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Treklets Season 3.10

The Savage Curtain - Mom Title: "Abraham Lincoln"

On the use of stock bridge shots to reverse angle:
“None of their hands were in that position.”

On the blurry image before it is Abraham Lincoln:
Rosa- “It’s the TARDIS!”
Anabelle- “It’s MANOS!”

On it being Lincoln:
“Sulu’s like, ‘What the heck?'
But why are they so alarmed, it’s not like it’s actually him.”

On Kirk saying they can convert to minutes:
“Why do they not use minutes? They use hours.  
And they used minutes at the end of the last episode.”

On the planet having only a thousand square Kilometers that is earth like:
“Just there?”

On Kirk getting ready for Lincoln’s arrival:
Captain Kirk- “I don't for a moment believe that President Lincoln is actually coming aboard, but we're dealing with an unknown and apparently highly advanced life-form. Until we know, when in Rome, we'll do as the Romans do.”
Anabelle- “But he’s not from Rome. I don't like that saying. They never use it in Rome”
Captain Kirk- “Doctor McCoy, take tricorder readings and see if it is human. Appropriate ruffles and flourishes, Mister Spock. Security, stand ready.”
Rosa- “Ruffles? They have ruffles?”
*Lincoln arrives and removes his hat*
Anabelle- “The president has hat hair.”

On Spock’s description of transporter function:
“Sounds like Willy Wonka.  Hey, maybe Wonka was a Talosian.”

On Kirk’s introductions:
Captain Kirk- “Mister President, may I present my officers. Commander Spock, second in command, Engineering Officer Scott”
Anabelle- “Third in command.”
Captain Kirk- “and Security Officer Dickerson.”
Anabelle – “Like twelfth in command…if he’s lucky.”

On Kirk’s dismissal of security:
Captain Kirk- “Lieutenant Dickerson, you and your men may return to quarters.”
Anabelle- “And I'll return to dimes.”

On Scotty explaining Lincoln was “living rock” before beaming up:
“Maybe he came from the Memorial”

On the Captain’s Log about his thoughts on Lincoln playing over a bridge scene:
Anabelle- “Why is he saying this right in from of him.”
Captain Kirk- “And yet his kindness, his gentle wisdom, his humor, everything about him is so right.”
Anabelle- “Except that he's alive. That's a big not right.”

On Lincoln calling Uhura a charming Negress:
Anabelle –“Pfeh!!!!!!” *facepalm*

On the Vulcan’s learning to be delighted with what they are centuries before Earth:
“’Cause we're stupid.”

On Lincoln asking to see the Engine Room:
“NO!  Don’t you people pay attention to what happens on this show?”

On Surak’s dress sense:
Anabelle- “Bwa ha ha ha!”
Me-”Why are you laughing at the founder of Vulcan philosophy?”
Anabelle –“It's hard not to.”

On the appearance of the Excaliban:
Anabelle- “What in the heck is that?”
Rosa- “A pile of poop.”
Anabelle- *singing* “It’s a roooock monster!”

On the Excaliban’s timing of pausing:
Excaliban- “The word is explicit. If you and Spock survive, you return to your vessel. If you do not,” *pause*
Anabelle- “Then you don't. Duh. Why stop there?”
Excaliban- “your existence is ended.”
Anabelle- “Just like that time Captain Kirk made a bazooka.
I wanna see Abraham Lincoln kicking some butt.”

On Surak, any time he’s on screen:
*continuous laughter*

On the Excaliban interrupting his explanation to ask, “You find my body heat distressing, Captain?”
Anabelle- “What kind of question is that?
I'm going to ask the doctor that next time I have a fever.”

On Scotty learning there is four hours before ship blows up:

On Lincoln trying to tell Kirk he reminds him of General Grant:
President Lincoln- “Because you have qualities very much like those of another man I admire greatly...”
Anabelle- “John Wilks Booth?”
“Too soon?”

On the bridge crew following events on the planet on the viewscreen:
“They're watching Star Trek again.”

On Colonel Green’s motivation:
Colonel Green- “What do I get out of it? I fight for gain, Vulcan. What do I gain here?”
Anabelle- “A friend.”

On Surak yelling, “Help me, Spock!”
Anabelle- “Aaaaaah! He's dead! It's a trap!”
*Surak yells again*
Rosa- “Stop whining.”
President Lincoln- “We fight on their level. With trickery, brutality, finality. We match their evil.”
Anabelle- “Whoah! President’s getting evil. Woop woop woop!”

On Kirk explaining the superiority of good over evil:
“This is inspirational. How come nobody likes this one?”

On meeting their heroes:
Captain Kirk- “They seemed so real. And to me, especially Mister Lincoln. I feel I actually met Lincoln.”
Mr. Spock- “Yes, and Surak. Perhaps in a sense they were real, Captain. Since they were created out of our own thoughts, how could they be anything but what we expected them to be?”
Anabelle- “How did Spock expect him to be wearing such ugly clothes?”

All Our Yesterdays - Mom Title: "Spock Falls for Mariette Hartley in a Cave"

On Sarepeidon being Class M:
“Every planet they find is Class M.”

On Mr. Atoz:
That’s a creepy old guy. He’s obviously evil.”
*Mr. Atoz is there again in another room*
“How did he get there? Creeeeee-peeeee”

On Kirk asking Mr. Atoz, “Just how many of you are there?”
“Hey! He figured it out! He's finally smart again. It’s been a few episodes.”

On the Atavachron showing locations:
“Is this like the magic treehouse?”

On the Captain’s late season appearance:
“He's wearing a lot of makeup.  Geeze.”

On reused props:
“That looks like the same computer from the one with the cat that wasn't ‘Catspaw.’”

On Mr. Atoz yelling after Kirk, “You must be prepared:”
Anabelle- *Sings villain song from The Lion King*

On the pilgrim calling Kirk a slave:
“Excuse me?”

On the arctic location of Spock and Bones:
“Are they gonna find a man in an igloo?”

On Kirk learning the woman he helped is a thief:
“She was robbing him.  Wow. Nice job, Captain.”

On why Kirk can’t pass through the wall:
“You can't get back ‘cause you went through the reused prop.”

On McCoy’s plan for sacrifice:
Doctor McCoy- “Leave me here, Spock.”
Mr. Spock- “We go together or not at all.”
Doctor McCoy- “Don't be a fool. My hands and face are frostbitten. I can't feel my feet. Alone you have a chance. Now do what I say. Go try to find Jim.”
Mr. Spock- “We go together.”
Anabelle- *singing* “Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, Remembered forever, as shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom, chang chang changitty chang sha-bop, that's the way it should be, wah-oooh, yeah!”

On the covered appearance of Zarabeth:
“Hey it’s the Abominable snowman from Monster’s Inc. *imitates voice* Let's get snow cones. Woot woot!”

On Zarbeth’s cave:
“He lives in Heat Miser land.”

On the reveal that Zarabeth is a woman:

On Zarabeth asking, “What are you called?”

On Zarabeth revealing she loved books:
“Uh huh…Magic Treehouse.”

On the makeup acknowledging Vulcan physiology:
“My gosh! His nose has hints of green ‘cause of his blood.”

On the Pilgrims accusing Kirk of being a witch:
“No he would be…what’s that again? A warlock.”

On Zarbeth’s full reveal:
“Oh my God. She is not wearing that much clothes.  No wonder she needs that big coat.”

On Spock trying to logic out if he should stay with Bones or look for Jim:
“Oh Spock, you and your self-conflicts.  Your third season is starting to show.”

On the idea that they’re trapped with Zarabeth:
“Um, they were never prepared. Why do we need to watch the rest?”

On Kirk Captain’s Logging about witch trials in a jail cell in the past with no equipment:
“Excuse me???
Oh well, its Salem. Burn him at the stake.”

On Kirk’s escape attempt:
Jail Guard- “Give me your cup.”
*Kirk hands it to him then grabs him by the arm and pulls him against the bars*  
Captain Kirk-“Cry out and I'll break it.”
Anabelle- “Break what? The cup?”
Me- “His arm.”
“Anabelle- “Oh I was confused. Like, what does he care about a dirty old cup?”

On Kirk realizing he was not prepared:
“Thank you.”

On Spock telling Bones the Enterprise is five thousand years in the future:
“Well, we'll just have to wait it out.  Day one…”

On the start of Spock and McCoy’s problems:
Doctor McCoy- “I don't believe it, Spock. It’s just not like you to give up trying.”
Mr. Spock- “Then I'll repeat it for you. Get this through your head. We can't get back. That means we are trapped here in this planet's past just as we are, and we'll stay here for the rest of our lives. Now do you understand?
Anabelle- “Jesus, Spock, what’s got into you?”
Doctor McCoy- “Yes, I understand. I never thought I'd hear it, but I understand. You want to stay here. As a matter of fact, you're highly motivated to stay in this forsaken waste.”
Mr. Spock- “The prospect appeared quite attractive to you a moment ago.”
Doctor McCoy- “You listen to me, you pointed-eared Vulcan.”
Mr. Spock- “I don't like that. I don't think I ever did, and now I'm sure.”
Anabelle – “What the heck the heck the heck...”

On Mr. Atoz regretting what he has to do now that Kirk has come back through:
“Oh no.  He’s got a flashlight.”
*He stuns Kirk with it*
“OH NO! He's going to send him back to the atavablablabla!”

On Spock’s continued transformation:
Mr. Spock- “But insensitive, to send such a beautiful woman into exile. The cold must've affected me more than I realized. Please pay no attention. I'm not myself. I'm behaving disgracefully. I have eaten animal flesh and I have enjoyed it. What is wrong with me?”
Anabelle- “Spock, you’re scaring me today.”
Mr. Spock- “I tell you you're beautiful. But you are beautiful. Is it so wrong to tell you so?
Zarabeth- “I have longed to hear you say it.”
Anabelle- “Longed??? She’s known him for like a day.”
Anabelle – “AAAAAAAAH!”
Mr. Spock- “You are beautiful. More beautiful than any dream of beauty I've ever known.”
Anabelle- “A-Pfffffft! That's weird. I'm now emotionally scarred.”

On McCoy reminding that at this time, Vulcan was filled with warlike barbarians:
“Oh yeah before…what's his face showed up.
From last episode.
Scary clothes man.”

On the enhanced effects nova:
“Whoa!  There goes this planet.”

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