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Treklets Season 3.11

Turnabout Intruder - Mom Title: "Kirk is a Woman"

An episode so...
special, that it fills a whole post.

On Janice Lester’s first appearance and line:
Doctor McCoy- “Perhaps your presence will quiet her.”
Rosa- “He's her friend.”
Janice- “I hoped I wouldn’t see you again.”
Rosa- “Oh, an ex.  What are the odds?”

On one of the most infamous lines in the series:
Janice- “Your world of starship captains doesn't admit women. It isn't fair.”
Anabelle- “What? I thought everything was equal.
Why torture him because the Federation doesn't allow women?”

On the body swap:
Anabelle “Well, great.”
Rosa- “Ohhh, so she can be in…”
Anabelle- “Yup.”

On Shatner’s performance change once he is Janice Lester:
“Bwa ha ha!”

On Lester telling Kirk, “Now you know the indignity of being a woman. For you this agony will soon pass, as it has for me. Quiet. Quiet! Believe me, it's better to be dead than to live alone in the body of a woman. It's better to be dead:”
Anabelle- “Holy crap! Who wrote this one?
This is mixed up.”

On Lester’s habit of referring to himself in the third person:
“Why does he say Captain Kirk every time? That's a giveaway.
‘And I…CAPTAIN KIRK…will go to my quarters now.’”

ON Shatner’s handling of the hair brush:
“Bwa ha ha!”

On Coleman revealing Janice killed every one of her staff:

On Nurse Chapel’s appearance change:
“Whoah! Hair!”

On Kirk continuing to log strapped in a bed and sedated:
*facepalm* “No…just no.”

On Janice going about day to day business in Kirk’s body:
“How does she know everyone's name?”

On Janice’s pronunciations:
“The Captain says ‘two’ differently now, everyone should suspect.”

On Shatner’s over-exuberant way of sitting in his chair:
Rosa- *uncontrolled giggling*

On Janice’s attempts to command the ship:
“She's not a very good starship captain.”
*Spock corrects her repeatedly*
“Oh snap.”

On Shatner filing his nails:
Rosa *laughter*
Anabelle- “Not gonna say anything.”

On McCoy wondering if he can report the captain for instability:
“He’s extremely not stable. McCoy, get a dictionary and look up instability.”

On Shatner’s physical changes:
“He shakes his butt a lot more in this episode.”

On Janice logging in Kirk’s body about her evil plan, on the bridge:
“So…everyone just heard that, right?”

On McCoy questioning Kirk’s mental attitudes:
“It’s not his mental ness.”

On Janice punching out Kirk (in her body):
“What the heck, dude?
I believe Spock understands, ‘Oh brother he's possessed again.’
Because it happens…a lot.”

On the feet pushing shoebox thing in sickbay:
“How come that's all they do for physicals in the future? What do they even get from that?”

On the obvious solution:
“Is nobody going to ask a question only Kirk would know?”

On Spock saying many of those only "Kirk would know things" events have been recorded:
“In endless captain’s logs.”

On Kirk asking Spock, “What does your telepathic mind tell you?”
Anabelle- “Thank you! Finally someone brought it up!”

On Spock referencing the last time Janice decked Kirk:
Mr. Spock- “A repetition of your physical violence is not called for, sir.”
Anabelle- “Oh snap. He just dropped the ‘sir.’”

On the set up for the Court Martial:
“Excuse me.  This exact thing happened before.”

On Shatner getting more into his role:
“Wow. OK. The butt shaking is out of control.”

On Janice stating only Starfleet Command can take her authority away:
“No. Did you forget the conversation in that other scene?”

On the outfit Kirk is given for the trial:
“Nice dress. Just kidding, it’s kinda scary.”

On Janice tutting and shaking his finger at Kirk:
“Yeah that's not him. You all should know this by now.”

On Spock reminding everyone the crew has been witness to strange events:
“Sulu’s like ‘tru dat’, but Chekov is so frikkin’ confused.”

On the summation:
Mr. Spock- “No, sir. I shall not withdraw a single charge that I have made. You are not Captain Kirk. You have ruthlessly appropriated his body, but the life entity within you is not that of Captain Kirk. You do not belong in charge of the Enterprise and I shall do everything in my power against you.”
Anabelle- “You just got Spocked, yo!”
*Janice’s hysterical tirade*
Rosa- “Yeah…that’s pretty clear.”
Anabelle- “If Uhura were here this would have gone so much faster.”

On the rest of the command crew coming to Spock’s view:
McCoy- “I've been through this with Spock. He's not being scientific and neither are you.”
Mr. Scott- “It may not be scientific, but if Mister Spock thinks it happened, then it must be logical.”
Anabelle- “He's great.”
Doctor McCoy- “We're talking about mutiny, Scotty.”
Anabelle- “Not mutiny if it's not the captain.”
Janice- “Play the tapes of the conversation in the corridor.”
Anabelle- “Excuse me, you’re not allowed to do that.”
Janice- “Enough to convict you of conspiracy with mutineers. And you're so charged. The sentence, death. Mister Lemli.”
Anabelle- “Mutiny time! Get the sword, Sulu!”

On Sulu and Chekov ignoring Janice’s orders:
Rosa- “Nobody's doing nothing for you.”
Anabelle- “Aw yeah, Sulu!”
Janice- “You have received your orders! You will obey my orders. Youll be charged with mutiny! You will obey my orders or, or,”
Rosa- *High squeaky voice* “You will obey, you’ll be charged, waaaah waaaah waah.”
Anabelle- “They’re all so freaked out. This is the best episode.”

On Janice telling Coleman to kill Kirk, “for yourself:”
Anabelle- “That’s worse isn’t it?”
Rosa- “I know you love me. We’re meant to be together, smoochie smoochie*
Me- *Falls off couch picturing Shatner playing that scene*

On the contents of the medical lab:
Me- “Why does McCoy keep poop in a jar.”
Anabelle- “That’s a tribble in the jar.”
Me- “Holy crap I never noticed that!”

On the last flip between bodies brought on by over emotion:
“What on earth is happening?”

On Kirk holding Janice both back in their own bodies:
“Just drop her.”

On The final line of the series:
Captain Kirk- “Her life could have been as rich as any woman's…”
Anabelle- “Sexist much?”
Captain Kirk- “if only…if only.”
Anabelle- “That’s it?”

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