Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Anniversary Star Wars: Why I Rewatch Movies

A long time ago…

Forty years to be exact.

Star Wars opened in theaters and started a phenomenon of awesomeness.

Shortly thereafter, I remember sitting on the floor of the kitchen Up the Lake, hearing my Mom read a review, and deciding that this might be something I wanted to experience.

I’d say it’s a conservative estimate that I’ve seen the original at least once a year since that release.

I may not have watched it every single calendar year.

However, the period in the mid-Eighties when Return of the Jedi first made it on HBO and that network ran the series often enough that I could recite all the dialog, including sound effects and the parts in Huttese, more than tips the balance back.

Following that immense amount of viewing, one would think there was nothing left to gain from rewatching, other than the warm and cozy feeling of “coming home” that certain films bring to my emotional core.

Most times, that’s more than reason enough, anyway.

Yet, when I threw in my well-worn DVD while exercising a little while ago…

Just because…

I noticed something I never had before.

I know the dialog and principal actor’s actions by heart in the scene where Luke is trying to convince Han to see the big picture and join the rebellion; and Han is trying to convince Luke to save himself and join the Falcon’s crew.

What I never noticed was going on behind them.

Chewbacca and See Threepio are not just loading he Falcon, they’re having and extended conversation in the background.

They can’t be heard, but they are both clearly gesturing and talking to one another.

I’ve never seen anything in the current, or “Legends” expanded universes to address what that was about?

Was Chewie getting a download from the Death Star briefing, for when he acts as Han’s conscience later and can convince him to come back at the exact right time and place?

Was Threepio demanding full receipts and documentation from the reward payment?

Were they swapping stories of how hilariously embarrassed Han and Luke were when the folks at Yavin IV commented on the left over smell from Garbage Masher 3263827 that they’d grown accustomed to on the trip home?

The mind boggles.

Y’know, I think I’m going to have to watch it again and see if I can figure it out!



Gary Victor said...

Can't believe it was 40 years ago.....

Jeff McGinley said...

Its a shock all right. Pop culture anniversaries always hit harder than real world ones for me. My 25th college graduation passed without phasing me...a couple weeks later I read it was 25 years since "The Death of Superman" and felt ancient.

Thanx for posting!