Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Healing Power of the Iron Fist

The second season of Iron Fist clearly demonstrates why Marvel is winning the world building wars.

They know how to adjust instead of scrapping things and starting over.

I liked the first season, and viewed it as more the story of the Hand than of Danny.  Still I can understand the criticisms placed against it.

Instead of giving up, Marvel built on what worked and trimmed away what didn't.

The first season felt kind of padded and draggy over thirteen episodes- Season two tells a story in ten.

There wasn’t enough shown of the comic costume and K’unn L’unn-  now there’s more.

Danny is one of the less interesting members of the cast, with his innocent, moral guide character: he struggles a little-  Since that’s who he is, it remains. But Colleen shares the spot light at co-lead and Ward develops into a bigger role.

The best chemistry is between side characters- A much larger presence of Daughters of the Dragon!

The first season was overburdened with not only introducing Iron Fist, all his settings and his supporting cast, but fully fleshing out the Hand for the Defenders series. 

I thought it worked best as “The Hand Show!” but the main characters suffered for it.

This time around there’s room for character growth for all the principals, Davos, Ward and Joy had their own arcs.  Plus there was room for some new personalities.

Alice Eve was an outstanding addition as Typhoid Mary, a re-imagining of the comic character to fit better in the Netflix universe. 

This is why the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to rock. It follows the John Cleese self defense motto…

Adapt, adopt and improve.

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