Monday, July 9, 2018

Peru 2017 Day 12- Shopping to Do Boogaloo

July 13

This day began with some new Peru trip traditions:
Watching Miraculous Ladybug,
And changing all of our plans around.

Instead of travelling anywhere fancy, we planned on a Tottus and TallarĂ­n day.

Abuelita came with us for a restocking trip to Anabelle’s new favorite department store/ supermarket: Tottus.

On the walk over were several noteworthy differences between there and back here in the U.S. of A.

The free range urban dogs had reached a level of comfort in their environment that they would cross the streets following the signals at the cross walks.  In this sense, they were more law abiding than the people around them

Every bus station kiosk had an ad for mayonnaise on it. They featured well-lit and photographed images of mayonnaise spread on various items that very few folks in the northern hemisphere would consider putting mayo on.

Every section of relatively new sidewalk had impressions of footprints all over it, making Anabelle feel much less worse about the wet cement she trod in on the way to La Punta the other day.

Peruvian manikins are way bustier than American ones.

We reached Tottus and began filling the cart with varieties of the awesome bread that’s down there, along with some soda and paper products. While I was gathering karamandukas, and the rest of our family group was elsewhere, a woman got confused and tried to walk away with our cart.

Using only Spanish (and the occasional gesture) I explained the issue and got our cart back.
Yet Anabelle still said, “I have water, please.”

Our attempt to pay and leave was thwarted by the check-out woman who had never seen a credit card with only the writing on the back before.  She flat out refused to except it was a Visa, contrary to the explanations Rosa and Abuelita were providing.

Abuelita suggesting she “Go back to Chile,” employing that casual prejudice that only the elderly can pull off probably didn't help matters. 

Eventually a supervisor let us pay, and we walked home.

Anabelle and I played a couple rounds of the Anabelle matching game, before some mutual stomping on each other in Doctor Whuno.  There’s something about having Up the Lake blood that almost requires playing card games on summer vacations.

Lunch Large Latin American Mid-Day Meal was TallarĂ­n Rojo con Causa- except it was made with slightly different ingredients than here, and extremely different water. Anabelle learned that she didn't really like the authentic version of her favorite Peruvian food.

During this trip, Anabelle also became a tea fiend.  An often healthy and soothing choice back home, the lack of caffeine free varieties down there would lead to some interesting adventures later on.

The end of Karate Kid 3 was on in Spanish…it didn't help.  Like pretty much everything else, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire sounded much more macho in Spanish.

Anabelle and I played a bit more Uno and some Inka Market while Rosa took Abuelita to the doctor. We also looked over more Disney pictures, because all vacations should have Disney magic in them.

Anabelle then had some Mami and me time at the market while I stayed behind.  Abuelita went to nap while I blogged and emailed.  I also talked to Carmen a bit, who spoke no English.

Yeah, that worked. 

Far from a repeat of my success in Tottus, it was complete “Yo tengo agua, por favor,” time.

Anabelle came back with some rings for her collection and more fake money for playing and souvenirs.

Rosa had a long, and much more coherent, talk with Carmen.  I helped Anabelle find pictures of Gaiman’s Endless for her upcoming dinner party.

See, there are other languages I am fluent at…such as comic book geek.

Knowing Rosa was staying behind when we went home, there was time for some mope filled packing.  We all played some more Uno and a bit of Mystery Old Maid after that.

Then the two of them, much better and more tolerant of haggling than I ever will be, played Inca Market and taxi.

Rosa went to bed early and we revisited old trips by looking at Disney, Peru and Atlantic City pictures, and reading old blog posts.

Again, apologies to the casual readers, but these vacation stories were never for you.

Anabelle read some more Sabrina the Teenaged Witch while I wrote a bit, before we both turned in.

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