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Treklets Season 3.5

The Empath - Mom Title: "Gem"

On Scotty using the Ritter Scale for cosmic ray concentration
“Is the Ritter scale a real thing?” *googles* “Nope.”

On the psychedelic teleport effect:
“Soul train!”

On Spock replying to Bones saying Gem looks “Harmless Enough” with, “The sand-bats of Manark Four appear to be inanimate rock crystals, Doctor, until they attack:”
Anabelle- “That is not a rock.”

On Gem’s outfit:
“I want her socks.”

On Gem’s home planet:
“ASL should have evolved there.”

On Gem’s name:
Doctor McCoy- “Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to call her Gem.”
Anabelle- “Why?”
Doctor McCoy- “Well, that's better than 'Hey, you.’”
Anabelle - *long blank stare*

On the Vians:
“They look like the butt head people.”

On Kirk giving exposition to the Vians:
Captain Kirk- “Since you already know who we are, you must also know that we come in peace. Our prime directive specifically prohibits us from any interference.”
Anabelle- “Why bring it up then?”

On Gem’s emoting:
“She's very dramatic.”

On the first wound Gem heals:
“It’s a cut?  I thought it was a leech.”

On McCoy’s explanation of Gem’s healing powers:
Doctor McCoy- “The wound is completely healed. It fits, Jim. She must be an empath.”
Anabelle- “That's not what an empath does.
It’s a good thing he's a doctor not a language arts teacher.”

On the discovery of the fancy lab:
“Doctor McCoy- “Look at this stuff…”
Anabelle- *Singing* "Isn't it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?”

On the position of the scientists in their jars:
Anabelle- “Tango!”
Rosa- “Flamenco!”

On finding tubes with the Enterprise command crew’s name on them:
“Aaaaaah!  It’s part of the great butthead conspiracy!”

On the crew seeing Scotty and a search party:
“No it's not. It's too early in the episode.”

On Kirk being captured in the beam in slow motion:
Rosa- *very fake and extended* “aaaaaah.”
Anabelle *singing* “I can go the distance!”

On shirtless Kirk’s complexion:
“That’s a lot of fake tan.  He’s brown.”

On the threat of the torture causing permanent insanity:
“Oh pick Spock, he’ll be fine. He survived that a couple episodes ago, just tell him he’s in a TV show.
Couldn’t Gem take the insanity out of him anyway?”

On Spock stating, “I will go”
Anabelle- “Yeah”
Captain Kirk- “The decision is mine.”
Rosa and Anabelle- “MWAH- HA HA!”

On McCoy injecting Spock:
Rosa- *evil snicker*

On McCoy’s extended goodbye and long look at Gem before going to be tortured:
Anabelle- “Just go.”
Me- “You have no sense of the dramatic.”
Anabelle- “Not in this episode, it’s boring as heck.”
Rosa- *sniffling* “No it isn’t.”

On Kirk going on the attack:
Captain Kirk- “The best defense is a strong offense,”
Anabelle- “O –fence?”
Captain Kirk- “… and I intend to start offending right now.”
Anabelle- “You look ugly in those shoes honey.”

On Kirk and Spock captured in the abrupt rainbow forcefield, preventing them from helping McCoy or Gem:
Anabelle- *Startled scream*
Me- “Not so boring now, huh?”
Anabelle- “Shut up.”
Rosa- “I think they're testing her.”
Anabelle- “Yeah, they’re definitely the Talosians!”

On Spock reminding the Vians that the planet is doomed:
Rosa- *dramatically booming* “Doomed I say!!!”

On Gem finally healing McCoy:
“Oh, she's gonna die.”
*the wounds fade*
“Oh, I don’t think so.”

On Kirk accusing the Vians of being nothing but intellect:
Rosa - *Great Guildersleeve voice* “We aaaaare?”

On the final exchange:
Doctor McCoy- “Well, personally, I find it fascinating that with all their scientific knowledge and advances, that it was good old-fashioned human emotion that they valued the most.”
Mister Scott- “Perhaps the Vulcans should hear about this.”
Captain Kirk- “Mister Spock, can you be prevailed upon to bring them the news?”
Mr. Spock- “Possibly, Captain. I shall certainly give the thought all the consideration it is due.”
Anabelle- “He feels no emotions my butt.”
Me- “He feels them, but suppresses them.”
Anabelle- “No no. No suppression there. That was pure sass.”

Elaan of Troyius - Mom Title: "Love Potion Tears"

On the historical reference in the title:
“Does this have to do with the wooden horse?”

On the Women of Elas:
Doctor McCoy- “Now the women, they're supposed to be something very special. They're supposed to have a kind of subtle, mystical power that drives men wild.”
Anabelle- “Kirk’s like, ‘here we go.’”

On Ambassador Petrie’s skin tone:
Rosa- “What’s with the wasabi guy?”

On the appearance of Elaan:
Rosa and Anabelle- “Its Cleopatra.”
Anabelle- “I bet he’s gonna kiss her at least once before the episode ends.”

On Elaan demanding Kirk ask for permission to leave:
“It’s his ship. Set her straight, slap her in the face, shake your butt at her when you leave.”

On Kirk standing up to her:
Elaan –“I did not give you permission to leave!”
Captain Kirk- “I didn't ask for any.”
Anabelle- “OH SNAP! That's better than shaking his butt.”

On Elaan stating, “We are interested in how the ship is used in combat:”
“I'm interested in what holds your outfit up.”

On identification of enemy craft:
Anabelle- “Klingons?  How did they recognize them from the spot on the screen?”
*The enhanced effect screen is shown*
Me- “That is a D7 k'tinga class battle cruiser.”
Anabelle- “Daddy had problems but we love him anyway.”

On finding out the tears of a woman of Elas will enslave a man’s heart forever:
“Uh oh. Is that going to happen to someone? Spock? That would suck.”

On the Captain taking control of her training:
Captain Kirk- “Like it or not, you're going to learn what you've been ordered to learn.”
Anabelle- “He should have gone in from the beginning…ooh, I want her headband”
*She slaps him, and the Captain returns the favor*
Anabelle-”Yeah. I’ve been trying to tell you to do that for *hits display button* 20 minutes and 24 seconds."
*Kirk ignores the knife thrown at him*
Captain Kirk- “Tomorrow's lesson will be on courtesy.”
*Walks out in exaggerated fashion*
Anabelle- “He shook his butt! I predicted everything!”

On the Enterprise security team skills when dealing with Elaan’s guards:
“Everyone who says, ‘Hey what are you doing?’ gets dead. They need more training.”

On seeing through a door in the back of Uhura’s quarters:

On Elaan lamenting her lack of social skills:
Elaan- “I don't know how to make people like me.”
Rosa- “Really?  Ya think?”
Anabelle- “She’s luring him.”
*Elaan sheds a tear on Kirk*
Rosa and Anabelle- “Aah!  Boo!”
*Kirk and Elaan kiss*
Anabelle- “Told you.”
Rosa- “Got you!”
Anabelle- “She's pretty. I wish she was nice.”

On Spock interrupting Uhura:
Lt. Uhura- “Bridge to Captain Kirk. Mister Spock, I'm getting…”
Mr. Spock- “I have it on my sensor, Lieutenant.”
Anabelle- “Geeze, Snotty much?”

On Kirk’s loss of command ability:
“How do you reverse the tears of awfulness?”
*the Klingon ship makes an attack run*
“Yup…yup. Figures.   They’re in troubleeeeee.”

On the ships warp drive:
Anabelle- “Why do they have anti matter?”
Me- “To create power by a controlled annihilation with matter.”
Anabelle- “How do they keep it from blowing up?”
Me- “They have shields, they make a force field.”
Anabelle- “But how do they start with the anti-matter in the first place.”
Me- “They create it in a shield.”
Anabelle- “Uh huh.”

On Elaan cuddling up to Kirk:
“She rubs his arm a lot. Is his shirt soft?”

On Kirk facing the Klingons:
“Is he gonna bluff?”
“Yes, yes he is.”

On Elaan coming onto the bridge in her wedding outfit:
Anabelle- “That would be a pretty dress if it had sides.”
*energy readings are detected on the ship*
Rosa- “It’s the necklace.”
Anabelle- “Are Troyans tiny and hiding in the necklace?”

On the Klingon demand that, “Surrender must be unconditional and immediate:”
“He's rude.”

On the Planet Troyius:
“Hey! It’s not earth! It’s brown!”

On Kirk’s recovery:
Mr. Spock- “The antidote to a woman of Elas, Doctor, is a starship. The Enterprise infected the Captain long before the Dohlman did.”
Anabelle- “That's true actually.”
Doctor McCoy- “Well, I doubt seriously if there's any kind of an antidote for the Enterprise.”
Mr. Spock- “In this particular instance, Doctor, I agree with you.”
Anabelle- “Whoah! That never happened before!”

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