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Treklets Season 3.6

Whom Gods Destroy - Mom Title: "LORD Garth Meets Green Batgirl"

On Marta saying he isn’t Governor Cory:
“Maybe he isn't. Dun Dun!”
*They see Cory in the cell*

On the “force field” outside each cell:
“What do those lights do?”

On Garth’s first of many tantrums:
“What in the living heck was that?”

On Scotty sending an armed detail to the transporter room:
“They're all gonna die…Or go crazy and then die.”

On relative rankings:
Marta- “…I am the most beautiful woman on this planet.”
LORD Garth- “You're the only woman on this planet, you stupid cow.”
Anabelle- *Points at Garth* “He’s got you.”

On Marta’s poem:
*confused look* “That's Shakespeare's”

On transformations:
“They must have used a lot of makeup to cover all that green when she played Batgirl.”

On Spock describing Marta’s seductive Orion slave girl dance as “the dances Vulcan children do in nursery school:”
Anabelle- “That!?!?!?”

On Garth’s proclamations and dinner behavior:
“Well… he's bonkers.”

On Spock’s reaction to the demand that he be called LORD Garth:
Rosa- “whatever.”

On Garth trying to get beamed up:
Rosa and Anabelle- “Why don’t they use one of them 'something is wrong' codes they used before?”

On Marta coming in to Kirk’s bedroom:
Rosa- “Kissy kissy.”
Anabelle- “Who has green nail polish on a prison planet?”
Me- “That’s her natural nail color.”
Anabelle- “Um…no.  It's polish.”
*Marta moves in closer*
Rosa- “See, Kissy kissy.”
*and pulls a knife*
Rosa- “Uh oh.”
Marta- “No, you mustn't stop me. He's my lover and I have to kill him.”

On Spock’s uncharacteristic urgency to get Kirk to give the countersign and leave while he remains behind:
Rosa- “Uh uh. He’s not Spock.”
Captain Kirk- “Scotty, Mister Spock will give the countersign.” 
Anabelle- “Ha ha. He’s smart.”
*Spock transforms back to Garth*
Rosa- “Wait, he did the pinchie thing. How does that work?”

On Kirk’s history:
Garth- “Now, it is true that she is deadly as a poisonous serpent, but she is also a beautiful woman, and you have held her in your arms, Captain.”
Anabelle- “That could be any of a number of people.”

On Spock feigning unconsciousness and being dragged by two guards:
Rosa- “He's going to do the pinchie thing with both hands.”
*He does*
Rosa- “Told you.”
Anabelle- “Well obviously.”

On Garth calling Spock, "not only more logical but more intelligent" than the Captain:
“Well that was rude.”

On Spock’s patience in determining the resolution of which Kirk is which:
“Is he gonna sit down? Because that would be awesome.”

On repeated themes:
“So this is… what? The eighth episode with two kirks fighting each other?”

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield - Mom Title: "Black and White Frank Gorshin"

On hailing frequencies:
Captain Kirk- “Lieutenant Uhura, try to contact them on command frequency two.”
Anabelle- “What happened to command frequency one?”
Lt. Uhura- “Aye, Captain. No response, sir.”
Captain Kirk- “Try all frequencies.”
Anabelle- “Why not try all frequencies earlier and save time.”

On timing:
Anabelle- “Is this the end of the five year mission.”
Me- “No it’s only the third year.”
Anabelle- “But the last season is almost over.”
Me- “They didn’t know it was the last season.”
Anabelle- “Ah.”

On Federation diversity:
Captain Kirk- “Do we have any knowledge of a planet that could have produced such a race of beings?”
Anabelle- “Racist much?”
Mr. Spock- “All gradations of color from black to brown, to yellow to white are genetically predictable. We must therefore conclude that this alien is that often unaccountable rarity, a mutation, one of a kind.”
Anabelle- “Have you seen a zebra?”
McCoy- “I've never worked on anyone like him or anything like him.”
Anabelle- “Any THING?  Rude!”

On switching viewpoints from the front to the back of the bridge:
Me- “Um…that’s not Chekov.”
Anabelle- “Um…no it isn’t.”

On Bele arriving:
Rosa- “He’s different on the other side of his face.”

On Kirk refusing to take sides or turn over Lokai because there are no treaties in place:
“Due process! 14th amendment!”

On Bele’s condemnation of Lokai as, “You insane, you filthy little plotter of ruin. You vicious subverter of every decent thought:”
Anabelle- “That’s an interesting insult there.
*sings* Why can't we be friends…”

On the chase lasting fifty thousand years:
“Oh my gosh!”

On geometry:
Bele- “You are being obtuse, Captain.”
Anabelle- “No I'm being acute…or maybe isosceles.
Wait, that's not an angle.”

On the activation of the destruct sequence:
Anabelle – *Raises eyebrows up and down, winks a lot* “Wink-wink!”
Captain Kirk- “From five to zero, no command in the universe can prevent the computer from fulfilling its destruct orders.”
Computer- “Fifteen seconds”
Captain Kirk- “You can use your will to drag this ship to Cheron. But I command the computer. Mine is the final command.”
Anabelle- “Get off the ship! Aah! We're all gonna die!”

On the padding in this episode:
“Daddy, wake up!”

On Cheron racial diversity:
Spock- “The obvious visual evidence, Commissioner, is that he is of the same breed as yourself.”
Anabelle- “No he isn’t, you fools. Look at him.”
Bele- “Are you blind, Commander Spock? Well, look at me. Look at me!”
Anabelle- “Thank you.”

On Roddenberry’s vision:
“I thought racism doesn't exist in Star Trek, haven't you seen these people?
Or do they mean on earth?

On Planet configurations:
Anabelle- “That’s Earth.”
Mr. Scott – “We're orbiting Ariannus, sir.”
Anabelle- “Again.  Earth.”

On the episode in general:
“It’s kinda boring, kinda not. I’m kinda into it, but should go a little faster.”

On Lokai calling Bele, “You half-black:”
Anabelle- “Isn't he also half black?”

On Bele relinquishing control:
Captain Kirk- “Will you return the Enterprise to my control?”
Rosa- “Maaaaaaaaybe.”
Bele- “Why not?”
Anabelle- “That was a weird face.”

On clarification:
Bele- “My people, all dead?”
Captain Kirk- “Yes, Commissioner, all of them.”
Lokai- “No one alive?”
Anabelle- “No dummy, dead means, ‘not alive.’”

On the fading of ‘kinda into it’ during the ending running scenes:
“There was twenty minutes left thirty five million years ago!”

On the Enterprise’s ending course:
“Why are they going back to Star Base 4? There’s no one to bring there now.”

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