Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kaiju Police

(Parody of Roxanne by the Police)
Lyrics by Jeff McGinley
Apologies to Sting, Ishiro Honda, and the Denizens of Monster Island

Rodan, you make such a mess when you take flight.
Buildings fall over.
You will have to have a kaiju fight.
Rodan, you look so impressive in the sky,
But your film sounds silly
With dubbing by Paul Frees and George Takei.

Rodan, can that bridge hold you? I think not quite.
Rodan, your teeny head is a funny sight.
(Rodan) Mess when you take flight
(Rodan) Head doesn’t look right,
(Rodan) Soar at a great height
(Rodan) Contrails that are white
Now it’s time to fight, oh.

Although it didn’t thrill ya,
You had to help Godzill-ya
When Mothra went and explained the deal.
There was an evil alien ploy.
Teamed up like Boots and Dora,
And took out King Ghidorah.
Smashed the rocks down on the assassin and saved the day.

Rodan, you have large wings that posses great might.
Rodan, flap and make wind that is a real fright.
We see your strings like a giant kite.
(Rodan) Mess when you take flight,
(Rodan) Mess when you take flight…

Thanx to my daughter for the kite rhyme…

That’s my girl!

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Kim Luer said...

"Although it didn’t thrill ya,
You had to help Godzill-ya"

I love it, but UGH!

Jeff McGinley said...

Thanx...They can't all be good. (Especially when, on the rare occasions that they are, I fix them.)