Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bondlets: For Your Eyes Only


AH, my first Bond film: one where Roger Moore acted like Sean Connery in a film directed by the guy who went on to do the Dalton films.  No wonder I can’t pick a favorite.

My daughter enjoyed seeing the evil Kitty, and watching his owner get dumped into a smokestack.

That’s my girl.

During the opening credits I tried to convince her the models were wearing body stockings. I thought I succeeded till she whispered, “that person is naked.”

There were many call backs based on what she’s learned so far:

Asking if that was, “His ‘pee-pee’ gun.”

Saying, “Is he going to JamesBond her?  It’s a James Bond movie, that wouldn’t be surprising.”

Luckily the JIM diving suit added suspense and drama, because after Thunderball she was, “Scarred by scuba.”

For a cross genre moment, the following:
“Motorcycles with spikes?  Just like Ghost Rider!

That’s my girl.

I told her the Lotus sports car was going to do something cool. Sadly, she said, “That wasn’t cool, that was just exploding.”

The chase in Melina’s Citro├źn 2CV led to her belief at where the title came from.
“That’s why it’s your eyes only; he doesn’t want anyone to see him in that stinky car.”

The biggest mystery and suspense of the film is figuring out who really was the bad guy.

Of course after seeing Julian Glover fight the Doctor as Scaroth, Luke Skywalker as General Veers, and Indiana Jones as Donovan, she didn’t feel any mysteryness or suspensitude in figuring that out.

Plus Milos ate pistachios, he had to be good.

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