Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Tingler Through a Kid’s Eyes

 It’s Halloween time, so lets make with a monster movie!
I was going to point out the real monsters were those with influence, almost all of whom are vaccinated (often by their company's mandate),  telling others to take a stand against a safe and effective method of promoting public health and safety for the greatest number of people (used since the 1800’s, and how our society gets rid of diseases, including viruses) for their own gain.

I could also point out that requiring vaccines is much closer to having traffic laws than any kind of rights infringement. I've had (some relatively new, at the time) vaccines mandated at my job just to VISIT cardiac cath labs, never mind work in healthcare.  And those were to protect others, not myself, like the masks doctors wear are. Kind of like how they recommend flu shots for those in contact with people more at risk from the illness. (Recommend vs require, because the flu is much less deadly than Covid.)
But, It was our 20th anniversary earlier this week, and I'm taking off tomorrow...
Because I can't read a calendar.
I love you Rosa.
Therefore, I’d rather have fun instead of getting myself angry again.

But before the fun: Get vaccinated, and wear a mask inside in crowds. It's not all about you, its about everyone working together to reduce the statistical likelihood of those who can't fight it on their own getting it.  Just because some rules / behaviors don't make sense, it doesn't invalidate the statistical reduction of the methods. "Being brave and free" by refusing vaccines and masks is the same as "being brave and free" by running all the red lights. There's a reasonable chance you'll be OK, but the statistical likelihood of you, or more importantly someone else, ending up hospitalized or dead is much greater.

Anyway- Back to fun!

                                                   The Tingler 1959

Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Return of Muppet Mirth and Mayhem

I have gone on at length (or perhaps overlength) about the importance of the classic Muppets.

I have also griped, grouched and complained about recent Muppet versions not being true to the classic vision.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Come and HELP the Garden Grow (Again)


For those who don't need my personal pep talk to help the Magic Garden come back, or don't care about my random babbling about how much the show meant to me, click the banner under the blog subtitle above, or the show's title here, they go straight to their funding site.

The Magic Garden was as important a part of my (and many others') childhood as Sesame Street or the Electric Company.  

And now we all have a chance to help bring it back in an adorable animated form.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Family Fairytale Foolishness


I had plans to delve into my Minecraft world creation as a short filler post. Looking over the years of obsessions with decorative tunnelling in both my creative and survival worlds, any hopes of "short" vanished immediately. 

Then I remembered my nephew's Minecraft story. When I went looking for it, I found his "fractured fairy tale" instead,  which is a much better representative of showing the family genes shining through.  It has Minecraft references too.

He wrote this in second grade.  N-joy!!!