Monday, April 22, 2019

Denver 2018 Index

Rocky Mountain “I”
Here We Go A Den (…ver)

With a trip two years in a row, both of which had expanded dates for Rosa and Anabelle, I felt certain Denver would become a regular family trip spot. 

Then life did what it usually does and six years passed.  The two women in my family did bring Abuelita out to see Titi Luzma one other time, but the three of us were long overdue for a gorgeous mountains, thin air, and dinosaurs sticking out of the freakin’ ground return trip.

This time Abuelita preceded us to Colorado when Titi Luzma went to get her in Peru, and was making the return trip with us.

Abandon one of ours in the airport once, and we’re not going to let them fly alone again.

For the first time in history, we planned a return on a Saturday that would give me a nice day off before returning to work. For most definitely NOT the first time in history, our plan went down the toilet.

You all know the drill, the links below will go live as the posts go up, one per week.  


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