Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to my blog...I guess.

Quoting an obscure old Bob's song seems about the right way to start.

I think I've been writing a "humor blog" since before blogs existed  I sent my writings out by e-mail and via that archaic building known as the "Post Office".  However, in order to remain at my proper level behind current technology I need to start a blog, (and begin ignoring Twitter).

There will of course be movie, book and comic book reviews as they must be included, by law, in a blog.

Here's some other categories:

A Carnivore's Guide to Cardiology - I got a surprise diagnosis with no symptoms just before hitting 40 that has turned me down a healthier path than I had dreamed of before, and provided a surprising about of comedy material.

Tales from "Up the Lake" - Over 80 years ago my grandparents, and other Italians from the Bronx found a picnic spot near a lake in the woods near Bear Mountain. Eventually, cabins were built and their descendants continue to spend summers there with no electricity, running water, or limits on mirth and mayhem.

There will also be songs, poems, and anything else that seems funny at the time.

So join me won't you?  There will be significant posts at least once a week. With probably more insignificant stuff tossed in between for fun.


Bruce Fieggen said...

Thanks, Jeff, for getting this great stuff up here for us all to enjoy. I'll forward it to my friends.

Kim Luer said...

Awesome!!! So glad your doing this can't wait to read it.

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx for coming. More importantly, thanx for repeatedly reminding me I should do only took a decade or so.

Rosa McGinley said...

Great you finally started this! You are going to do a wonderful job.

Lynda said...

When you write about the lake, I want to be known as the young, attractive, skinny lady from up the hill a ways.

Brian said...

I'm pretty excited Jeff but if Up The Lake stories start sounding like Garrison Keillor, I'm done with you. :P

Jeff McGinley said...

Rosa- Thanx, as always for support and patience.

Lynda - How else could I refer to you?

Brian - Thanx! If that happens, it means I went to the wrong lake...please smack me upside the head.