Monday, May 2, 2016

Clone Wars Season Three

22 episodes: September 17th 2010 to April 1 2011

Half way through: Time jump
 New outfits for Ani, Obi, Ahsoka, almost no more out of order episodes.

Season 1 ep 5 goes between 1)Clone cadets trained by Shak Ti  and 2) Rex Cody Ani and Obi help Shak and clones defend Camino (Crying moments at end of both)

1. Clone Cadets
2. ARC Troopers

Back story of how Bail and Jar Jar negotiating and a Jedi you don’t know’s last stand set up saving the Twi’lek planet. (Before Season 1 #19)

3. Supply Lines

Baron Papanoida kicks butt on Tatooine, Ahsoka and Chuchi do the same on a Nemoidian ship  (Meet Miss Chuchi in  Season 1 episode 15)

4. Sphere of Influence

Padme and then Ahsoka are awesome helping the Duchess (Obi’s squeeze)

5. Corruption
6. The Academy

Ahsoka and Padme versus Aura Singh on Alderaan.

7. Assassin

R2 and 3POs wacky adventure

8. Evil Plans

Obi & Quinlan Vos go to Hutt planet, fight Cad Bane. Sy Snootles sings. Many Hutts including Jabba’s giant grandma…um…Hutt.

9. Hunt for Ziro

Padme story, mostly senate. Action with Killer Vacuum cleaners and bounty hunter ducks – comes before Season 2 Ep 15.

10. Heroes on Both Sides
11. Pursuit of Peace

Ventress fired. Goes home to witch family, makes bigger scarier yellower Darth Maul.  Ani and Obi along for ride. Dooku awesome. Many “Holy Crap” moments

12. Nightsisters
13. Monster
14. Witches of the Mist

Outstanding!  Ahsoka and Obi go with Ani to weird mystic force planet where he learns of balance, the force and destiny in much cooler and better ways than Episode 3. Real Qui Gon & Shmi voices too!

15. Overlords
16. Altar of Mortis
17. Ghosts of Mortis

Many WHOAH-COOL moments. (Good season, eh?)  Ani, Obi, Ahsoka, R2, and clones including Rex, Cody, and Fives & Echo (from Season 3 Ep 1&2) go to inescapable prison to rescue Evan Piel and a surprise guy from the original trilogy.

18. The Citadel
19. Counterattack
20. Citadel Rescue

Ahsoka captured by redneck Trandoshans who hunt Padawans and other people for sport. She gets large, familiar  furry help.

21. Padawan Lost
22. Wookiee Hunt 

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