Monday, November 29, 2021

X-Bits 3

X-men Age of Apocalypse:
While I like the gang moving towards the classic Animated Series team, I still say it is a shame they killed off all the cool characters from First Class to get there.
This one is just as long as the previous outing extended cut was, but with only one plot. I thought it was dense enough to handle it, but I can see why it caused complaints. 

The Stryker kidnap stuff does feel tacked on, but it also gave us a final unleashed Wolverine in the main continuity, so it’s totally worth it. 
Honestly, I’d have been happy with a whole film about all those unique characters in the Ancient Egyptian setting.
Wow, this entire franchise is all about absorbing, duplicating or stealing super powers, isn't it?
Poor Cyclops, overshadowed by Wolverine in the original films, and now:  His older brother role is swapped with Havok, his close confidant with Professor X role taken by Hank, and his “original X-man and mentor” role taken by Raven.  

And Cyclops's eyes don’t shoot heat, dang it!!!!  It is a concussive beam that the extradimensional portal in front of his eyes gets power from sunlight to open and release. How hard it that to remember?
Loving the relevant Star Trek episodes playing in the background of these films.
This movie has the best speedster scenes in the history of movies and TV. Nothing else comes close.  No arguments will be entertained.
Y’know, if you spliced together all the Magneto parts from the past three films, and stopped before his Polish family was killed, you’d get a cool, Rise, Fall, and Refusal of Temptation story with a sweet ending.  I still does work as Magneto having a full arc, with highs and lows along the way. However, I like happy endings and think Erik should have been retired in Poland with his new family at the end.
Logan gets more “ripped” in every movie he’s in, likely due to the workout and diet regimen required as Hugh Jackman aged. It’s nice to know if someone paid me to stop working completely and focus on exercise, I could look like that.
Nightcrawler is all mopey again, and Beast hides his true-blue self.  Why is it so hard to understand those characters revel in their fuzzy appearance? I totally would. (And do come to think of it. No honey, it’s not time to trim my eyebrows again yet.)
I know I’ve mentioned others, but since Stan Lee is with his wife Joan in this one, it is truly my favorite cameo of his.
The film calls attention to the passage of time, referencing Cuba from First Class, Quicksilver’s last appearance and Moira not looking older. The “period piece” X-men series works just like the comics.  Everything happened, and there’s no way the timing makes sense. Just go with it.
I think this continuity shows Erik and Charles rubbing off on each other really well. Magneto is clearly more of an ally than the original films…and after multiple movies of saying “We do not do that Erik” when Erik is all for taking out their enemies, this time the X-men work together to completely obliterate the outing’s villain.
Jean is set up as the Big Gun of the team with unfathomable power she can finally use effectively in this film. Then they stumble backwards to the “poor girl who can’t control herself in the final outing. The movie even ended with comic accurate uniforms. Why did it go so wrong?  Poop.


Besides What If? Marvel is known for another “alternate” story type- “The End.” These are one hypothetical path of a “last hurrah” for the character, like Robin Hood shooting his final arrow. They’re full of all kinds of continuity references, and are usually a cool story.  In my head, that’s what this is. It’s one possible future ending for Logan, but by no means canonical. That’s the happy ending in Days of Future Past.
Dafne Keen is totally awesome in this. She’s sixteen now. She could play Laura in an “All New Wolverine” based series of films. The comics had fantastic crossovers with Deadpool and Kate Bishop, both of who are available now.
How do you know Wolverine is truly a hero despite his protests?  Because when he’s terrified of all their safety from the government and pissed at the boat salesman, he’s still polite and friendly to the border guard he knows.
This “The End” works so well, because that version of Professor X developed the strongest bond with Logan out of all of his other students. Wolverine caring for him is the natural conclusion.  

Patrick Stewart clearly had a blast in the scenes where he needed to be difficult.
The Professor using his abilities with the horses was a beautiful demonstration of the times an elderly patient losing their sense of self has a moment of clarity.
Honestly, Wolverine has frequently been dead before. They could say the serum kicked into high gear again after he was buried and bring him back in a follow up to this story, with almost no effort.

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