Monday, March 26, 2018

Treklets The Animated Series:

Season 1
Beyond the Farthest Star - Mom Title: "Giant Crazy Haunted Ship"

On the opening theme:
“That isn't the right music.”

On the forty second countdown:
Mr. Spock- “Nine seconds, eight…”
Anabelle- “No, I was counting.”

On Lieutenant Arex:
“What is that thing?”

On deciding to board the giant empty, derelict ship:

On the life support belts:
“Yay! They're getting better.”

On the analysis of the ship:
Mr. Spock- “The hexagonal shape of the windows suggests a similarity to natural insect designs of Earth, the honeycombs of bees. The individual cells are shaped precisely like this.”
Anabelle- “Oh great, bee people.”
Mr. Scott- “Would you look at this now? This metal, it isn't cast or rolled. It was drawn into filaments and spun.”
Captain Kirk- “Like a spider spins his web.”
Anabelle- “Spider people!  Get out of there!”

On animation discontinuities:
“The life support belts are gone. And why is Spock yellow?”

On the interface platform on the ship:
“It looks like Dance Dance Revolution.”
*the alien appears*
“Aaaah. Creepy thing!”

On Mr. Kyle manning the transporter:
*Long stare* “That's not…”

On the alien lamenting, “Don’t leave me alone:”
“Aw, it’s sad. Give it a friend. How about that Kyle impersonator?”

Yesteryear - Mom Title: "Spock's Childhood"

On D.C. Fontana listed as writer:

On the bird guy:
“What is that?”

On McCoy greeting Spock with, “Who's he?”
Anabelle- “Wait, what?”

On the confusion continuing:
“It’s time travel, you dummies.”

On learning of Spock’s fate in childhood:
“Oh my God he died!”

On the reputation of this episode as the highest point of the Animated Series:
“Oh is it?  This is gonna be a great show. Bird man sort of ruined it.”

On the Andorian Thelin knowing the Vulcan salute:
“Oh cool he knows how to do that.”

On Spock starting a personal log in the past:
“Great, he's gone nuts.”

On the Vulcan bullies:
“They're so mean!”

On Sarek telling adult Spock, “It seemed I know you:”
Anabelle- “Well I'm your son! So whassup?”

On Spock’s father’s explanation of the forge trial:
Sarek- “If you fail, there will be those who will call you a coward all your life. I do not expect you to fail.”
Anabelle- “Oh wow. OK.  So, no pressure.”

On young Spock scolding his pet:
Spock- “I-Chaya, go home. You are too old and too fat for this.
That's how you always get around mother, but it does not work with me. Go home, I-Chaya.”
Anabelle- “Boy Spock is a sassy little Spock.”

On the Le-Matya:
“That was Godzilla. It doesn’t look like him. But it sounds like him.
Kill him saber toothed teddy bear!”

On I-Chaya dying:
“Well, that's depressing.”

On Spock recording his thoughts:
“You can't personal log next to little you.”

On Spock’s return to the present:
“Peace out parents! Hee hee, they will never know.”

On continuing:
*Several weeks later*
Me- “How come you never want to watch the Star Trek cartoon?”
Anabelle- “Little Spock was the best one?”
Me- “Yes.”
Anabelle- “There ya go.”

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