Monday, February 8, 2016

Peru 2014 Day 14: July 6th- Another Walk Nixthed

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Anabelle woke up confused. 

This was partially due to her sleeping later than usual, but mostly due to “Who Let the Dogs Out” blaring in through the window from down the street.

There was some more packing, and we finished the Alien Costume Saga.  This little foray into the Secret Wars and beyond permanently changed Anabelle’s bedtime reading requests from me.  While we will likely never finish the Harry Potter series together, we formed a much stronger father-daughter bond through Superheroic Sequential Art.

That’s my Girl!

My stomach had a few aftershocks that kept me home and reading again after lunch while they all went to the (mostly closed on Sunday again) market streets.

Anabelle found the Peruvian version of Claire’s, making me not too devastated that I missed the trip, and scored some cutesy jewelry and headbands, plus a little “Hello” ring for me.

‘Cause she’s a sweetie.

Rosa went on what we thought was the final Bembos run, because, as frequently pointed out, they were that good.  Anabelle and I had run out of the Looney Tunes discs we brought, indicating how amazingly entertaining those classics still are.  We tried a behind the scenes documentary extra feature from one set, but were mostly killing time until her mind bendingly amazing burger arrived.

Rosa returned having met up with Concho and her (slightly younger than Anabelle) Granddaughter Zhamira.  The kids had a nice visit together, comparing school schedules.  Anabelle also made her contribution to having the Rainbow Loom craze infect South America by teaching Zhamira how to make them.

Alone again, we returned to packing, and the other addictive Daddy-Daughter pastimes, finishing Jetpack Joyride yet again and adding colors and other traits to her Tiny Toons grid. 

Along with animation research, there was also an intercontinental Imodium investigation phone call placed, before settling down and settling in.

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