Thursday, February 24, 2011

Justice League Haiku

Last Son of Krypton
Truth Justice and Liberty
Up Up and Away

Dark Knight of Gotham
Endless nocturnal crusade
Hides grieving orphan

Amazon princess
Warrior pleading for peace
Truth personified

Fastest man alive
Scarlet streak through twin cities
Chasing destiny

Jade ring constructs shine
Unlimited willpower
Honest and Fearless

King of Atlantis
Lord of all beneath the waves
Ocean guardian

Shape shifter from Mars
The heart of the justice league
No longer alone

Unerring archer
Hot headed social conscience
Boxing glove arrow

Shrinking scientist
Travels along phone wires
Has a tiny chair

Winged warrior from Egypt
Retconned to be both

Sonic scream deafens
Pretty bird martial artist
Wears mother's fishnets

Gingold makes him stretch
Nose twitches for mystery
Sue makes him complete

Gnitsac slleps sdrawkcab
S'rehtaf cigam egaenil
sliat dna a pot tah

Elements transmute
Professor Stein shows the way
Flames atop his head

Android turns hero
Crimson wind contained within
Machine with a soul

Strange topic Haiku
Satellite based J L A
Why did I do this?


Scipio said...

Because haiku is an addictive habit.

longbow said...

Gnitsac slleps sdrawkcab
S'rehtaf cigam egaenil
sliat dna a pot tah
That's beautiful man... it's getting dusty in here {sniff}

longbow said...

Blue Space Monkey
high pitch chatter talking friend
love prehensile tail.

Jeff McGinley said...

It is addictive
Read Absorbacon for years
Thanx for stopping by

Impressive Gleek verse
Brought a big smile to my face
I doff my hat sir

Jeff McGinley said...

I spelled Absorbascon wrong...
I hang my head in shame.

Anabelle said...

I like it.It is like a guessing game.

Anabelle said...

Why did you put it bacwards? I could not read it.

Anabelle said...

Pretty long blond hair
She's dressed as the U.S.A
Red,white,and some blue.
It's Stargirl!!!!

Jeff McGinley said...

Grat one kid, and unlike some of us grown ups, you got the sylable count right!