Monday, July 23, 2018

Peru 2017 Day 14- Beach Review Boogaloo

July 15

The noise outside this morning came from a familiar source:  government water trucks, which had parked on the pedestrian street Abuelita lived on multiple days we were there.

We had some ChicharrĂ³n as part of another Peruvian breakfast, while Anabelle forever bonded Bwa-Da Ba –Pow, Bwa-Daa BA–Pow Bwa-Da Bap –Pow Ba-Ba-Ba-Baaa BA-Pow!  To Corn Man as his theme song.

We learned Elena of Avalor was better and made more sense in Spanish.  Minions came out about the same in both languages.  We watched those, and more Ladybug while packing.

My stomach, while not as bad as the veggie burger botulism incident, was a mess this day.  I don’t think anything I ate was a specific culprit. It may have been an effect of the massive change of diet, as removing all plant based elements, to avoid ingesting any water they were washed in could have collapsed my system over time. It’s a catch twenty-two I tell ya.

Or possibly it was the excess of “Ooh, Churros!” the day before.

Whatever the cause, some well-timed Imodium let me share a last full day with my wife and child

We walked to La Punta again.  Anabelle talked the whole way about where her new Lego people would live in the village, what their jobs would be, and what their names would be.

Corn Man and his song were set from the very start, advertising for the restaurant.  This walk also hatched the plan of sneaking Corn Man into both sides of our Christmas Card photo montages.

The day was much sunnier than it should have been for the time of year, and several locals were swimming. Rosa waded and tanned, while Anabelle waded and sat in the surf.

I was determined to dig a large hole, down to the water level. My determination was thwarted by my comedy loving wife who kept throwing pebbles into the hole, causing the slick stones to avalanche downward, ant lion style.

Being that it was extremely summer like, a D’onofrio cart stop was essential. Anabelle switched to an ice cream sandwich for this momentous event.

We walked home and had two unusual encounters. For the first time in all of our Peru travels, I heard a dog bark. This happened right after a guy stepped on the food the restaurant he was in front of provided.

The second was the official looking guy asking if we all were, or spoke English. (Remember I'm still Mr. “Yo tengo agua, por favor.” He must have figured they were by extension.)  He was warning us about a Peligro area we were on the way to or possibly that our home resided in. Rosa assured him she was a local, and knew where to avoid, in spite of the large, hairy, pale gringo present in her party.

We did some more travel prepping and showering. Rosa went out to the pharmacy. (and to get more Yukitas)  She also witnessed a Combi crash when another van smashed into it and pushed it onto the sidewalk. Given the traffic there, it’s kind of amazing that it was the only one any of us witnessed.  Whatever they’re doing seems to work for them.

There were more furniture guy meetings and another Uno marathon. Now not only would I lose, but Corn Man and his “Bwa-Da Ba –Pow, Bwa-Daa BA–Pow Bwa-Da Bap –Pow Ba-Ba-Ba-Baaa BA-Pow” would mock my losses.

We played with the figures a bit and packed the knick knacks.

The little church was completely packed that night because of the one month anniversary of a funeral mass, which came complete with “party favors.” I was told I missed an immense shindig before I arrived for a one year anniversary.

Rosa continued having Anabelle and I walk ahead of her and Abuelita, where she could see us, on the way home. 
We continued guessing which way to go and arrived mostly directly at the little store where the owner liked us all because we bought an insane number of seven liter Cielo water jugs that week.    It was a tiny, well stocked convenience store, with all the workers and items held behind cartoon looking jail cell bars.

My stomach was still reeling a bit, and a safe dinner of a peanut butter sandwich and pretzels was not authentic local food, but acceptable.  Anabelle was less wobbly, but stuck with Soda Crackers from her altitude sickness in Cuzco.

We played with the Lego people some more, where a heated debate about whether or not they glowed in the dark led to Anabelle standing in the bathroom with the lights off saying, “OOOOH, it glows!”

We tried a little Go Fish with the Machu Picchu cards. Anabelle won handily, but got bored easily and we switched back to Uno.  She repeatedly set me up with multiple draw fours and last card draws as well. The Corn Man serenade played most of the evening.

We used the computer to check in as much as possible and settled in for our last Peruvian night.

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