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Treklets Season 3.8

The Lights of Zetar - Mom Title: "Scotty’s Girl with Rainbow Eyes"

On Scotty using, “You're the sanest, the smartest, the nicest woman that has ever come aboard this ship,” to describe Lieutenant Mira Romaine:
Anabelle- “I’m betting she won't be sane for long.”
Rosa- “Awwwww, is that his girlfriend?”

On Kirk’s assessment, “When a man of Scotty's years falls in love, the loneliness of his life is suddenly revealed to him:”
Anabelle- “That's rude.”

On the scanning results:
Mr. Sulu- “Captain, I'm picking up a high intensity reading.”
Captain Kirk- “Is that Memory Alpha?”
Mr. Sulu- “No, sir.”
Rosa- “No it's Memory Beta.”
Me- “That’s the name of the online database of non-cannon Star Trek information.”
Rosa- “I’m done.”

On Kirk’s assertion that no natural phenomenon can move faster than the speed of light:
Anabelle- “This one can.  Ooh. Another space cloud. Haven't seen that in a while.”
Rosa – “Their reactions are all, “Oh how pretty,” then *WHAP!*”

On Mira’s weird gurgling noises:
“Now she throws up the lights of Zetar?”

On Mira complaining about being kept in sick bay:
Anabelle - “God, she's annoying.”
Mr. Scott- “…And this is just getting used to what you might call your space legs.”
Anabelle- “Space Legs?  Seriously, who calls it that?”
Rosa- “Wow, those are some fake eyelashes.”

On the revelation that Memory Alpha, the storehouse of all Federation knowledge has no shields:
Anabelle- “What the heck?  Who wrote this?”
Me- "Shari Lewis"
Anabelle- “Blank Stare*
Me- “Lamb Chop…the puppet show with ‘The Song that Doesn’t End.’”
Anabelle- “That figures.”
(Note- she has since seen her on The Nanny)

On the dead Starfleet officers at Memory Alpha:
Anabelle- “Oh, look it's one of those things.”
Rosa- “People.”
Me- “Andorians.”
Anabelle- “Whatever.”

On Scotty’s goofy grin when he rescued Mira from the Transporter problem:
Rosa- “PFFT!”

When Mira manifests the lights again, and asks Scotty to hold her:
“Heh…Oh my gosh it’s the exact same shot.”

On phasering a cloud…again:
Mr. Sulu- “Locked in, sir.”
Captain Kirk- “Fire.” *Ptchoo!* “Reaction, Mister Sulu?”
Anabelle- “Equal to and opposite of the action, sir.
Mr. Sulu- “None, sir. They're still approaching us.”
Anabelle- “Oh well, fire again, this is annoying.  
I’d be an awful ship captain.”

On reviewing the tapes of Mira and the alien’s scans:
“Doctor McCoy- “Nurse Chapel followed this every step of the way. There can be no error.”
Captain Kirk- “Check it, Spock.”
Anabelle- *Starts Beat Boxing*

On the pace and content:
*Mimics snoring* “Do people like this one? Cause there’s nothing going on.”

On Kirk asking Zetar, “What are you?”
Anabelle- “The space cloud, remember?

On bringing the pressure in the chamber up to two atmospheres to get the Zetars out of Mira:
“Wouldn't that squish her?”

On the final line:
Captain Kirk- “Well, this is an Enterprise first. Doctor McCoy, Mister Spock and Engineer Scott find themselves in complete agreement. Can I stand the strain?”
Anabelle- *Applause* “I love him.”

Requiem for Methuselah - Mom Title: "Flint"

On the landscape of Flint’s planet:
“Ooh. Look at that pretty painting.”

On Rayna following them on the viewscreen:
“Ooh, she’s pretty…and look she's watching Star Trek too.”

On Flint’s lab:
“He’s designing Easter egg dyes.”
*Singing* “Here comes Peter Cottontail…”

On Spock playing a waltz after we just saw Evil Dead 2:
“There better not be any stop motion.”

On Kirk’s dismissal of concern about the waltz:
Mr. Spock- “Something else which is rather extraordinary. This waltz I just played is by Johannes Brahms.”
Captain Kirk- “Later, Spock.”
Anabelle- “Captain, its Spock. This is important!”

On Rayna coming to the door she’s not allowed into when she “would search herself:”
Anabelle-“Hey look, found the keys! Let’s go!”

On Rayna’s puzzled expression when Kirk kisses her:
*Bursts out laughing*

On Spock shooting the M4:
“Um…its back.”

On delayed realizations of Rayna’s fashion sense:
“I've been watching the whole episode but it’s just hitting me that that's a really funny outfit.”

On learning Flint loves Rayna:
“Ewww! That's mixed up. He raised her.”

On Kirk telling Rayna, “You love me, not Flint:”
Anabelle- “Is he trying to figure something out, or just smooching?”

On finding the “Rayna 16” sign in the forbidden room:
“What is that supposed to mean.”
*the others are revealed*
“What? She's an android or clone thing?
Well, that's not mixed up at all.
Why do they all look different?”
“This is probably why she's not allowed to go in there.”

On Flint’s revelation:
Flint- “I am Brahms.”
Anabelle- “WHAT?”
Mr. Spock- “And da Vinci?”
Anabelle- “Spock knew?  Of course he did.”

On Kirk’s checkered past:
Flint- “You cannot love an android, Captain.”
Anabelle- “Oh yeah? You should have seen what he did with those other androids. Woo!”

On the Enterprise vanishing:

On the final dust up between Kirk and Flint over Rayna:
Mr. Spock- “What will you feel for him [Flint] after we are gone?”
Anabelle – “Hate!”
Mr. Spock- “Captain, your primitive impulses will not alter the circumstances.”
Captain Kirk- “Stay out of this. We're fighting over a woman.”
Mr. Spock- “No, you're not, for she is not.”
Anabelle- “Sometimes you gotta love Spock. Actually all the time.”
Captain Kirk- “She's human. Down to the last blood cell, she's human. Down to the last thought, hope, aspiration, emotion, shes human. The human spirit is free. You have no power of ownership. She's free to do as she wishes.”
Anabelle- “That sounds like an awesome poem.”
*Rayna is constantly shown conflicted*
Anabelle -*singing* “Should I stay or should I go? Do do doo doo doo doo do.”
*Rayna collapses*
Captain Kirk- “What happened?”
Anabelle – “Nice going. Ya killed her.”

On Learning that Flint is now mortal:
Mr. Spock- “On that day, I shall mourn. Does he know?”
Anabelle – “He should become a poet. Poetry slam with Spock!”
Me- “That's next episode.”
Anabelle- “Yeaaas!”

On the episode’s famous ending:
Doctor McCoy: “Well, I guess that's all. I can tell Jim later or you can. Considering his opponent's longevity, truly an eternal triangle. You wouldn't understand that, would you, Spock? You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him because you'll never know the things that love can drive a man to. The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, the glorious victories. All of these things you'll never know simply because the word love isn't written into your book. Goodnight, Spock.”
Anabelle- “They should all be poets. 
Spock should be offended. He’s half human, dude.  
Spock’s like, ‘Guess I’m nothing then, I thought we were friends.’”
Mr. Spock- “Goodnight, Doctor.”
Anabelle- “Now he looks like a lonely guy.”
Doctor McCoy- “I do wish he could forget her.” *leaves*
Mr. Spock- “Forget.”
Anabelle- “Nooo! What the heck what kind of ending was that?
Now it's gonna happen again the next time Kirk meets a girl android.
*long thoughtful pause*
That explains a lot, really.”

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