Thursday, July 23, 2015

Needed: a Sharp(ie) Retort

I need some help forming a proper response.

Because I went to engineering school, and then became an engineer, I developed the habit of always having a pen on me.  There were far too many occasions where I needed to write to not carry one.

Because of needing to label samples at work, shortly after graduation, a "magic marker" joined the pen as a permanent pocket partner. 

When I arrived at parenthood, the need to put names on various labels and toys substantiated this need.

Here is where I need assistance.

Multiple times when interacting with others in non office public locations, someone has said:
"I need a sharpie."

At which point I pull mine out and hand it to them.

At this point, the person who was looking for one invariably, incredulously,  says some version of:

"You always carry a sharpie with you?   WHY!!??!"

I'm not sure if my reply should be:

"For just such an occasion, doofus!"


"Because pinheads like you don't!"


longbow said...

"I get asked for autographs a lot because of my blog"

Jeff McGinley said...

Sarcastic and self promoting, I like it.


Geoffrey Terilli said...

you like to leave a permanent first impression!

Jeff McGinley said...

Good one, thanx for posting Geoff.

PS, If you click on "Up the Lake" in the word cloud over on the right, you'll find yourself and some family members in the tales.

thanx again!