Monday, May 30, 2016

Rebels Pre Series Shorts

Four Episodes  Aug 11 2014- Sept 1 2014

We meet the starship Ghost and its crew of Hera, Kanan and their droid Chopper, probably.

1. The Machine in the Ghost

Sabine paints some imperial stuff...or something

2 Art Attack 

Zeb picks a fight, or tries to avoid a fight and fails. I'm pretty sure Zeb fights someone.

3. Entanglement

Ezra is introduced...likely with some kind of desert / orphan Skywalker homage.

4. Property of Ezra Bridger"

OK I admit it. I never saw these.  Before I figured out what they were, they vanished off "on demand" and I was too busy and lazy to look them up on YouTube because even I need to sleep sometimes.

There, you've exposed my inadequacies, 

I hope you're all happy.

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