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Grandma Treks Season 3

“You are not Morg, you are not Eyemorg” 
I don’t care what anyone says. I liked this one.
“It’s Spock”  Later “It IS Spock!   You go Girl.
Best Comment “ Probably that porcupine hat thing”

“Spock Seduces Romulan Commander”
What is funny is that back in the OLD days when we first saw this all the girls loved the extra little romantic tussle between Spock and the Commander even though we knew it wasn’t completely real. Anabelle ( young and more sophisticated than my age girls) finds it disturbing. So it goes, differences from one generation to the next are always the same.
Best Comment – *Extra Sassy* “mmmm HMMMMM.”

“Kirk Marries an Indian”
First & foremost Anabelle’s comment when Miramanee is dying “That sucks.”  is so accurate  as to the feelings of me and probably every other woman that ever saw this episode.  Also your comment on Kirk’s benchmark  for tragedy being “City on the Edge of Forever” is perfectly right and I think that sucks. He could have had a child and that child could have been the focus of another movie. How about this – That child grows up gets married and gives Kirk joy for his old age with Grandchildren.  I think, I’ll keep that in my head for the ending.

“Melvin Belli, the Friendly Angel”
On ways to deal with the children:   “Why has nobody thought of a smack in the face?”
Oh my God!! I love your Girl. That was the perfect response

“Intelligent Kaleidoscope in a Box”
This has all the perfect critiques of this episode and a great deal of humor with them. She hits the nail on the head with her conclusion that Miranda is already crazy.

“O K Corral”
Interesting… Dad and I thought “doesn’t have the belly for it.” was  just self-explanatory and apropos. And I don’t know the song “All in this Together.”  Shows the differences of generations.

“Klingons (Michael Ansara)  with Swords”
Rosa is right. There is always a “thingy.” There was alot of racial insults. Shows how fast things can disintegrate. Anabelle’s analysis are quite funny. “Joy to the World” very funny.

“Bones is Dying”
I love this discourse between the two of you. “On McCoy kissing Natira:  Anabelle- “Oh my God.”
And staying on Yonada Anabelle- “WHAT!”  And saying he was “Happy for the first time in my life:” Anabelle- “That was rude.”
This is the topper, I laughed a lot.  Anabelle- “As in the cure for zenoblablablavlavla.”

Vanishing Kirk
On Kirk saying he is dead. Anabelle- “I'm probably not but let's go with it.” 
She has great  COMIC Timing.  I really  like Scotty too.

“Famous Kirk & Uhura Kiss”
Don’t need Famous. I love the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum song. “Sneeze on them,”  She has the perfect solution – see I told you comic timing. One thing, my generation loved it when Spock kissed Christine.

“Speeded Up People”
I think this episode had its moments but Anabelle’s “Whoa, Oh snap” was a perfect laughable moment.

Anabelle definitely has an eye. They do “look like the butt head people.”  That’s our girl. I thought Gem’s dress was beautiful and Anabelle wants her socks. “Pure sass” a perfect definition. I always liked that whole ending discussion .                         

“Love Potion Tears”
This episode is much more entertaining reading it with your family’s comments.  I agree with everything.

“LORD Garth & Green Batgirl”
I think Garth’s tantrums were annoying but relevant and necessary in the show. But Anabelle’s “What the heck?’ was very apropos. “The pinchie thing with two hands,”  good observation Rosa.  Anabelle is right - lots of episodes with two Kirks- but I always liked two Kirk Stories.

“Black & White Frank Gorshin”
Really either of those two words would explain the show for me. Anabelle is a card “Why can’t we be friends” and “it’s acute or maybe isosceles, wait that’s not an angle,” and “Wink, wink.” Love it all. I always like this one. There is no explanation except for how much I liked Frank Gorshin and to a bit lesser degree Lou Antonio.  But then I can’t always figure why I like one episode more than another. Actually, even if I remember I didn’t like some episode so much, if it came on I’d watch it straight through.

“Empty Enterprise” 
She has Kirk figured out. She even complimented him on his answer at the end. You always forgive people you care for. As to the story, it was a bit odd and off kilter. “This is a weird episode. I liked it though.” She’s got it.

“I Am For Kirk”
Of course, I liked this one. Lee Meriwether – Yeah.   It was a twirling story and a bit confusing which is exactly how your blog made it sound and  so did  Anabelle.

“Scotty’s Girl  with Rainbow Eyes”
Anabelle’s “I love him.” is perfectly correct for every fan (maybe only female)  because Kirk has such great lines and delivers them so well.  This story is only great because everyone  (maybe only females) are happy Scotty is in love.  The rest has to be overlooked.  Also Rosa got some good ones in this.

“Sometimes you gotta love Spock.  Actually, all the time.”  What a girl!!! Spock’s “Forget” shows how deep his human side goes and how far he goes to keep it hidden from everyone. 

“Charles Napier, Space Hippie” (YEAH ! )
Some names are better than others. “It’s called air.” She is so articulate and gets right to the point. I love it.  Who’s (or What is a, as I would say) Herbert. She hits the nail on the head for this and everything connected with Chekov and Irina.

“City in the Sky”
I love her reactions to Kirk or should I say her huff.  It always makes me laugh. Of course, I loved all of that from when I first saw every episode.  I always thought Spock and Droxine really showed how you can be intrigued but then realize the bad of inequality.  Anabelle’s analysis of Spock’s look when she insults Vanna is perfect.

“Abraham Lincoln”
Anabelle was right  “this is inspirational” and VERY RIGHT about Sarek’s “ugly clothes.”  I always thought he looked funny, not laughable but incongruous.

“Spock Falls for Mariette Hartley in a Cave”
Anabelle’s reactions are tinged with her twenty first century intelligence.  Spock  being attracted to Zarabeth made us older people, when we were young, think it was romantic.   Spock’s mindset changes  were always interesting. On the other hand Anabelle’s singing  her, “…rana lama …..  ka dinga dong, ….. sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom, ….. changitty chang  sha-bop, …..   wah-oooh,…”  was PRICELESS. I laughed out loud.    

“Kirk is A Woman”
I thought William Shatner played this really well. I got a charge out of everything Anabelle and Rosa said and did.  The difference comes that they knew it was the last episode and I didn’t. That makes it a sad remembrance for me. But still a very enjoyable episode.

Hail to your house full of funny loveable critics.

Animated Series

“Giant Crazy Haunted Ship”
“Give it a Friend.” She is quite soft-hearted.

“Spock’s Childhood”
My favorite also. I really liked I-Chaya  and was bummed when it died.

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