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Treklets Season 3.7

The Mark of Gideon - Mom Title: "Empty Enterprise"

On the Enterprise with the crew missing:
“They’re all gone.  Dun duuun!  Aah!
They should know where he went. Didn’t they see this episode before? 
They watch Star Trek all the time.”

On Kirk noting, “I am alone:”
Anabelle- “And still talking to yourself.  Why don’t you use that communicator to try to find someone instead?”

On Spock asking to beam down and look for the Captain:
Ambassador Hodin- “Permission denied!”
Anabelle- “Oh snap!”

On Sulu saying scanning the whole planet would take years:
“Oh hey! Found him. End of the episode! Yeah!”

On Odona flouncing around the corridor:
“Who the heck is that?
 Oh boy. Random hippie lady on the Enterprise.”

On the Federation Bureau of Planetary treaties and Starfleet passing the buck back and forth:
Anabelle- “What the heck?”
Rosa- “Bureaucracy.”

On Spock navigating Hodin’s ridiculous line of reasoning to stop him from beaming down:
“He's great.”

On Odonna’s excitement about being alone:
Anabelle- “I bet she did it!”
*They look at the view port*
Anabelle-“Have they ever used that before?
*faces appear in the view screen*
Anabelle- “AAAH! They’re not gonna see it, are they?”
Rosa- “She wants to kill him so she can be alone.”
Anabelle- “Probably, she’s evil.”
Rosa- *Garbo voice* “I vant to be alone.”

On Kirk suddenly enraged that someone wants him to be content in capture:
Anabelle- “What the heck?”
Captain Kirk- “Did you kill them so you could have the ship to yourself?”
Anabelle- “Where would she hide all the bodies?
Maybe those green people put them there to watch like a soap opera?
This is a weird episode. I still like it though.”

On Kirk figuring out the plan was he’d fall in love with Odona and become a willing sacrifice:
“Yup. That's about it.”

On Spock beaming down to an empty bridge:
Spock- “An exact duplicate of the Enterprise. But completely inoperative.”
Anabelle- “See, Captain. He figured it out all on his own.”
Spock- *opens communicator* “Spock to Enterprise. Spock to Enterprise.”
 Anabelle- “See! That's what I said too. Use the communicator.”

On the whole, “infect our overcrowded planet with a kidnapped STD bearer” plan:
“The Gideonese people are mixed up.”

On Odonna’s apology:
Odona- “How can you bear to look at me after the way I deceived you?”
Anabelle- “’Cause you’re pretty. Seriously, have you met him?”
Captain Kirk- “At least you owe me the privilege of letting me look at you.”
Anabelle- “See? Same thing but he said it nicer.”

That Which Survives - Mom Title: "I am for Kirk"

On calling the investigative team a survey party:
“Whoop whoop!”

On Lieutenant D’Amato:
“Yay I remember him. It’s the same actor too!”

On bringing the pilot down to the planet:
“Why would they bring Sulu?  Oh yeah he’s a botanist.”

On the standard Styrofoam looking set:
“Hey, we beamed to that place again!”

On being marooned on the planet:
“Sulu’s like, ‘Oh man this hasn't happened since season one!’”

On Kirk’s testiness:
Mr. Sulu- “Once in Siberia there was a meteor so great that it flattened whole forests and was felt as far away as…”
Captain Kirk- “Mister Sulu, if I'd wanted a Russian history lesson, I'd have brought along Mister Chekov.”
Anabelle- Oh Snap! Rude! I'm upset at him now. Gonna get me some water and cool off.”

On the Enterprise position change:
Anabelle- "They got knocked out of orbit."
Lt. Rahda- “It doesn't make any sense. But somehow I'd say that in a flash we've been knocked one thousand light years away from where we were.”
Mr. Spock- “Nine hundred and ninety point seven light years to be exact, Lieutenant.”
Anabelle- “I was right. Knocked out of orbit.  WAAAAAY out of orbit.”

On Rahda already having Spock’s course plotted:
Anabelle- “She's good. I like her, does she come back?”
Me- “Nope”
Anabelle- “Poop.”

On the landing party organization:
“Why didn’t they bring any red shirts? The rest would last longer.”

On Losira:
Anabelle- “She's pretty.  Hey don't kill D’Amato.”
*she does*
Anabelle- “I told you they should have brought red shirts. Butterfly nuggets.”
Rosa- “They almost never kill the other colors.”
Anabelle- “Hey, did they forget she killed the transporter guy on the ship. What, no one cares about that creep?”

On Spock and Radha’s continuing dialog:
Lt. Rahda- “We're holding warp eight point four, sir. If we can maintain it, our estimated time of arrival is eleven and one half solar hours.”
Mr. Spock- “Eleven point three three seven hours, Lieutenant. I wish you would be more precise.”
Anabelle- “Maybe that's why she never came back?"

On Spock giving Scotty a hard time about the “feel” of the Enterprise:
“What is up with everybody today?
It’s like they went to a grudge planet.”

On Scotty asking an assistant to check the matter/antimatter chamber:
Engineer Watkins- “But, Mister Scott, the board shows correct.”
Mr. Scott- “I didn't ask you to check the board, lad.”
Anabelle- “See, everyone's so sassy.”

On Losira’s folding teleport:
“What the heck. What what what what”

On Spock’s interaction with M’Benga:
Doctor M'Benga- “…as to the cause, well your guess is as good as mine."
Mr. Spock- “My guess, Doctor, would be valueless. I suggest we refrain from guessing and find some facts.”
Anabelle- “Jesus! What is up with everybody?”

On Sulu standing guard while the rest sleep:
“He’s the only productive crew guy. He should get employee of the month.”

On Kirk’s first encounter with Losira after she’s injured Sulu:
Captain Kirk- “Hold it, who are you?”
Anabelle- I bet if it was a guy you'd have shot him.”
*she touches Kirk*
Anabelle- “Aaaaaah!”
Rosa- “He doesn't die because she’s not for him.”
Anabelle- “I know. I just like to scream... Aaaaaah!”

On Spock’s continued attitude:
Lt. Uhura- “Yes, sir. Mister Spock what are the chances of the Captain and the others being alive?”
Mr. Spock- “Lieutenant, we are not engaged in gambling. We are proceeding in the only logical way to return to the place they were last seen, and factually ascertain whether or not they still live.”
Rosa- *Huffs* “He’s a butt.”
Lt. Uhura- *Rolls eyes, uses ‘yeah yeah yeah’ tone* “Yes, Mister Spock.”
Anabelle- “Yeah sass him right back.”
Mr. Scott- “It's completely useless. The engines are running wild. There's no way to get at them. We should reach maximum overload in about fifteen minutes.”
Mr. Spock- “I would calculate fourteen point eight seven minutes, Mister Scott.”
Rosa- “Oh geeze!”
Anabelle- “Enough already.”

On Scotty’s assessment of the danger:
Mr. Scott- “This thing is going to blow up.
And there's nothing in the universe can stop it.”
Anabelle- “Yes, The magic of friendship!”

On McCoy wondering why Losira didn’t kill Kirk:
Anabelle- “Because she was, ‘For Sulu.’ Duh.”

On the Phaser on overload:
“What’s the big deal? It didn’t blow up anything. It’s like a smoke bomb.”

On Scotty in the Service Crawlway:
Anabelle- “That's just the Jeffries Tube with lights in the camera.”
Me- “That’s my girl!”
Anabelle- “How’s he going to fix it with a sonic screwdriver and a rubber stamp?”

On the Enterprise accelerating:
“They’re at Warp eleven point two!?
I'm sorry I was too busy making fun of Spock.
What the heck?”

On the service chamber energy going all over Scotty:
Rosa- “I feel a disturbance in the force.”

On Kirk calling back to earlier when the energy was repeatedly described the same way:
Captain Kirk- “Yes, Like a door opening…”
Anabelle- “And closing. Yes, we get it.”
Captain Kirk- “And there's this power surge, right off the scale. Like a door closing.”
Anabelle- “Mmmmmm hmmmmmm.”

On the impending danger of the Enterprise:
Lt. Rahda- “Warp thirteen point two, sir.”
Anabelle- “Holy Jesus!”
*Spock constantly checks hand held instrument*
Anabelle- “What is that thing Spock is fiddling with?”
Mr. Spock- “Reverse polarity on your magnetic probe.”
Mr. Scott- “Reverse polarity?”
Mr. Spock- “That is correct, Mister Scott.”
Mr. Scott- “That'll take some doing. *sags visibly* what purpose could it…”
Anabelle- “Oh my God. Scotty’s just sleeping now.”

On the cube projecting Losira:
“It's the Tesseract, does she work for Loki?”

On leaving the planet:
Captain Kirk- “Kirk to Enterprise. Five to beam up.”
“Five? Oh yeah that guy Spock brought. Where is he?”

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