Monday, June 17, 2019

Denver 2018 day 8 Rocky Mountain Movie Cry

August 3, 2018

Refreshed after a relaxing day, the ladies all went to Titi’s Pachanga class.

I have never been, nor will I ever be relaxed enough to set foot in a Pachanga class.

I had breakfast with Abuelita punctuated by unintelligible attempts at broken Spanish and surprisingly understandable random hand gestures.  I also did a little computer work.

Lunch included left over take out from the Mexican place located at the nearby mining company themed strip mall. It was the winner of 3 Margarita’s title.  There were chicken sandwiches to fill in some of the gaps left by the leftovers.  Come to think of it, there weren’t many gaps; it’s possible they were recently bought soft tacos and not leftovers.  Maybe someone who pays more attention to the surroundings should be cataloging this adventure.

It was early enough and she was in the mood and had no other appointments, allowing us to take Abuelita to the pool for the first time. Naturally, it drizzled on us out of a clear sky for a little while, until the skies opened up about the same time the attendant told us they were closing the hot tub to run a treatment on it.

I ran ahead, and changed quickly to run back to them with an umbrella.  I ended up meeting them right at the door. Nicely timed, Jeff.

As Titi and Rosa had to do some paperwork for Abuelita’s continental transfer, Anabelle and I braved the rain alone to see Christopher Robin. I’ve commented on its wonderfulness elsewhere. What I didn’t mention was the wonderfulness of the nearly empty theater.

It had a full cafeteria and bar in the lobby, and huge cushioned, fully reclining seats. I could easily see nodding off in dull films, or falling out of them in exciting ones.

Pausing only to note the pseudo hidden Mickey in the parking lot, (because Disney is everywhere in our lives) we returned to another of Uncle Roy’s successful recipe experiments, a casserole and banana pudding.  For dessert I mean. A banana pudding casserole wouldn’t qualify as anyone’s success.  This success once more led to the need for an around the lake post dinner walk.

A horror movie level number of Gnats pursued us around the lake.  That is until the weather took a turn on the last half lap.

The normally expansive and bright sky darkened and lowered until a massive wind began to buffet us.  Back home this would be a precursor to named weather pattern sized precipitation. However, only a slight drizzle joined in as we battled our way back home, leaning at about a forty-five degree angle.  Gripping my hat on my head tightly to avoid yet another sprint after it, I made the joking inquiry “Are you happy the Gnats are gone?” far too many times. In my defense, it was almost impossible to hear over the gale force winds.

Back home, Titi Luzma continued asking to see horror movies, leading Anabelle to suggest family favorite (and her absolute favorite) Van Helsing.

Normally a light and fun action-horror flick, Titi still emitted startled screams pretty frequently, and had nightmares.  Uncle Roy liked it, though, and Anabelle giggled through the whole thing.

That’s my girl!

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