Monday, May 9, 2016

Clone Wars Season Four

22 episodes: September 16th 2011 to March 16th 2012

Ani Padme Ahsoka and Kit help Ackbar’s fish people against Squid people aided by shark guy and his cyborg giant jellyfish and krakenmobiles.  Setting adds much visual interest to a straightforward battle story.

1. Water War
2. Gungan Attack
3. Prisoners

Ani and Padme go to Naboo to deal with evil witch doctor Gungan.  Goes form goofy to dark pretty quickly.

4. Shadow Warrior

Artoo and Threpio have funny adventures with a series of ridiculous aliens.  Commander Wolffe, Plo and Aji Gallina cameo.

5. Mercy Mission 
6. Nomad Droids 

Ani pulled away from a giant invasion.  General Buttface takes over, Rex ,Fives and the rest of the 501st show courage honor and awesomeness

7. Darkness on Umbara
8. The General
9. Plan of Dissent
10. Carnage of Krell

A resurgent slaver army is faced by only Obi, Ani, Ahsoka, Rex and R2…
They should have brought a bigger army.  Oh, and Plo is still awesome.

11. Kidnapped
12. Slaves of the Republic
13. Escape from Kadavo

Ahsoka meets a boy. Surprise! He’s stupid. Lucky for him (and unlucky for the gang of terrorists) she and Artoo are with him when he is stupid.

14. A Friend in Need

Undercover Jedi. Ani and Ahsoka get some moments, but mostly it’s the Obi in Disguise Show as they try to stop a plot to capture the chancellor in various sneaky, non sneaky and violent ways.

15. Deception
16. Friends and Enemies
17. The Box
18. Crisis on Naboo

Bad Guy Party!  Fights between Sith, Tattooed Horn Headed Assassins, Night Witches, Bounty Hunters, Battle Droids, Zombies, Ninjas and Talking Snakes. All builds to the last part where Obi teams up with an old enemy to fight a new enemy and a not dead anymore enemy. Woo!

19. Massacre
20. Bounty
21. Brothers
22. Revenge

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