Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Rebels Season 3

With the Fortieth Anniversary of the original Star Wars this month, a post about that franchise is needed. Rebels continued to be awesome, so here’s the latest season’s episode guide.

May the Fourth Be With You!
September 24, 2016- March 25-2017

THRAWN IS BACK IN CONTINUITY!  And as awesome as ever.  Kanan meets the Bendu, yet another throw away name from the earliest days of the franchise, now given life as a Tom Baker voiced giant, enigmatic sand Llama/Tortoise that is a master of the grey side of the force.

1.-2. "Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow"

Jedi and Sith holocrons combine to let Ezra and Maul both know that what they seek is on a planet with Twin Suns…now where have we seen one like that in these movies before?

3 "The Holocrons of Fate"

Sabine infiltrates the academy and extracts Zeb, Wedge and Hobbie into the past movies of the future.  Sideburns man is more clearly on the good guy side.

4. "The Antilles Extraction"

More fun with Hera’s family, and a face to face with Thrawn and Hera where we see his awesome art analysis method in action.

5. "Hera's Heroes"

Giant Clone Wars tribute episode as first Rex and a Super Tactical Droid clash, and then join their Rebel and Battle Droid forces against the Empire.

6. "The Last Battle"

First connections to Sabine’s family as she butts heads with, then convinces some Imperial aligned Mandalorians to bring their Fett like awesomeness to the Rebellion

7. "Imperial Supercommandos"

The real Rebels meet an independent group who thinks they don’t need help taking on the Galactic Empire.  Surprise, they’re wrong!

8. "Iron Squadron"

Hondo’s back!  YAY!  What else do you need to know?  This- More of AP-5, the smart aleck former imperial inventory droid, who is kind of a dark sarcastic Threepio.

9. "The Wynkahthu Job"

Back to Lothal for the first time in a while.  Sideburns man reveals himself to the Rebels, Thrawn continues awesomeness.  TIE Defenders become cannon!

10. "An Inside Man"

Nighstisters are back! The Dark Saber is back!  Maul is back!  Obi Wan is revealed.  Holy Crap!

11. "Visions and Voices"

Saw Gerrera comes back, voiced by Forest Whitaker.  Sorry Clone Wars voice guy.  Everyone runs around Geonosis dealing with traps, propaganda and if genocide is an allowable option in the Rebel playbook.

12.-13.  "Ghosts of Geonosis"

Zeb Chopper and AP-5 deal with a monstrous Empire assassin droid. Confusion and hilarity ensue.  They win but Thrawn learns a lot anyway, ‘cause he’s THRAWN!

14. "Warhead"

Sabine trains with a black lightsaber, reveals her past, and impresses Fenn Rau of Mandalore.

15. "Trials of the Darksaber"

Sabine rejoins her family after some antsy, betrayal ridden bits. They get better, and she stays there.

16."Legacy of Mandalore"

Ezra, Chopper and AP-5 get captured in disguise on a Star Destroyer. Sideburns man helps them mess with Thrawn’s “where are the Rebels” map.  They barely get away, and Sideburns man’s secret is safe…or is it?

17. "Through Imperial Eyes"

Thrawn kicks’ Gold squadron’s butt. Mon Mothma still escapes to Dantooine, to send out the word of a formal Rebel Alliance. History tells us they all leave there before Leia tells Tarkin that’s where the base is.

18. "Secret Cargo"

Wedge takes Chopper and AP-5 on a covert stealth mission. That goes about as well as expected. The Imperial spy guys hack Chopper, and learn never to mess with Hera’s droids.

19. "Double Agent Droid"

Ezra follows the foreshadowing of a bunch of episodes ago and goes to Tatooine.  The final confrontation of Maul and Obi Wan!  WOO!  Homages to “Old Wounds” abound, but the men are nearly Episode IV levels older and slower now, yet it’s still awesome and feels right.

20. "Twin Suns"

Thrawn springs his trap!  Mandalorians and other famous Rebels join in! Sideburns man has problems! The Bendu gets pissed at everyone!  The Rebels squeak away and make it to Yavin IV in time for the upcoming previously shown cinematic appointments.

21.-22."Zero Hour"

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