Monday, October 1, 2018

Atlantic City Appendix Two: Summer 2018- Almost Didn’t Go At All

June 24th - 26th

We had plans for a long Denver trip, and no time to fit in any other extended vacations in the summer.

However, we’d all gotten used to some ocean time, leading us to squeeze in a couple of days before the summer dance classes started.

Cube Libre stayed at the top of the dining list. 

The dark, spiced rum flight I ordered to celebrate a dear Up the Lake friend reminding me you don't need a reason to order a rum flight was quite impressive as well.

The fancy Chinese place next door, P.F Chang's, electronically mocked us for leaving them years before.  They email me coupons several times a week, except for when we’re down there, when I get none.  Who knew restaurants could be so jealous?

We just missed the opening of the Hard Rock, but the multiple Boardwalk strolls allowed Anabelle to collect nearly a dozen Polish Water Ice mini spoons in only three days. Rosa and I had to run the occasional commando raid for her if the same server was working the sample table.  On one evening walk, we bought her a full one.  They apparently taste better in small doses on the teeny spoons.

We also cemented two new traditions in the same location. Guy Fieri’s barbecue place in the Bally’s Cowboy casino served up fantastic sandwiches a second time, and earned it a permanent spot on our list.   Boardwalk cupcakes in the same casino became Anabelle’s go to dessert spot, when not closed in the off season.

I also continued my tradition of asking the guy in the wine store what weird dark beers he had in the back fridge for me to try.  He’s a fan of superhero and horror movies as well, as evidenced by his reactions to my shirts. It reached a point where he said things like, “I wanted to recommend this one to you, but we were out last time you were here a few months ago.”  I call it social networking, as opposed to Anabelle, who simple repeats, “Stranger Danger!”

There was also a revelation before I was destroyed in another round of playing mini golf by sonar.  I am apparently allergic to the face sun screen we use.  This is why my eyes were frequently burned to closure.  The good part is I can save time now.  All I have to do is put it on my face and I turn red without having to spend any pesky time in the sun.

Not much happened, other than the sighting of a fruit strewn beach that indicated either one of the beach bars fancy drink ingredients were too close to the waves, or a Carmen Miranda impersonator drowned.  

Sadly, a kid made off with the whole pineapple before I could snap this picture.

In general, this trip and the one in April were short, completely uneventful vacations, providing well needed breaks.

Much like these last two posts.

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