Monday, April 16, 2018

Peru 2- Incan Boogaloo: 2017 Index

Following our first family trip to Peru in 2014, Rosa had been back to see her Mom several times, but we all hadn’t made the return.  To commemorate Anabelle’s Eighth Grade Graduation (as Salutatorian, he said with insane amounts of pride) we decided to go back, and give her both a longer and a more varied stay.

My wife and daughter flew down the Tuesday before I did and spent fun family time with Abuelita.  They visited the ocean, the newly returned to awesome Pardo’s Chicken, and of course, Bembos. 

Anabelle got her second Peruvian haircut, this one just a trim, by a friend of Rosa’s in a salon in town.  They also had several market trips, where Anabelle expanded her ever growing ring collection, and learned to love Tottus, the Peruvian combination supermarket/ department store.

They both ended up with a sinus infection, but thanks to some label reading on my end were able to get treatments for it in the “prescription, what’s that?” mentality of the pharmacies down there.

Overall, they had some wonderful Abuelita/Mami/Daughter time.

Not counting a converter/ adaptor mix up that led to a small air mattress pump fire.
And finding out a clown lived in Abuelita’s building, because sometimes life needs to have horrifying flashbacks for no reason.

I spent most of four straight days receiving texts and phone calls telling me to put random items into, or take them out of the suitcases on our library floor.  Despite all this, amazingly, the bags remained less than the fifty pound limit, and were able to be zipped shut without threatening to blow up the basement due to over pressurization.

I was then ready to join them.

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