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Treklets Season 3.9

The Way to Eden - Mom Title: "Charles Napier- Space Hippie"

On the new Communications officer:
“Who's that? Where's Uhura? Aww.”

On Doctor Severin’s followers:
“What the heck? Are those the space hippies?
 Spaaaaaaaace hipppieeeees!!!!!”

On an as yet unexplained reference:
“Who's Herbert?” 

On Irina:
“Chekov knows her?”

On a still as yet unexplained reference:
“Who's Herbert?” 

On Spock making the circle symbol:
“How does he know this?”

On the continued to be unexplained reference:
“These people are weird. Why do they call everyone Herbert?”

On Chekov’s past:
Captain Kirk- “One of those was in the Academy?”
Anabelle- What the heck?”
Mr. Chekov- “Yes, sir. She dropped out. She…”
Anabelle- “No duh!”
KIRK- "Do you wish to see her? Permission to leave your post. "
Anabelle- “YUH-EAH!”

On the first musical number:
“Oh God.”  *long dumbfounded stare* “Wha…”

On the reunion:
Mr. Chekov- “Irina.”
Irina- “Pavel Andreievich. I had thought we might encounter each other.”
Mr. Chekov- “You knew I was on the Enterprise?”
Irina- “I had heard.”
Mr. Chekov- “Irina, why?”
Anabelle- “That's all I have to say.  Just why?”
*the crew is staring at the two of them*
Anabelle- “Bwa ha ha!”

On delayed reactions:
“One of them was in the academy?  Hee hee”

On Kirk’s orders when he learns Severin is infected:
Captain Kirk- “Put him in isolation.”
Anabelle – “And get him some new clothes, because, ewww what the heck.”

On the piece of jewelry the woman hitting on Sulu is wearing:
“Is that soap?”

On Severin’s tirade against technology:
Doctor Severin- “Because this is poison to me. This stuff you breathe,”
Anabelle- “Called air.”
Doctor Severin- “this stuff you live in,”
Anabelle- “Also called air.”
Doctor Severin- “the shields of artificial atmosphere that we have layered about every planet.”
Anabelle- “And, also air.”
Doctor Severin- “The programs in those computers that run your ship and your lives for you, they bred what my body carries. That's what your science has done to me. You've infected me. Only the primitives can cleanse me.”
Anabelle- “Call that lady in the cave with the plants and woo!”

On Adam in Spock’s quarters:
Adam- “I was just thinking, I …*distracted by Vulcan lyre*”
Anabelle- “He’s like, ‘Hey an instrument! I must play!’”
Adam- “Hey, brother, do you play? Is it Vulcan? Can I try it?
“Oh ho, that's now. That's real now. I reach that, brother. I really do. Give.”
Anabelle- “I reach it too. It's not that high off the ground.”

On the badges Doctor Severin’s group wears:
“Why is there a fried egg on them?”

On Chekov telling Irina she could navigate ship from auxiliary control:
“That’s not good. Nice one Pav you told her everything.”

On Chekov and Irina’s passionate argument:
Irina- “I could never obey a computer.”
Mr. Chekov- “You could never listen to anyone. You always had to be different.”
Anabelle- “Oh snap. That’s offensive.”
Irina- “Not different. What I wanted to be. There is nothing wrong in doing what you want.”
*Chekov does what he wants…smooch*
Anabelle- “What…the heck?”
Mr. Spock- “I am not receiving, Mister Chekov. Spock to Chekov. Repeat, I am not receiving.”
Anabelle- “Oh he could be taking a pee break, Spock. Leave him alone.”

On the big jam session starting:
“What the heck?” *many constant repeats*
“Um…he’s wearing thigh high boots.”
*Spock enters*
“He brought the lyre! Woo!” *Starts to dance*

On Tongo Rad doing the nerve pinch:
Anabelle – “What??How??”
Rosa- “So, anyone can do that now?”

On Kirk admitting, “I used to get into a little trouble when I was that age:”
Anabelle-“You mean like last week.”

On entering Romulan space:
“Oh shoot! You're doomed. Nice knowing you all.”

On Adam’s tune in Auxiliary Control:
Adam- “Headin' out to Eden. Yea, brother. Headin' out to Eden. No more trouble in my body or my mind. Gonna live like a king on whatever I find, Eat all the fruit and throw away the rind. Yea, brother. Yea.”
Anabelle- *Bemused smiling stare throughout* “Yay. That was an interesting musical break.”

On Eden:
*From Space*
“Looks kinda like earth. What are the odds?”
*On the ground*
“Whoah.  Look at the painting.”

On Adam’s death:
“Nooooooo. I liked him. He was my favorite space hippie.”
“His name was Adam!” *Gasp* “Symbolism! Oh snap!”

On the Bridge farewells:
Mr. Chekov- “I was coming to say goodbye.”
Irina- “And I was coming to say goodbye to you. *smooch* be incorrect, occasionally.”
Mr. Chekov- “And you be correct.”
Anabelle- “Yeah, go back in the elevator, Herbert.”
Mr. Spock- “Miss Galliulin. It is my sincere wish that you do not give up your search for Eden. I have no doubt but that you will find it, or make it yourselves.”
Anabelle- “Let me join you!” *Epic Air lyre riff* “Spock the hippie!”
Irina- “Thank you.” *leaves*
Captain Kirk- “We reach, Mr. Spock.”
Anabelle “No you do not. You are not a space hippie.”

The Cloud Minders - Mom Title:  "City in the Sky"

On this week’s emergency:
“Another plague?”

On the appearance of Stratos:
“It’s on a cloud.  I get it. Ha ha.”

On the guard shooting the Troglyte:
“What the fudge?”

On the invitation Plasus extends:
Plasus- “Meanwhile, Captain, I would suggest that you and First Officer Spock be our guests on Stratos.”
Rosa and Anabelle- *singing* “Be our guest, be our guest…”

On Droxine’s “outfit:”
Anabelle- “Oh boy.”
Droxine- “I have never before met a Vulcan, sir.”
Spock- “Nor I a work of art, madam.”
Anabelle- “Bwa ha ha. He’s so funny.”
*A dagger is found in the wall*
Droxine- “How dreadful! They're despoiling the whole city.”
Anabelle- “Oh, I thought that was part of the art.”

On the headgear of the guards of Stratos:
“That’s a funny hat. Oh I get it, it looks like a cloud.”

On hearing Spock's thinking about Stratos and Droxine:
“He’s not saying that out loud.  That's a first.”

On some of the light up decorations:
“They predicted fiber optics.”

On Vanna sneaking in the bedroom to stab Kirk:
Anabelle- “There’s that art again.”
Vanna – “Call the guards if youre afraid, Captain.”
Captain Kirk- “I'm not afraid. In fact, I find this rather enjoyable.”
Anabelle- “What the heck? Oh my God, there he goes again.”
Rosa- *long huffff*

On Spock chatting up Droxine:
Mr. Spock- “The seven-year cycle is biologically inherent in all Vulcans. At that time, the mating drive outweighs all other motivations.”
Anabelle- “Hey! Call back!”
Droxine- “And is there nothing that can disturb that cycle, Mister Spock?”
Mr. Spock- “Extreme feminine beauty is always disturbing, madam.”
Anabelle – “What the heck is this garbage?”

On Droxine telling Vanna, “Your eyes are not accustomed to light, just as your minds are not accustomed to logic:”
Anabelle- “Spock just hit her with the anti-discrimination eyebrow.  Oh snap, you just got roasted.”

On Plasus claiming to have “completely eliminated violence” right before using a torture machine:
“Suture ya have.”

On Vanna in the painful ray machine:
Anabelle- “What are you doing?  Meanies.”
Captain Kirk- “Yes, but I won't stand by while someone is tortured!”
Anabelle- “Yeah!”

On Kirk’s expression when he beams up:
“And there’s the look of death.”

On McCoy’s analysis of Zenite:
Doctor McCoy- “But in its raw state, it emits an odorless, invisible gas that retards the intellectual functioning of the mind and heightens the emotional. Therefore, it releases a violent reaction.”
Anabelle – “Pfffffft. That makes no sense.”

On Plasus refusing to let the Enterprise supply the Troglytes with filter masks:
Anabelle- “He's a butt.”

On Vanna not believing Kirk will come back to help:
Vanna- “Hours can be centuries, just as words can be lies.”
Anabelle- “Are we back to the poetry slam?”

On Vanna revealing the Troglytes dig with their bare hands:
“That's how they mine? How do you break through rock with bare hands? I mean…its Styrofoam but still.”

On the Episode in general while everyone is in the mine:
“Sooooooo boooooooring.”

On the command chair control configuration:
*answering Kirk’s command while sitting on the bridge*
Mr. Spock- “Instructions clear. I shall carry them out immediately. Spock out.”
*pushes button on arm of chair*
Anabelle- “Aaaaaaaaaaah. Wrong button.  We lose more crewmen that way.”

On Droxine having the hots for a certain Vulcan science officer:
Plasus- “I forbid you ever to speak of Captain Kirk, or even to think of him.”
Anabelle – *sing song* “She's not thinking of hi-im.”

On Kirk’s patented chop flattening the enraged Plasus:
“Did he just kill him?”

On her own level of precision when reporting the time:
Captain Kirk- “Mister Spock, let's get that Zenite delivered. I believe we only have three hours left.”
Mr. Spock- “Two hours, fifty-nine minutes to be exact, Captain.”
Anabelle- “Oh yeah, that’s totally me.”

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