Monday, January 7, 2019

Predator Comics Post

I’ve read most of the early Predator comics in Omnibuses (Omnibi?) and they all have the same problem.  The main focus of them are the humans, their individual problems and how they deal with a Predator.

From my perspective anyway, the big question that set up leads to is…

Who cares?

The glimpses of the Yautja technology and culture presented in the films showed a complex and advanced culture.  Focusing on human foes, soldiers or otherwise, created a bunch of generic “Man versus Monster” comic book stories.

Several of the early ones were the tales of New York Detective Schaefer, the brother of the star of the original Predator film trying to find out what happened to his lost sibling.  This was likely due to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s likeness being more expensive to license than  the rest of the franchise. 

Let’s face it, while Arnold was awesome on screen, Dutch was pretty much two dimensional by design.  Making a  four color clone of that character didn’t add a lot of depth. It’s no wonder his story never came to a satisfying conclusion.

The origin story (called Predator 1718 by Gilroy and Kordey) of the 1715 Flintlock pistol Harrigan receives at the end of Predator II is short but stands out as one of the better ones. The reason- its more about the Predator and the honor within its culture as it interacts with the pirate captain than it is about the humans.

The Yautja society and individuals would get a greater focus in comics, however.  Oddly, it came out in cross overs with other big name characters far more than it did in their solo stories.

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