Thursday, November 18, 2021

Some Comics for the Season...that ended a while ago.

I probably should have done this last month, but frankly monsters and stuff are important in my life year round.

Normally, I'm not too big on crowdfunded stuff.
Not counting trying to bring back one of my favorite childhood shows of course.

However, sometimes one finds an idea that speaks to one's core beliefs.

And other times, like this time, one finds evidence that a writer is clearly on the same wavelength as one's self.

While trying to get better at twitter (it only took me ten years to get a hundred followers), I stumbled upon Drew Edwards live tweeting through various horror franchises. 

In between were ads for his fundraiser for a crossover comic starring Lucy Chaplin-Science Starlet.  I learned later, this character was based on his wife.

As I am an incurable romantic, that added to the appeal.  

What really caught my attention was how, within a couple of days, he worked his way through the most awesome film in the history of cinema, Evil Dead 2, and another comedy horror sequel that is near and dear to my heart, C.H.U.D. II- Bud the Chud. 

As someone with a clear understanding of my favorite combined genre, I was motivated to check out his work.  Lucy Chaplin usually appears with Halloween Man.  He's kinda like Blade (if you squint), but literally half zombie instead of with a vampire connection. Also the comics have more of the standard super hero motifs going on.

In other words its a mix of super hero, comedy and horror. 

It's like it was designed specifically with me in mind.

The package I picked out was the "classic monsters" set.  

This featured various Halloween Man stories meeting up with various beings from universalish horror, local legends and other crossovers. Additionally, there was usually some form of twist to keep it fresh and interesting.  He worked with different artists in the stories, but they all fit very well into the combined genres.

It was a great deal of spooky fun, whether reading the one shots, or the full mini series with the Invisible Man.  Mr. Edwards seriously understands all three genres and weaves them together into excellent and enjoyable adventures.

Also, unlike other self driven independent titles I've seen, one gets a feel of overarching continuity and continuing story lines.

They were a horror filled hoot!
Looking forward to further instalments, and glad I stumbled onto these.

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