Monday, September 24, 2018

Atlantic City Appendix One: Spring 2018- Almost an Extended Stay

April 1st- 4th 2018 

Due to limited other vacation time during the year, we originally planned a relaxing, week long, spring Atlantic City trip leaving following the completion of our family Easter gathering.

Until Mother Nature decided we’d have no spring this year switching us to rushing to a shortened trip as soon as everyone ate and Anabelle handed out her cookies.

Storms cancelled school semi regularly in March.   They also led to a mechanical oil borne pathogen spreading through our home.

The first storm related extended power outage revealed a blown switch in the generator junction box and an incorrect thermostat.  A couple of days later, the generator vomited oil all over the driveway, spreading the disease.  Luckily Rosa found a replacement that day, and I rushed home to unload it.  After remarkably not crushing myself to death underneath it as I pulled it out of the trunk, things were looking up.

Until my car caught the illness and died.  The last conscious act of the vehicle was to throw a giant metal rod it stole from a 1920’s railroad yard under the snow, insuring the snow blower blew itself out before we were done cleaning the driveway.

With Anabelle’s vacation shrunk, we took the new car to Atlantic City for a couple of days instead of a full week before anything else exploded.

Ri Ra was unceremoniously removed from our restaurant list permanently, as the Cuba Libre updated menu was an improvement over the previous awesomeness.
The dark, spiced rum flight I ordered to celebrate a promotion was quite impressive as well.

Itsugar returned to form, with our favorites back where they belonged.  Maybe the “icky dirty joke” candy stocks are much higher for the expected singles summer crowds.

That town really has no idea what it wants to be.

The lack of free Polish Water Ice samples on the chilly days reduced Anabelle’s enjoyments of our Boardwalk strolls, but being able to see the De-Taj-ing of the closed casino so they could turn it into a Hard Rock was pretty cool.

Anabelle did learn patience in two forms down at the "Family Fun Center."  She saved up her tickets after the first day, to get higher quality pieces of plastic crap when she went back the second day.  She also refrained from getting low quality pieces of plastic crap the first day and throwing them at the girl hogging one of Anabelle's favorite games and giving her dirty looks whenever she stood near it to wait for a turn. It would be cooler if the picture was of that game, but I still have a long way to go combining text with images seamlessly.

Mostly, we rested and played games when the room.  Outside we walked, and hit the restaurants we like down there.

It may have been the shortening of this trip that led to an even shorter follow up in the summer when we originally weren’t planning any.

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