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Grandma Treks Season 2

Once again, proving the multigenerational Trek fandom of the McGinley family, and also proving that there I will take advantage of any chance to get an easy post when I can.

These are Grandma’s comments for each episode of Anabelle’s Treklets.

Spock’s Wedding
I love this episode and now even more because I LOVE every one of her comments.

I did like this a lot, probably because I always liked mythology.
Anabelle is a smart and sometimes (like you) a smart- a** kid. I love it all.

“He’s not dead, he’s fine but what” 
“Underwhelming but cool”
Some of the best words to describe how I felt about this episode. She’s got class.

Spock with a Beard
 Really great comments.  “Hurry up Captain” She has a gift.

Definitely should have been Vaal. 
I love those people.
It’s like when you left socks in front of my bedroom door.  I’d say a Gift from Vaal  
[Explanation- the sock hamper was in my parents’ bedroom. Once I reached high school, and began my trend of going to bed later than anyone (probably on the planet) I’d leave my socks in front of their closed door before I’d turn in.  The geekdom runs deep in my family- Jeff]

William Windom and the Giant Space Cannoli
At least I know exactly what episode it was. 
She does have insight and catches things
“They make weird faces on this show.”

Cat Lady and Voodoo Doll Enterprise
Perfect reactions to everything.
I always like this one. But then there are only a few I didn’t like much.

I Mudd
Only one thing to say – PERFECT.

Cloud Loves Zephram Cochran
Very perceptive.

Spock’s Parents
Certainly one of my favorites and she enhanced it.

Leonard James Akaar
I think I could have just called it “Oochie Woochie Coochie Coo” I would have liked that better.
Too Bad I only just thought of it. I enjoy how Anabelle enjoys these.

Old Age
Chekov is funny, but also endearing.
You really get the good and silly parts in all her comments.

Vampire Cloud
“I…will always love you…” Deserved an outright laugh. 
Really great reactions to this episode.

“Jack the Ripper was a Werewolf’ He was really Piglet in disguise.  Everyone will Die, Diee, Dieeeee!   Anabelle could do this as a One Woman Show. Using all her reactions.
Not sure if it would be a bigger hit in a Comedy Club or Scary House Show.

My favorite, that is sufficient to say.

400 Quatloos on the Newcomers 
Really complete episode comments and very funny observations from Anabelle and Rosa too. Perfect for remembering the whole episode.

Right? Check. 
Really, you need all of this for the title.
A Mouse in Zootopia – extraordinarily funny. 
Of course this is the greatest episode. Anabelle did it fine justice. I enjoyed her laughter.
These and all the rest really give me little giggles.

Giant Space Amoeba
“Duh, of course, Spock is always right.” Perfect.
“Ahh, Mitosis will kill us all.”  Brilliant and very cute.

Cheering for Tyree for not wanting to kill and then saying “Kill her.”  WHAT A GIRL!
Rosa & Anabelle “That was it? You’re kidding me. Bleah.”   Very astute Mother and Daughter.

Sargon in Light Globe
Good reaction.
I like the songs (breaks into, ‘We Go Together’ at the end.)
But the best is “Hey, Hey, I’m a Vulcan. Suck it.” That is awesome.

Space Nazis
Rosa’s end statement, “How can you die just a little?” is perfect for this and even some other episodes.

Scotty Drinks a Kelvin Under the Table
That title made me remember it. Reading the real title I had no clue. 
But I have to say Anabelle speaking about the Styrofoam boxes nails it.
That could be the title- “Evil Creates Styrofoam Boxes.”
She did seem to get a really big charge from this one. Made me laugh.

Yangs and Kohms
I really like my title of this one.  
“They stand up because they’re great.”  SO PROUD of my Girl. I always loved this one.

Captain Dunsel
“Daystrom is freaky,” Probably why I never liked this one so much.
“He’s turning evil ---And there he goes”. Perfect and very funny.

Space Romans
So proud of Anabelle “Isn’t that part of Christianity?” 
Great observations and asides. I especially enjoyed Rosa’s for this one.

Gary Seven
I always like this one and I really liked Teri Garr.
For Anabelle and maybe you - you saw her in Young Frankenstein but I saw the original episode and I knew her from other things. 
It would make our perspectives different.
One other thing teleporting in a safe for me was ingenious from way back in the Stone Age.

That’s all for Season Two. Season Three of Treklets is up next.
Due to my daughter fully embracing Mystery Science Theater mode, and the…

Let’s go with “uneven quality” of the third season, some of these will run a bit longer.

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