Monday, May 16, 2016

Clone Wars Season Five

20 episodes, September 29th 2012 to March 2nd, 2013

First episode Out of order, should be right before #14 this season.  The psycho Zabrak brothers from Dathomir kill civilians, Jedi, and pirates en masse. But an Obi Hondo team up is too much for em.

1. Revival

Ani, Obi, Rex and Ahsoka train rebels against the separatists.  Ahsoka stays behind ‘cause her boy is there.  He’s got less stupid but also got a new girl. She’s almost as cool as Ahsoka, to cool to survive in fact. Her brother more than makes up for the stupid.  Hey its Saw Guerrerra!  He'll be back in Rebels and Rogue One.

2. A War on Two Fronts
3. Front Runners
4. The Soft War
5. Tipping Points

Ahsoka and R2 take younglings with goofy names to meet Yoda for Yodaish advice, 1000 year old David Tennant Droid for lightsaber building, and Hondo for an amazing amount of lessons.  Oh, and there’s a circus.

6. The Gathering
7. A Test of Strength
8. Bound for Rescue
9. A Necessary Bond

R2-D2 teams up with QT-KT, a pair of other Astromechs and a pit droid to go on a James Bond like mission working for an arrogant little froggy dude and saves the Republic…No really. That’s what happens.

10. .Secret Weapons
11. A Sunny Day in the Void
12. Missing in Action
13. Point of No Return

Almost every bad guy group who is mad at Obi team up, then get into villain squabbles leading to criminal empires, civil war on Mandalore, a tragic end to the Obi and his squeeze story, and an epic duel for control of the Sith.

14. Eminence
15. Shades of Reason
16. The Lawless

Explosion at the Jedi Temple! Detectives Ani and Ahsoka solve the case.  But when Ahsoka is framed for being the mastermind, can Ani, Padme and even Ventress working together save her?

17. Sabotage
18. The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
19. To Catch a Jedi
20. The Wrong Jedi

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