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Atlantic City Summer 2017: Day 6- Almost Blinded

August 11, 2017

These anniversary posts are getting less and less commemorative.

Here's our last day of the trip for post number 800.

We awoke early to try to extend our check out time.  A one hour extension is always allowed, but we learned there was also a double secret extension you could call for on your last day.

We were denied. 

I'm starting to think it was all a practical joke to make sure we woke up in time to make the single extended check out.

Most of the room was packed up, allowing a last dash down for some ocean time.  Rosa did a shortened cook time tan, I read a little, and Anabelle decided to build some regular sand castles instead of fake cooking.

She was amazed at how well the sand worked for construction given her previous exposure to filler grade in sandboxes and lake fronts she’d known.

There was time for one final swim together. The waves had escalated from “woo” to “rambunctious.”  Either that or the time of day changed the predictability and scale of the swells.  A giant buffet filled Anabelle’s ear and nose, and many of her and my attempts to swim on a wave ended with, “Ow, muh face.”

We rinsed off, packed up and made it back to the room with time to spare.  Seeing the large boat we were near as a small speck bouncing around made me realize how big the ocean is.

“No duh, Lake boy.”

Checking out and getting the bags to the car was a snap, because the slightly later check out let us skip over elevator rush hour.

Exiting onto the Boardwalk, after grabbing a macaron, led to us being greeted by another interesting entertainment source.  A fit, leathery individual was leading Boardwalk Zumba.  Rosa would have been tempted to join in if it wasn't a thousand degrees that day. 

Anabelle stopped to feed her addiction of Polish Water Ice samples for a last time, and also continued the tradition of nearly dropping it in her purse.  The Rainforest Cafe has become a staple of our Atlantic City trips, mostly due to Anabelle’s enjoyment.  Since her phobia of animatronics on the first trip there almost put her into a state of panic induced mental breakdown, I find this highly amusing. 

They seated us next to the fountain, removing me from almost all lunchtime conversations.  My hearing isn’t the best when I'm not next to several thousand gallons per hour, plus needing to use the bathroom even more often than my “keep Jeff alive” pills already require meant I often missed what I could hear.

The new ring shipment came in which was good as even though she started with two watch rings by accident, she was now down to none.  The regular watch ring seemed to run as reliably as a one legged steeplechase horse.  She traded it for a giant toucan, plus grabbed a peacock one, because SHINY BIRDS!

The sunburn around my eyes went nuts on one of them, leading to my daughter epicly creaming me in mini-golf. 
Rosa went for a last beach visit while we played.  I’m not sure how they did it, but on the beach you couldn’t hear any of the Boardwalk music, and vice versa.  Maybe those were really “sound dunes.”

We met up with Rosa and goofed around a bit by the Miss America Statue.  To allow tourists to look like she's placing the crown on their head, she is freakishly tall. This isn't obvious from far away, but close up she's Fifties horror movie fuel.

I got the third positive comment on my "Bow Tie Fighter" tuxedo t-shirt. None of the commenters noticed it was made of Star Wars pictures.

Sometimes, I don't know why I bother combining my weirdness facets.

We passed the Atlantic City Sexual Harassment memorial one last time and entered the Tropicana.
Really, would it kill them to paint the thing and make it obvious that she’s frolicking in a bikini with him instead of running naked in terror from the guy?

We used our comp pennies towards a Danish and more macarons. Hey, they’re not just different colors, but flavors too!  I guess I should have payed more attention watching Miraculous Ladybug.

Rosa found her missing goldfish machine downstairs in the smoking section.  She won three dollars on top of the five she started with, and vowed to bring a surgical mask to allow a longer play next time.

*hack cough spit*

Before leaving we had three traditions to keep up.

A) Remember to buy Rosa’s favorite snack of roasted nuts for the trip home.
B) Remember to take a picture by the lion fountain just before we leave.
C) Remember why we never filled our bottles at the water fountains we always see before leaving- it has nothing to do with taste…Oh yeah, they don't work. 

There was a brief stop at the Cheesequake rest area, the last of the decent sized ones before they transition into the small, dingy gas station model.  We didn't take much time there as we needed to shop for Anabelle’s “Endless Dinner” the next day before going home.

We set up for that, unloaded, snacked a bit and collapsed for the ridiculousness of Mystery Science Theater’s take on The Many Loves of Hercules.

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