Thursday, November 11, 2021

Two Seasons of Stargirl

 The second season of the Stargirl Television series ended.

Therefore, I'm going to talk about comic books. 

This should not be a surprise anymore.

When the series started last year, Anabelle and I watched together. As usual, I was complaining about bits that wasted cool moments from the comics being a life long Justice Society fan.  Coming into comics with library reprints long before I started my own collection, I've always had a soft spot for the Golden Age heroes.  Also as usual, Anabelle gave me a hard time, and told me to lighten up.

Then something fun (for me) happened.

I referenced the Stargirl comics, and Anabelle (a big fan of the character from the JLU show) was surprised that she had her own title,  and that they were in our home. (Neither should  have surprised her, but she had a stressful year.) 

Knowing the quality of that run, and the amount Courtney was in it, I placed the first Johns/ Robinson JSA trade between the two volumes of Stargirl. I told Anabelle they tied together, but she could skip it if she didn't like the story.  

Unsurprisingly she read all three books in very short order, asked for more, and worked her way through my entire Justice Society long box at the same high rate she read Sandman. 

While this did lead to more of her giving me a hard time- 
"Oh, Wildcat, the cranky old guy, is your favorite, 
I am shocked, shocked I tell you."

It also allowed some reverse poking fun.  

Now, as we watched episodes where teen angst would take the foreground, likely due to save budget on expensive super power effects, it was Anabelle who would complain that they were changing things from the comics.

Especially since Hourman was one of her favorites, she disparaged TV Rick's sullen, rude attitude a lot.

That's my girl!

It was a decent series overall. While it did run kind of slow, it was very nice to see some version of the characters I'd followed my whole life appearing on screen.

Anabelle was leaving for college, and didn't care about season two. I was busy with other things but from reviews I'd read thought it was worth checking out.

I did after several weeks taped, and much like all of the DC Animated shows, the creators learned from the first season and improved upon it.  

Including more flashbacks of the "old guys" JSA made me very happy, especially bringing in John Wesley Ship as Jay Garrick.

Jade used Green Lantern energy to make constructs! Not just beams!!!!

Eclipso was a terrifyingly powerful threat, and his ability to use his illusions to make people face their worst fears and the darkness within led to fantastic character studies.

The Thunderbolt brought much needed lightness to what could have been an exclusively dark season.

The Shade was a hoot, and should get a spin off.

By using the Crocks as more "rival" villains  (like Johns's version of the Flash's Rogues) rather than lethal enemies it brought another cool and fun dynamic.

Upping the number of heroes and villains running around created a lot more going on, and reduced the feeling of slowness from the first season. It's clear they couldn't support S.T.R.I.P.E. , Grundy, the Thunderbolt and other fully digital effects long term on a television budget. However, with everything running an once, the time between was fairly full. 

Lea Thompson directed a couple of episodes. I felt they flowed excellently and kept my attention the best out of all of them. It is time to grant her request and let her direct Howard the Duck's triumphant return to the big screen.

I am excited for Season 3 now! 

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