Thursday, June 14, 2018

Star Wars Rebels Season Four

This is it folks. The season that brings the Clone Wars/ Rebels era of Star Wars cartoons to a close.

16 Episodes, Oct 16, 2017- March 5, 2018

1. "Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore" (Double Length)
It’s fun with Sabine’s family. They’re fighting the Empire who has a superweapon against Mandalorian Armor Sabine invented in her brief tenure at the academy. Whoops.  Sabine hands over the Dark Saber so someone else can lead the Mandalorians, and she can stay on the show.

Note- Yes, I'm switching this final one to having the descriptions after the title. I have no explanation for this sudden bout of sanity.

2.-3. "In the Name of the Rebellion” (Two Parter)
Saw Gerrera, Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa, all voiced by their movie actors, show up in a story where a bunch of it occurs on Yavin IV.  The Disney focus, and money are showing as they help the Ghost crew cause some damage to the Empire.

4. "The Occupation"
The gang heads back to Lothal with the help of Vizago and other old friends. Vizago gets captured due to some poor decision making regarding a cross bred blowfish/ pig. The Empire is busy bringing the kick butt, three solar paneled Tie Defender in from Legends continuity.

5. “Flight of the Defender"
The gang tries to steal the Tie Defender prototype, but Thrawn, awesome as always, is three moves ahead of them.  A creepy and freaky big wolf shows up on Lothal that will probably have more relevance later, especially for anyone who read the Kanan comic book.

6. "Kindred"
The Ghost Gang steals the Defender’s flight recorder and hyperdrive.  Along with the Defender, Thrawn has brought Rukh (his Noghri assassin) in from Legends. (Voiced by Warwick Davis, woo!)  Rukh is just as competent and dangerous as he was in Heir to the Empire, but luckily the Freaky Giant Wolf friends teleport our heroes to an old Jedi temple.  ‘Cause- the Force.

7. "Crawler Commandeers"
Most of the Ghost Gang is still stuck on Lothal. They free some slaves on a giant imperial walking mining platform, including Vizago.  Then the augmented group takes the platform, and establishes a mobile base. Hera, flexing her new Generalship back on Yavin, convinces the slow moving Rebel leaders to attack the Defender plant.

8. "Rebel Assault"
The Ghost Gang and friends on Lothal take out the anti-aircraft batteries, which should mean an easy victory for the Rebel fighter squad. Except this is Thrawn we’re talking about, so they get blowed up anyway.  Hera survives to get captured by Rukh, and Kanan chats with the Freaky Giant Wolf.

9. "Jedi Night"
Kanan rescues a hilariously drugged Hera, takes out the Defender factory along with the fuel depot and saves everyone else.  Sadly, he’s a mentor in a Star Wars Story meaning his fate was sealed from the beginning.  Thank you Joseph Campbell.

10. "DUME"
Ezra talks to the extra Giant and extra Freaky wolf, which may be Kanan. Sabine and Zeb kick the snot out of Rukh, and Hera mixes a whole lot of sadness with some relief that Kanan completed their mission. Formerly fearsome Imperial Governor Price decides on attempting to fool Thrawn with a parade about how badly that success screwed the Empire’s plans. Yeah…that worked.

11. "Wolves and a Door"
The Freaky Big Wolf pack brings the Ghost Gang to the Jedi temple.  Thrawn’s been trying to open it by using his Sherlocky Art Analysis powers. Luckily he didn’t see the Mortis episodes from season three of the Clone Wars.  Ezra "Forces" the image of Father Son and Daughter to move and let him in the temple.

12.  "A World Between Worlds"
Weird timey-wimey stuff happens in the temple.  There are a maze of doorways to different times, featuring Disney funded quotes from all the shows and movies.  Ezra can’t save his parents or Kanan, for plot related reasons. He can, however, pull Ahsoka out of the door that leads to the Rebels season two finale.  Oh yeah, one door leads to the Emperor, who has been trying to get in here to rule all time, or something.  His Clone Wars coverage look fades pretty quickly, amidst a terrifying force lighting fueled rant, once Ezra slams the door (literally) on temptation. The good guys get out, and the temple falls.

13.  "A Fool's Hope"
Hera, knowing the series is ending, grabs Captain Rex, and Sideburns Man to go recruit other Clone Troopers, Mandalorians and Hondo. (Woo!)  In another “woo” Ryder (Clancy Brown) joins in, on one side or another., possibly both Ezra brings the Freaky Big Wolf pack as well and Lothal is mostly liberated.

15.-16. "Family Reunion -- and Farewell" (Aired Double Length- Two Parter)
The “almost” comes from never counting Thrawn out.  The final Battle of Lothal has huge amounts of awesome on both sides, Ezra’s connection to weird and varied animal life,  and a satisfying Star Warsy conclusion.  The series finales out with an epilogue of the “where are they now?” variety.  Actually more like a “where they heck were they then?” since it takes place at the end of  Return of the Jedi, and does an fairly thorough job explaining why we didn't see any of the cast during the Original Trilogy.

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