Thursday, September 11, 2014

Litany of Godzilla Index

An easy way to get around my obsessively over long Kaiju writing...

and perhaps get me some sleep.

Showa Series: The classics, ranging from dark to goofy
 that introduced us all to the King of Monsters.

[Later Note: These were originally written when the only access to the films were the U.S. dubbed versions. Now that original Japanese transfers with subtitles are available, I have learned the dubbed version sometimes changed professions, 
interpersonal relationships, and planets of origin.]

(Rodan, Mothra etc. made here)

Heisei Series: More serious and complex,
 they ignore all previous movies except the 1954 one and 
move forward with a continuing storyline throughout.

(Rebirth of Mothra films made here)

Millennium Series: All new pot of crazy, each ignores all previous outings except the 1954 one… except for the times they don’t.

Godzilla - the gift that keeps on giving:

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