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Favorite Joke-(r): List Part One

Before counting down, there’s one more Joker “also ran” that missed my list by the bleached skin of its giggling teeth.
It's J.M. DeMattis and Mark Pajaril’s Day of Judgment follow up in JLA issue 35 (No CBR rating). 

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Favorite Joke-(r): Introduction

First of all I apologize for being derelict in my duties.  I was busy having a long overdue Up the Lake stay and I missed the Ant Man premier.  I did see Minions twice because it was hysterical.  We finally caught Ant Man and, since Marvel Studios is really good at this, it was awesome - go see it.  It showed they can make smaller films and still set them within, and add to, the grand universe the Avengers  franchise has established.  It was action packed, funny, had some good father-daughter stuff, and highlighted powers (shrinking and ant control) that haven't been done dynamically on the big screen before that was perfect for 3D scenes.

That's all the review there will be for this outing. It isn't less deserving than other movies, its just a timing issue. Marvel may be light years ahead of DC in film quality, and have even been leading them in comic store offerings for quite a while up until a few new launches.

However, deep down in my soul, I'm still more of a DC guy, and there's an important anniversary for one of their icons that I can't overlook.

To mark the Seventy-Fifth anniversary of the Joker’s debut has done one of their surveys to generate the list of the character’s top Seventy-Five appearances.

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