Thursday, November 26, 2015

When the Bucket is Recognized

After obtaining an advanced engineering degree and accumulating over two decades of experience designing, testing and analyzing risk on medical devices, it was fulfilling to learn that my friends value my knowledge and opinions, and do not hesitate to ask for them in times of need.

Because I try to live up to their respect, I always perform research into the key details before answering.

In that spirit, I present the full answer to a question I was tagged in on-line recently.

“OK guys. Serious question here…

I ask Jeff McGinley to give some input…

Will a Jedi lightsaber cut Captain America's shield?”

Hey, I was “Captain Continuity” long before I touched any medical device.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Look Before you LARP

The first party added to the mathematical education of the day, by highlighting issues with non-normal distributions and statistical outliers.

The adventurers heading our way were an average of fifth level, and we were given appropriate skills, damage and a couple special attacks to match them.   Armed and packed with a few Stuns and Slays we met the group…and determined almost immediately there would be no need to lead them to anyone else.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Show Us Your LARP!

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in the fifth grade.

Once I figured out that Hobgoblins being “giant goblins” did not mean they were twenty foot tall knobby kneed, googly eyed, sneaker wearing mops demanding our adventuring party give them, “FRENCH FRIES!”  it became a regular part of my life.

Once my parents realized it was all storytelling in our head and I did not, in fact, fall twenty feet off a ladder to be caught by a much smaller and scrawnier friend (I was playing a Halfling.) they were quite supportive.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Peru 2014 Day 1: June 23rd- We Fly Like a Bird

Peru 2014 Index

This trip was a long time in coming.

Visiting my homeland was always easy and frequent. Depending on bridge traffic, an hour or so jaunt put us at the Bronx Zoo.

As for returning to Rosa’s homeland of Peru, Anabelle had never been, and discounting a medical emergency trip a year before this one (many aspects of which would be happily forgotten) Rosa hadn’t been back since before we were married.  My only trip there to visit her was a couple of months before her official cross continental move.

Clearly a trip south was overdue.  Rosa’s mom (Abuelita) hadn’t been up to visit us in a while either.  She came to stay for well over a month, forming stronger bonds with her - now far more fluent in Spanish- granddaughter. Note that her Hijo-in-law was still almost completely non-fluent, sucking at languages as he does.  However, that didn’t keep the two of them from getting along swimmingly, through a large amount of comprehension he’d absorbed through osmosis, and general random gesturing.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tops on a Scale of One to Tenor

My Nth cousin Xce removed Bobby Conte-Thornton’s rapidly rising star recently brought him to the illustrious McCarter Theater in Princeton.

I still don’t have much clue about the world of plays. I’m using “illustrious” based on the two Tony’s they have in the lobby, not any personal experience. The only acts I’ve seen there are New Wave A Capella singing group The Bobs (who I’ve also seen in a small church, and an artsy-folksy coffee house type restaurant) and the original line up of juggling legends the Flying Karamazov Brothers. (Sadly, jugglers never make a joint illustrious.)

Monday, November 2, 2015

500 Post Odyssey

Made it to the big FIVE HUNDREDTH POST!!!!!!!!

Bah, sleep is for the weak.

For past anniversaries, I've used the occasion to start a new topic, or provide an index to an adventure.

That would have been a fantastic idea...

But I can't count..

Since the first Peru Trip for our family index went up last week, I'll turn to another tried and true method for being lazy:

Turning the reins over to my daughter.

They're reading the "Middle School" version of the Odyssey called Ulysses and were assigned to come up with another adventure for it's hero.  

And here it is!