though normally reserved, when the battle rage grabs him he is unstoppable, morphing his fists into twin hammers as he charges into the fray with the unleashed fury of a cosmic storm. His berserker rage even surpasses that of the shape shifting galactic bounty hunter, Limpossibo, the last Popparnian.  "By Hronmir's bristling antennae!”

SCARLET LANTERN (Green Lantern/Scarlet Witch)
Jordan Maximoff, Earth's member of the crimson garbed corps, is armed with a ring that draws power from the Chaos Magic stored in her power battery.  Her greatest fear is falling prey to the same temptations that consumed her father, Sinneto - Master of Quardian Magnetism.  Her constant training under Guardianess Agantheta is a safeguard against that.

V.I.S.H. -Velocity Intensive Synthetic Humanoid (Flash/Vision)
The fastest synthezoid almost alive also controls his density through rapid vibrations. His speed is so great he can engage many adversaries simultaneously; even multiple time shifted versions of Royal Flush Kang.  V.I.S.H. was built from the android body of the Human Tornado, but uses an image projector to pass as the human "Barry Shade".  Though artificial, he is in the midst of a Brave and Bold romance with the Scarlet Lantern.

WASPERMAN (Superman/Wasp)
His first appearance in New Yopolis was announced by the cry, "Look, up in the sky…it’s a!?!?"   Wasperman is six inches of invulnerable might. Van-El, strange tiny visitor from the doomed planet Pymton, fights a never-ending battle with the forces of evil.  Exposure to Pymtonite temporarily removes the Bug of Steel’s powers but lets him grow to human size, allowing him to interact with others as wealthy socialite Clark Dyne. The Little Blue Boy Scout's popularity has continued to rise the world over, in spite of the efforts of Lex Lultron, the indestructible robotic businessman, and Whirliac, the cybermutant who controls minds and air currents.

IRON BAT (Batman/Iron Man)
Anthony Wayne inherited the family's munitions business after seeing his parents gunned down before him.  He used his resources and intelligence to build the worlds most technologically advanced battle suit, with abilities more diverse and powerful than even the Mandaguin's umbrella rings, or the enigmatic whips of Riddlash. The Dark Shellhead strikes terror into the hearts of these and other criminals as he flies stealthily through the urban canyons. At his side Tim Rhodes is often found, armored and armed for maximum protection as WAROBIN.

AMERICAN WOMAN (Wonder Woman/Captain America)
Infused with the power of the Amazonian Super Soldier Ray, Diana Rogers began her fight against tyranny and injustice with the All Star Invaders in WWII. Her image, and that of the twin indestructible bucklers she wears on her wrists, are seen as the symbol of freedom and justice in man's world. She had been thought lost in a battle with Baron Psycho near the end of the war.  The same battle claimed the life of her friend and sidekick, Buckette (Etta Hunkel). Shortly after the LOA were formed, she was found in suspended animation on Paradise Island, revived, and became the team's foremost leader and a constant member (except during the brief period the government replaced her with Agent Artemis, and she went by the name "The Woman").

QUICK ARROW (Green Arrow/Quicksilver) The hotheaded archer, Ollie Maximoff, shoots off his arrows, and his mouth, at super speed.  Though difficult to tell from his attitude, he is happy to have found a home with the LOA.  Meeting Beast Canary allowed him to give up the wandering past him and his sister Jordan shared as “hard traveling mutants”.

BEAST CANARY (Black Canary/Beast) - Dinah McCoy is a blue furred, acrobatic, crime fighting, micro-botanist, with a potent sonic scream. She is also a member of the JUSTICE DEFENDERS, having met many members through her mother, AmeriCanary of the All Star Invaders, and a founding member of the BIRDS OF X.

PLASTIC WONDER (Plastic Man/Wonder Man) Simon O'Brian was a typical confidence man, until a dousing in ionic acid turned him into an indestructible, malleable, Action-Comedy star.  This mighty, yet stretchy hero is continually smiling and joking, a throwback to the older and brighter days of costumed crime fighting, despite personal tragedy. His own brother has become the insane undead villain: the Grim Creeper.

ATOM-EYE (Atom/Hawkeye) Ray Barton, a smart aleck shrinking scientist and archer who makes his own high tech arrows, never misses. His devil may care attitude covers his pining for LAETHWENBIRD: miniaturized secret agent Bobbi Loring who had been made a jungle princess. They met during the trapped at tiny size adventure he had, catalogued as "Arrows of the Atom-Eye".

THE HUMAN TORNADO (Red Tornado/Human Torch I) An android, built by Phineas T. Morrow, who converts his body to "hardened air" is the focal point of many other heroic origins.  A transfusion of his "blood" was responsible for the powers gained by the hero of the French resistance known (due to an unfortunate translation error) as Spitfantom, who served in the All Star Invaders with him and his sidekick Toro, the Flaming Atom. He was shut down just before the team dissolved, and his body was later used to create the V.I.S.H.  His continued existence in his original form is due to a divergence in HyperLimbo caused by Immortace.

FATEKNIGHT (Dr. Fate/Black Knight) Kent Whitman is the latest of his family line to wield the power of the helm and Ebony Blade of Nabu.  He maintains ties with the JUSTICE DEFENDERS, as he and his powers are descended from Jack Fate of the All Star Invaders.

ELONGATED WIDOW (Elongated Man/Black Widow) Natasha Dibni, whose nose twitches when she senses espionage, underwent Gingold treatments while in the KGB to allow her arms and legs to extend great distances.  This added to her already formidable physical training and high tech gear. 

TIGRASTORM (Tigra/Firestorm) By combining with the Balkastein of the mystical cat people, Greer Raymond sheds her shy human shell and becomes the flaming furred feline master of matter manipulation.

PHOZANNA (Zatanna/Photon) Monica Zatara can mystically transform herself into any form of energy by saying its name backwards.

Mystical Allies

THE FALCON STRANGER (Phantom Stranger/Falcon) Very little is known about the nearly omniscient fedora wearing "he who soars in shadows", or his luminous avatar.

SPIDRIGAN (Etrigan the Demon/Spider-man) Only under dire circumstances do the LOA contact young Peter Blood.  While taking pictures of an occult bookstore opening for the school paper, he was bitten by a magically cursed spider.  Now when he speaks the phrase, "Gone gone, oh nerdy kid, arise the demon arachnid!!!" the unfriendly neighborhood rhyming Spider-Demon swings above the Earth again, on hellfire webbing.  Though his methods are questionable, he has proven himself a force for good, especially when he assisted in the defeat of the Dark Lord of Illusions: Mysteneron.

Who was responsible for assembling the LOA?  Four hero's sidekicks and charges were often sealed in the fortified tower on Four Freedoms Island during dangerous times.  However, when minions of Duckside, ruler of Howardokalypse kidnapped Donna Richards, one of their own, the other three went after her in a stolen Wayne International space shuttle.  They rescued her before the alien ship left the solar system. However, on the way back, they were bombarded with cosmic rays that altered their bodies resulting in new and strange powers for each of them.  The FANTASTIC TITANS had arrived.
NIGHTHING (Nightwing/Thing) Stone skinned acrobat and leader of the team, Benjamin J. Grayson is the original Warobin.  He no longer needs the armor provided by his mentor after exposure to cosmic rays granted him an invulnerable hide that blends into the shadows.

THE HUMAN FLASH (Kid Flash/Human Torch) As Johnny West yells, "FLASH ON" to run at super sonic speeds, the friction of his ultra fast movements causes the air around him to burst into flame.

FANTASTIC GIRL (Wonder Girl/Mr. Fantastic) Donna, long lost sister of Diana, and back up for the of American Woman program, was kept "protected" in stasis for years.  Accidentally released, she was raised by the Richards family without knowing her connection to the great hero until just before the Star Spangled Amazon was rediscovered.  The cosmic rays she passed through after her rescue turned her into the unflappable elastic Amazon.

AQUAVISIBLE LAD (Aqualad/Invisible Woman) Atlantean Garth Storm was transformed into solidified water, making him visually undetectable when submerged. While he maintains his "human" shape, he can extend the waters that make him up and shape them into various forms and levels of rigidity.

(Other members met in space, and shortly after the cosmic ray exposure.)

MEDUSENAL (Arsenal/Medusa) Anything is a weapon in Roy Amaquelin's prehensile hair. He followed Quick Arrow to Earth after the LOA encountered the Innewmadians. He knew he'd found a kindred spirit and tagged along, looking up to Ollie and trying to follow in his ways (for his footsteps were a tad too fast).

CHRYSTICHO (Jericho/Crystal) Chrys Wilson was brought up by her mother on the Blue Island of the Moon.  She was primarily a loner, due to being mute and her ability to mentally posses the four elements. However, her desire to see Quick Arrow again led to a visit with her cousin Medusenal.  There she met the Fantastic Titans and became involved in a battle with their archenemy, Doomstroke the Doctornator.  She was horrified to learn that Victor Von Wilson was really her father.  She joined the team then and there to oppose him.  Also, her attraction to speedsters has become more centered on the Human Flash (much to the relief of Beast Canary).

STARHULK  (Starfire/She Hulk) Jenniand’r is the powerful green space princess known for saying, "You wouldn’t like me when I'm angry," right before she fires the gamma bolts from her hands.

R.A.V.B.I.E. – Reactive Automated Vanguard, Blood Infusion Enhancements (Raven/H.E.R.B.I.E.)  This small robot is directly tied into the tower's defense alarm and communications system. She has been granted mystical powers through an infusion of demon blood in her hydraulics, including psionics and teleportation. This allows her to alert, assist, and assemble the FANTASTIC TITANS, wherever they may be.

CHANGEMAN  (Changeling/Power Man) Garfield Cage had a tough time growing up with green skin in Harlem.  An energy treatment intended to cure him added super strength and invulnerability to his ability to turn into any animal.  This quickly put him in charge of his streets.  Before joining the Fantastic Titans, he would assume many a super powered urban animal form working with Cyborg Fist as the ”Teen Heroes For Hire".

CYBORG FIST (Cyborg/Iron Fist) After the accident that nearly killed Victor Rand, his father replaced much of his body with cybernetic parts.  While originally horrified, he found inner peace by studying with the monks of K'un L'unn, learning meditation, martial arts, and the ability to channel his chi energy directly into his Cyborg Fist!

The Hawlk worked with the LOA for a while, but his unstable nature made it seem that he was unsuited for any team, until the reunion of some wartime heroes.  With the end of the All Star Invaders, the members went their separate ways, many into retirement.  Recently, however, some of the members realized the need for a rotating "non team". This was not only to deal with threats to the dimension as a whole, but also to be a source of inspiration for the younger generation heroes, who were being influenced by more "modern" crime fighters, such as the ghostly vigilante the Deadisher.  Strong ties are still kept with the LOA, with a yearly get together, and some joint memberships.

THE HAWLK (Hawkman/Hulk) Carter Banner was exposed to gamma rays from an ancient Egyptian artifact that turned him into a raging, green skinned, winged behemoth.  Normally uncontrollable, the powers of Strange Lantern can reach his muddled, child like mind.

STRANGE LANTERN (Green Lantern I/Dr. Strange) Steven Scott channels the supreme mystic power of this dimension through his ring, giving him a direct connection to the Starheart of Agamatto. He is now married to his former foe turned apprentice, HARLICLEA.

The "GOLDEN AGE" FISHHH (the Flash I/Sub Mariner) Namor Garrick is an Atlantean/human hybrid metamutant with super speed, and an unfortunate nickname.  During his long career, the Fishhh has combated the forces of villainy as a member of both the All Star Invaders and LOA. He also frequently visits the Fantastic Tower to check up on the young Atlantean and speedster who reside there.  (Fantastic Wonder has been heard referring to his pointy ears as "dreamy".)

THE SILVER CAT (Wildcat/Silver Surfer) The reversal of a spell mystically granted heavyweight champ Ted Radd nine lives, but as he loses each one, he becomes more enveloped by the power cosmic.  Now the "Wild Surfer" rides the space ways challenging masters of whatever passes for fisticuffs on the infinite worlds.

SON OF SANDMAN (Sandman/Son of Satan) Damien Dodds is the son of Dormorphu, ruler of the Nightmare Dimension.  The premonitions he gets visiting his father's realm lead him to use his mystical powers against evil in all its forms.

HELLHAWK (Hawkgirl/Hellcat) Patsy Saunders went to the Son of Sandman seeking help to cure Carter Banner.  He could not. Instead he magically infused her with power, increasing her physical prowess. It also grew her a pair of wings, allowing her to at least follow the Hawlk through the sky.

HOURGOYLE (Hourman/Gargoyle) Rex Christians father distilled the essence of one of the lesser five D-mons of Mr. Myxphystoptlk's realm into pill form.  When he takes this "Gargaculo" pill he gains the powers and monstrous form of the creature for one hour.

DR. MIDNIGHTHAWK (Dr. Midnight/Nighthawk) Dr. Peiter Richmond was crippled and blinded in an accident.  By trying an experimental series of chemicals he's regained his mobility plus augmented his strength and agility, but only at night.  He can also see only in the dark.  He fights to save lives each evening, armed with blackout bombs, to plunge his foes into his world of darkness, and a jet pack, to get his nocturnal heiney home before sunrise.

POWARCH ANGEL (Power Girl/Archangel) Karen Worthington arrived in a ship similar to the one that brought Wasperman to Earth and immediately sought out her “cousin”.  He had no idea who she was, and this initial confusion led her to question her origins (at one point allowing herself to be manipulated by the ancient Atlantean metamutant Aripocalon).  She finally learned she really was a Pymtonian, but from another branch of the multistream.  One thing is certain wherever she’s from, the most recognizable feature about this founding member of the BIRDS OF X are her two enormous…wings.

CAPTAIN MARVELICE (Captain Marvel/Iceman) A meeting with the ancient wizard Snowzam unlocked and enhanced young Bobby Batson’s mutant abilities.  Now when he calls the wizard’s name he becomes the worlds chilliest mortal.  Transforming into a super strong adult body with the ability to generate ice at his whim, the power he brings to the team more than compensates for the boyishness of the “Big Red Freeze”.

JOHNNY BLANDER AND HIS GHOST BOLT (Johnny Thunder and the Human Thunderbolt/Ghost Rider) Due to his complex and mystical heritage, when innocent blood is spilled near mild mannered motorcycle salesman Johnny Blander he speaks the phrase "Pen Enz", calling the Ghost Bolt into being.  The skull faced Zarathunder then slants the interpretation of Johnny's literal commands to insure the harshest punishment for the culprits.

DARESPECTRE (The Spectre/Daredevil) Mathew Corrigan was the NY prosecuting attorney handling the case against the Ultra Kingpinite.  When he refused bribes and threats, he was done away with in a vicious attack.  His spirit could not rest. Returning to continue his life's work, the Phantom Without Fear protects innocents from injustice. Completely blinded by his rage, he perceives all using his radar veng-sence.  Though frequently on opposing sides, past romantic and mystical affiliations mean that even being dead cannot dull his feelings for the unredeemable Xanlektradu, Assassin.

MS TERRIVALK (Mr. Terrific/Valkyrie) Brunnholtia was exiled from Valhalla for valuing technology over tradition and fairness over violence. Totally despondent, she was stopped right before taking her own life by the Darespectre.  The Wrath of Hell's Kitchen personified then told her the amusingly inspirational tale of one member of the All Star Invaders, the Terrific Whizzer.  This brightened her outlook on life, and convinced her to use her inborn battle skills and technological triumphs against evil in tribute (However, she has not adopted his catchphrase "Whizzerific").  Her motto of "fair play" makes her insure that her foes are at least as well armed as she, before mowing through them with her T-sword.

Bonus Picture #1 Row 1: American Woman, Buckette (Red Tornado – Hunkel/Etta Candy/Bucky), The Fishhh, Toro the Flaming Atom (Atom I/Toro the Flaming Kid), Human Tornado,  AmeriCanary (Black Canary I/Miss America), Terrific Whizzer (Mr. Terrific/the Whizzer), Jack Fate (Dr. Fate/Union Jack), Sptifantom (Phantom Lady/Spitfire).

ORACLE X (Oracle/Professor X) Babs Xavier was confined to a wheelchair after a brutal attack by the Jokernaut.  Instead of giving up, she has become a more powerful agent against evil. She uses her cyberpsychic powers to obtain and supply information for all of the super hero teams.  She also organizes and trains many of the young female meta mutants as the BIRDS OF X (BIRDS OF PREY/X-MEN).

THE STORMLER (Spoiler/Storm) A chance meeting with Warobin led the orphaned Ororo Brown to leave the African rainforest, where she was worshipped due to her ability to control the weather, and follow him to the urban jungle of Gothork City.  She sought training from the BIRDS OF X in order to adapt to her new world and gain skills to assist the Boy Machine where she can.

BATCRAWLER (Batgirl/Nightcrawler) Kassandra Wagner's indigo furred, demonic appearance and ability to teleport led her to be raised as an assassin since birth.  She was rescued by Iron Bat, who recognized her superior physical memory and fighting skills, and turned her over to Oracle X for training.

WOLVERESS (Huntress/Wolverine) Normally a loner, semi feral, quick healing Helena Logan was subjected to adamantium bone grafts, and implantation of crossbows into her forearms, by her organized crime family.  She immediately rebelled, becoming one their most violent enemies.  An attempt to repeat the process, to counteract her, was only half-successful. It created her archenemy Tooth-Face, who decides between being feral and civil by the flip of a coin.  Helena's berserker rages, however, have been tempered over time. She is learning teamwork, and has become an excellent mentor to the youngsters in the BIRDS OF X. 

CATLOSSUS (Catwoman/Colossus) Occasionally, Oracle X has found the reluctant need to ask for help from master thief Selina Rasputin. Her catlike reflexes coupled with the power to convert her body to organic steel, make her unstoppable when it is time to escape.

FIRE BEETLE (Blue Beetle/Firestar) Ted Jones enjoyed his time spent working as a hero with the LOA, but prefers his current life of semi retirement.  He remains friends with Barbara Xavier, assisting her with his technological inventions and knowledge, but normally only uses his microwave manipulation powers for making hot dogs and popcorn.

Before her injury, Babs founded the original group and worked in the field with them.  Powarch Angel assisted more often when she was still POWER ANGEL, but she and the other two founders have, for the most part, moved on. However, while trailing Madame Taliask (organized crime lord and occasional beloved of Iron Bat) and her father, the near immortal, super strong Count Ra's'afaria, Beast Canary was exposed to his Lazarus Ionics.  This restored her youth and allowed her to continue as Babs' prime operative.

MARY MARVELICE (Ice Man/Mary Marvel) Bobby Batson's sister was adopted with no knowledge of her brother.  After reuniting, she learned she was able to call on the same power he was, and became another agent of Snowzam.

SUPERCLOPS (Supergirl/Cyclops) Space parachuting to safety from the doomed Pymtonian Argo City, Kara Summers spent an unpleasant youth in a mid west orphanage before learning she was the cousin of Wasperman.  Radiation from the space parachute ride, and mental blocks due to her tortured childhood caused her to remain locked at human size, weakening her power levels. These events also froze her heat vision permanently on, and it is now only controllable by her special ruby quartz visor. To a modern observer, it would seem that she and Oracle X barely know each other. However, there are many versions of this heroine in the Else If realities, and in most of them, back when Babs was known as MARVEL BAT; they were best friends, and a World's Class crime fighting team.


Row 1: Glass Appelokian (Appelaxian/Loki), Gorrilalord Krodd (Gorilla Grodd/Warlord Krang), Limpossibo (Lobo/Impossible Man), Sinneto (Sinestro/Magneto), Agantheta (Ganthet/Agatha Harkness), Royal Flush Kang (King of RFG/Kang), Lex Lultron-Battle Mode (Lex Luthor/Ultron), Whirliac (Braniac/Whirlwind), Mandaguin (Penguin/Mandarin). 

Row 2: Riddlash (Riddler/Blacklash), Baron Psycho (Dr. Psycho/Baron Zemo), Agent Artemis (Artemis/US Agent), Grim Creeper (Creeper/Grim Reaper), Immortace (Ace of RFG/Immortus), Mysteneron (Neron/Mysterio), Duckside (Darkside/Howard the Duck), Doomstroke (Deathstroke/Dr. Doom), Deadisher (Deadman/Punisher). 

Row 3: Dormorphu (Morpheus/Dormamu), Mr. Myxphstoptlk (Mr. Mxyzptlk/Mephisto), SNOWZAM (SHAZAM…but snowy!), Aripocalon (Arion/Apocalypse) Ultra Kingpinite (Ultra Humanite/Kingpin), Xanlektradu (Madame Xanadu/Elektra), Jokernaut (Joker/Juggernaut), Tooth-Face (Two-Face/Sabertooth), Madame Taliask (Talia/Madame Mask), Count Ra's'afaria (Ra's Al Ghul/Count Nefaria).

Not bored yet? Click for PART 2!


The scariest part about this is how many things have happened in comics since I did it that make my selections a better fit than the originally were.

Short Explanation: I've lost my mind.
(see above)

Long Explanation:
Years ago DC and Marvel did a bunch of "Amalgam" stories combining characters.
(Batman + Wolverine = Dark Claw, Superman + Captain America = Super Soldier,
Green Lantern + Iron Man= Iron Lantern,  etc.)

However, there was never an official combination of solely Justice League and Avengers people (Both companies' premier teams), as a straight team to team combo.  I was looking at a picture by George Perez from the climactic battle of the awesome JLA/Avengers team up and these started popping into my head.  Then, it got out of hand with the other teams. I couldn’t stop them for days; it was like a giant logic puzzle in my brain, working out all the interactions between members of multiple teams.  I realize that those who know DC probably don’t know Marvel, and vice versa (and some of you don't know any of them, but may have a relative who knows some).   To be honest, I basically wrote this for me.  I thought writing them down would get them out of my head, but it didn't. I found some "microheroes" websites and started combining the heroes visually as well.  Eventually,  after spending far too large a piece of April to June of 2004, this evolved into the fully illustrated, greatly rewritten, wide screen special edition, extended dance mix version of the original idea.

The Rules I used (for the other comic geeks out there):

Marvel Characters are taken primarily from the time period when I was into the Marvel Role Playing Game, (mid 80's) which is why She Hulk is with the Fantastic Four group and Black Panther is conspicuously absent (plus, I forgot him…sorry T'Challa).
Exceptions: The Golden Age (WWII) characters (like the DC ones) are taken from the Golden Age (duh). The X-men are mostly from around the time after Jean Grey’s death (her first one anyway…missing ones will turn up in the sequel), or the original, original group (for the original mix, again, duh).

DC characters are taken from
The silver age Justice League (except Plastic Man (A) Because I like him, if Grant Morrison and Alex Ross can do it, so can I. and (B) Movies with the "Elongated Wonder" couldn't be in a family friendly essay).
The Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans.
The Modern JSA, around when the first of the new series started.
(Except Starman, 'cause I don’t care about him...offsetting Plastic Man in a conservation of geekitude).
Birds of Prey from the current series, though the ones used for the
"original" group are female heroes that were around with Batgirl (a mix of pre and post crisis).

The main rules I tried to use were: No combinations that had been done already by DC/Marvel, and the weirder the combination the better.  

The other main rule was that the main people from each group must be combined with the main people from the other company.
The "Big 7" of the JLA and Avengers from the picture that inspired this.
The "Big 4" Defenders with the 4 JSA members whose identities were unchanged since the Golden Age.
The original Fantastic Four and the original Teen Titans.
The leader of the X-men and the Birds of Prey.

Other rules (that got broken occasionally for reasons comedic and foolish):

Combinations could only be of two characters, one from each company.

Names must be a combination of the names of the two characters.

Connections between both component characters of multiple amalgams remain intact.
This varied from intended [Hawkeye and Atom are both top of the "2nd tier"],
to unconscious/accidental [Hawkeye and Atom both worked with teams of reforming villains],
to ignored [Atom joined the Titans, Hawkeye didn't join the Fantastic Four.],
so I'll let you spot them on your own.

All component heroes copyrighted trademarks of DC and Marvel.
Almost all Microheroes kit bashed/based on components from
And Templates from
Additional component microheroes from:

Thanx to my sister for saying "Whizzerific", Dad for knowing I wouldn't stop after the first draft, Mom for proofreading.
Thanx to all three for encouragement.

Thanx to my daughter for being wonderful and someone I can read this to and inspire to her own creations.
Most importantly, infinite thanx and love to my wife who put up with her husband's goofy idea becoming one of many multiple month obsessions.


Tricia said...

"NIGHTHING (Nightwing/Thing) Stone skinned acrobat and leader of the team, Benjamin J. Grayson is the original Warobin. He no longer needs the armor provided by his mentor after exposure to cosmic rays granted him an invulnerable hide that blends into the shadows."

I don't know how to pronounce Ben's codename. Could you please help?

Jeff McGinley said...

"Nigh Thing" like the Tick's "Nigh Invulnerable"

Thanx for asking.


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