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Treklets Season 3.3

Spectre of the Gun - Mom Title: "OK Corral"

On the beacon:
“Is this another one of those warning things again?”

On Kirk deciding to, “Let’s go find out what it is they’re afraid of:”
Rosa- “And get killed.”

On the spooky Melkotian warning before the cowboy stuff starts:
Anabelle- “I don’t remember this part.”
Rosa- “I don’t remember this episode at all.”
Anabelle- “Shocker.”

On Kirk telling Chekov, “We are the Clantons:”
Anabelle- “Well that sucks.”

Ok Kirk trying to keep Chekov focused on the mission instead of the girl:
“He cannot say anything.”

On the whiskey brand being Talos Lightning:

On Chekov standing up to Morgan:
“He hasn’t been the best fighter in previous episodes.”
*He gets shot*

On the Bartender laughing at “Clanton’s” “jokes:”
“I like him, he’s fun.”

On the Sheriff telling Kirk, “It's a little late to decide you don't have the belly for it:”
Anabelle- “That's a weird saying.”

Kirk saying over and over to the Sherriff that he, “Can't just kill them:”
Anabelle- “He's way too dramatic.”

On Doctor McCoy talking about the tranquilizer gas and saying, “Nothing can go wrong:”
Anabelle- “EVERYTHNG can go wrong!”

On the crew finding out a force field is around the OK Corral:
“How are other people going to get in?”

On Spock stating, “All of this is unreal.”
Anabelle- “I was right…This is kinda weak.”

On Spock mind melding to combine their thoughts:
*Sings “All in This Together” from High School Musical*

Day of the Dove - Mom Title: "Klingons with Swords"

On Kang stating, “The Enterprise is mine:”
Anabelle- “Um…that's not good.”

On Kirk, McCoy, Chekov and a security guy looking at the Klingons:
“That guy back there is gonna die.”

On the appearance of this week’s non-corporeal foe:
Rosa- “Ooh, A thingy!”

On Chekov getting an agonizer on him:
Anabelle- “He screams funny.
Captain Kirk- “Help Chekov.”
Anabelle- “Again.”

On the symbol of the feared Klingon fleet:
“Is that a banana on his shirt?”

On the appearance of this week’s non-corporeal foe on the ship:
“It was that thing.  I don't know what it is but it's a troublemaker.”

On the introduction of the Klingon proverb, “Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man:”
Anabelle- “What the heck!? That guy’s got problems.”

On Uhura:
“She changed her hair again.”

On the start of the fight
*Kirk punches Kang*:
“That was predictable.”
*Swords magically appear*
“What. How did that happen? Huh?

On Kirk asking Spock if there’s “any other candidate," that could have created the predicament:
Anabelle- “How about that weird cloud that's been right behind you for twenty minutes?”

On Sulu stating Chekov’s rant about his brother didn’t make sense because he’s an only child:
“Wait…what?   Oh right. Cloud.”

On McCoy asking for the medicine numanol:
“What’s that?”
*He’s given one of his standard instruments*
“Oh, it's salt.”

On the sound effects chosen for the duels:
“Swords do not go bonk.”

On McCoy joining in the racist rants:
“What's wrong with him? He's got problems too.”

On Scotty joining in with, “Keep your Vulcan hands off me. Just keep away! Your feelings might be hurt, you green-blooded half-breed!"
Anabelle- “Um. Half breed? He just went there. 
What's gotten into you? That cloud I guess.”

On Spock and Kirk looking at the issues in their own way:
Captain Kirk- “But what's the game? And whose? And what are the rules?”
Mr. Spock- “It is most urgent that we locate the alien entity immediately, and determine its motives and a method for halting its activities.”
Anabelle- “Shut up I'm monologue-ing.”

On Mara’s old school Klingon makeup.
“She's all tan, but the back if her neck pasty white.”

On Kirk battering Chekov to get him away from Mara:
Mr. Spock- “Jim, He’s not responsible.”
Anabelle- “But he is unconscious.”
*Kirk sends Spock off with Mara and picks up Chekov*
Captain Kirk- “Chekov. Chekov. Is this what's in store for us, from here on in? Violence, hatred.”
Anabelle- Who is he monologue-ing to now? Oh right, the cloud.”

On Kirk’s contemplative, “And so we drift in space, with only hatred and bloodshed aboard. Now do you believe?”
Anabelle- “Scotty just told him they’ll be dead in space in twelve minutes and he's still logging?”

On Kang referring to his wife:
Kang- “She is a victim of war, Captain.”
Anabelle- “Oh Snap!”
Kang- “She understands.”
Anabelle- “Oh no she doesn't. Look at her. She's pissed.”

On Kang’s short and powerful order to disarm:
*singing* “Do doo doo. OK”

On friendship getting rid of the alien:
Mr. Spock- “…I suggest that good spirits might make an effective weapon.”
Anabelle *Singing* “Joooooy to the world”
“I bet Kirk is gonna monologue.”
Captain Kirk- “Get off my ship. You're a dead duck here. You're powerless. We know about you, and we don't want to play. Maybe there are others like you around. Maybe you've caused a lot of suffering, a lot of history, but that's all over. We'll be on guard now, ready for you. So ship out! Come on! Haul it!”
Anabelle- “Of course he is.”
Kang- “Out! We need no urging to hate humans. But for the present, only a fool fights in a burning house. Out!”
Anabelle- “I like him.”
*Kang’s excessively overzealous whack on the back after Kirk’s friendly pat*
Anabelle- “That was great.”

For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky - Mom Title: "Bones is Dying"

On learning someone in the crew has terminal Xenopolycythemia:
Anabelle- “Who?”
 Doctor McCoy- “The ship's Chief Medical Officer.”
Rosa and Anabelle- “Him!?!?”

On meeting the residents of Yonada:
“How do they not realize they're on a ship??”

On Spock warning the captain about the most important rule:
Mr. Spock- “Captain, informing these people they're on a ship may be in violation of the Prime Directive of Starfleet Command.”
Anabelle- “Oh, poo poo.”

On meeting the crazy old guy:
Crazy Old Guy- “I am not sure. (wince) But things are not as they teach us. For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky. “
Anabelle- “Oh OK, there’s the title.”
Captain Kirk- “For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky.”
Anabelle- “WE GOT IT!”

On Natira telling the Oracle, “There is one called McCoy. I wish him to remain here as my mate:”
Anabelle- “That was a little bit open.”

On McCoy bringing up his Xenopolycythemia:
“That’s too long, they should change the name to ‘Oh well.’”

On Bones agreeing with Natira that he has lived a lonely life:
“He has friends! What are you taking about?”

On Natira’s romantic musings:
Natira – “Until I saw you, there was nothing in my heart. It sustained my life, but nothing more. Now it sings."
Anabelle- “Does your heart really control that stuff?”
Me- “No, it’s just a muscle.”
Anabelle – “Thought so.”

On McCoy kissing Natira:
Anabelle- “Oh my God.”
And staying on Yonada
Anabelle- “WHAT!”
And saying he was “Happy for the first time in my life:”
Anabelle- “That was rude.”

On the effects of the Instrument of Obedience:
“That was fast…and not as very grueling as they said.”

On the knowledge of the ancients being indexed:
“Oh that's good.”

On the big reveal:
“Is that the oracle?  ANOTHER computer!?”

On McCoy and Natira deciding to part ways:
“Wait.  Weren’t they married?”

On the information in the Fabrini memory banks:
Mr. Spock- “And they seem to have amassed a great deal of medical knowledge.”
Anabelle- “As in the cure for zenoblablablavlavla.”

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